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UFO landed and left these words here
Personally, I'd prefer to have a broader albeit less competitive set of knowledges as a full stack (this should be defined, though) developer. I do not see it as a flaw.

Back to my backend days I was on the brink of the burnout but switching to frontend gave me breath of fresh air. When I found a modern frontend as a total mess I started to dig into devops and it surely improved my competencies as a backend either.
The problem is, businesses need full-stack developers.

Frankly I don't think so. The business is usually completely okay with making a full-stack developer coding in Java for a whole year and yanking him for an occasional Angular task when the deadline is coming.
I learned C# and .NET across different application domains (asp.net, wpf, xamarin), js/ts (react/redux, node) and convinced myself that I had the power to do anything I wanted.

But in the IT world, if you don’t refresh your knowledge of technology within a year, it makes you obsolete.

.NET stack is a Microsoft camp that follows the IT world. They invent so many things to make them obsolete later for their own sake. Maybe JS world is also that turbulent but in the IT world you could master as a full-stack developer a certain framework that will serve you for many years.
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