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Don’t you think you can use your “social weight” to push the content you really consider as important?

I think, but why the content, which I consider as important better, then any other content?

And there is also another problem: successful content becoming important content in my mind, just because it successful. In my mind, and in any other mind too.
This problem seems akin to issues with YouTube recommendation algorithm.
Should we assume that eventually developers publishing controversial views will have more successful careers?
A developer’s skill is measured in one parameter: how well he writes code.

That's not precisely true. I'd say my job as a software engineer requires 50% soft skills, 50% technical skills.

I see where you're coming from — if you don't have the technical skills, the soft skills are essentially useless. But we definitely need soft skills to make the technical ones matter. Especially in non-small organisations, you'll have to cooperate and construct software as a team, literally talking to people to get consensus over the solution and best approach. No one likes the brilliant jerk and the people who are really good at developing code but struggle when interacting with others are probably not using their whole potential.

I'm not arguing against introverts or those who find socialising difficult. I have no online presence and social encounters are definitely not my cup of tea, but I do recognise that when dealing with complex code bases and technology stacks, cooperation and thus soft skills are just as important.
It is, indeed sad, that the «usual» and «normal» world has now flooded the previously «geek area», where being an introvert was the «normal» and «usual», instead of trying to be the «queen bee» and make a «cool kids» group. But isn't that also what most of the geeks used to complain about, that they are not cool, that they don't fit, that they are laughed at. Now here we are — things have turned around and the cool kids are the geek kids. It seems to be that the introverts will just always suffer when it comes to large groups of people and talking aloud.
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