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Online marketing toolkit: 3 Apps to boost visual communication

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Nowadays, visual communication is crucial. So, companies that do not work on enhancing it, leave opportunities to capture more leads, and grow business. In this post, we will go through some useful tools for content editing and social media storytelling. Let's go!


Another great tool for crafting social media content is Storyboard app. This tool is perfect for communicating messaging through stories, but not those from Instagram, but a real story like comics. With this app, you can come up with something like this:

Needless to say, such visual content is ideally shared on social media, and can get you much more traffic, visitors, and leads compared to a regular post with an image.


Today, users expect to see great content from any business, whatever it might be. This means sending over good old PDFs may look irrelevant. It is better to turn your boring PDF offers, documentation, presentations into a stunning online magazine.

Here is an app for that called Flipsnack. Everything works pretty simply, you can upload your existing files (or create a new one from scratch), and turn them into an online magazine (or flipping book).

The result can be then shared on social media or embedded to a website. So, you can give your old PDFs a second birth and turn these documents into your business' visual promotional materials that look trendy.


What if you could upgrade your existing images and videos, making them more viral? Use ThingLink to solve this task. This is an interactive graphic tool that allows you to add multimedia buttons to a still image to bring up additional text, pictures or video.

Afterward, you can embed created visuals to your website, adding more value to your visitors.

This is it for today! Thanks for reading, and share useful tools for building visual communication in the comments below!
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