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Very impressive! I think a bunch of people would like to have a keyboard made of a typewriter to be able to connect to a regular modern PC.

Thank you! I could set it up for use as a regular keyboard, the Raspberry Pi Zero can be used as an HID device. That would be a lot of fun to try out!

This has to be the single most awesome conversion of "old tech" to "new tech" that I've ever seen or heard about! I might have a slight bias simply for nostalgic reasons - This reminds me of typing out homework on MY old Brother typewriter before I got my first computer, back in the days of Commodore, Atari, DOS, and box Macs. (Simpler days). Seriously keep it up, this was the first entry I've ever read on this platform as I just signed up, and it totally brightened my day!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! It's been fun hearing about all the memories that my project reminds people of as I share it around the internet. This definitely takes you back to another time!

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