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What are the best e-commerce solutions for SMB...?

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Expansion of the eCommerce has raised to a massive level in these recent years. Numerous people have joined this digital race for boosting the earnings of their companies.
To match the rankings of the top eCommerce stores, you have to offer a practical & well-organized shopping experience to the consumers.


The concept of a perfect eCommerce website is a myth, but you can build your version of perfect by continuously running A/B tests and thinking about the needs of your customers. Let's have a look upon some of the best eCommerce solutions for small and medium businesses:


You can easily drag & drop the images, text boxes, and other layers at any portion of the page. It offers you total freedom while designing your page. It is considered as the best value for the money eCommerce solution, which ranges from $23 to $49 billed annually. Like other platforms, Wix enables your customers to book an appointment or sign up for the classes. Having a restaurant, you can easily take and accept online orders, accepting reservations, and sending emails for a reminder to your guests.


• You can build a store easily and quickly even if you aren't good in tech skills
• You can design your store, add videos, product and much more


• You can't upload your products in bulk with Wix.
• Not a multichannel, i.e., you can't sell your products on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.


The best platform for selling your products. If your business relies more on Instagram marketing or Facebook Ads, than this is the best choice. Shopify comprises website builder & hosting, payment processing, 3rd-party integration, analytics & marketing tools, etc.
When you aspire to achieve something extraordinary as a small business dweller, then Shopify is the way to go.
With the help of Shopify
• You can design your company's logo on their site
• Can buy an existing online store
• Generating and setting your domain name

Shopify provides a free trial for 14 days, which you can start without paying a single penny. The pricing starts from $9/Month for a «Lite» plan, which allows you to add a buy button, tracking online orders, sending invoices and much more.


• Comprises of best features for selling your products in the market
• Inventory of Shopify helps you in maintaining your store like sending an alert when a product gets out of stock


• You will be charged 2% transaction fees on your sales unless you select Shopify’s payment gateway.


It is an eCommerce solution assembled on WordPress. It works with WordPress to turn the site into a functional eCommerce store. There are many extensions available for payment gateway integration, one-click selling and shipping, and email marketing.
WooCommerce solution is a breeze for you if you are familiar with the WordPress platform. You have to install WooCommerce, add your products & manage your settings.
For people who aren't known to WordPress, will face difficulty with technical details, i.e. Installation, purchasing hosting, setting and managing themes and plugins.


• WordPress is the best platform for SEO
• Cost-effective solution for the startups


• It is associated with WordPress and cannot be used without WordPress.
• You have to manage web hosting externally, costing you more money.


Weebly is an excellent choice for the ones who are searching for a simple store with in-built marketing automation. You'll quickly outgrow in Weebly if you are planning to do any marketing, but don't use Weebly if SEO is crucial to you.
It is a great choice for the entrepreneurs who don't want to hire a developer. The dashboard of the Weebly is simple, and you can also upload products in bulk.


• Budget-friendly and easy to use
• Impressive designs at free and low cost


• Bad with SEO
• Unable to customize the checkout page


Some popular brands like Nike, Cisco, Procter & Gamble trust Magento. Coding is an essential part of the package. Magento is a solid choice for you if you have a budget for hiring a developer and need something compelling and customizable. Magento is having a large community of developers who are willing to work for your store for a fee and solving out your queries free of cost. It is a forum where you can find themes & extension to boost your platform’s functionality.


• Flexible to choose wherever you want to host the software
• Strong SEO
• Large community of users


• Requires development skills
• Expensive
• Magento has a slow-loading time

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