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2019 National Internet Segments Reliability Research & Report

Wonderful article, very cognitive and useful. I was very happy to read it.

Google informs users about a vulnerability with their Titan Security keys

Огромный респект автору этой идеи! Проблема двухвакторной авторизации через смс — давно себя изжила. Пришло время создавать ключи для 2FA.

Family tree inside Git

Thank you very much for the detailed and consistent presentation of the information in the article.

PVS-Studio Usage when Checking Unreal Engine Projects on the Windows OS

The unicorn in the picture looks like me when I was working in school practice.

A Brief History of Video Conferencing: From the Beginning to Full Commercial Use

Thank you very much to the creator of this article, it was pleasant to learn about the technique of those years and to see these amazing photos.

Breaking UC Browser

I welcome. As the expert in the field of information security, I can recommend for use free software on the basis of distribution kits Linux. Applications should be installed only from official repositories. Users often are guilty that load to themselves software from the sources which do not have trust.

In-App Updates Flexible Flow: Speed Up the App Update Process on Android

Good afternoon. The problem of the fact that users do not wish to establish updates is not in stagnancy and monotony of thinking of users, and in banal desire of economy. In many countries, in particular in Russia, the mobile Internet is big luxury, at the same time the volume of monthly consumed traffic is strictly limited. Yes, here so sell air.

How to create a dark theme without breaking things: learning with the Yandex Mail team

Hello, Vladimir! In my personal opinion, it is necessary to develop several night subjects of registration. Blue, green, claret, khaki, for the military personnel on night watch)


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