• 5 Thought-Provoking Use Cases Of Blockchain In Diverse Industries

      Blockchain is a decentralized technology that maintains a record of all transactions occurring over a peer-to-peer network. Due to Blockchain's several different high-level use cases, numerous industries described Blockchain as the 'magic beans.' 

      Blockchains store the record in a decentralized system that is interconnected. This technology lessens vulnerability and enhances transparency in all industrial sectors as information is stored digitally, and it does not have any centralized point to carry out the transactions.

      Do You Know?

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    • Top 10 eCommerce Platforms to Boost Business Productivity in 2021

        An eCommerce platform empowers startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to manage multiple online business processes such as website, marketing, sales, and operations.

        The top eCommerce platforms handle online business tasks efficiently, and this finally helps enterprises in expanding their productivity.

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      • Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies To Partner With In 2020-21


          Global Blockchain solutions spending is expected to surpass $15.9 billion in 2023. At the same time, this expenditure was $1.5 billion in 2018. Indeed, this is a huge influx in global spending, which depicts how companies will be investing more in blockchain solutions and blockchain-based mobile apps.

          In this group, the major contribution will be seen from industries including finance, banking, healthcare, agriculture, and more. Amidst, outsourcing Blockchain development companies will also gain prominent attention.

          If you are thinking about having Blockchain integration within your business solution, you must be having several questions in your mind, such as: what are the benefits of blockchain? Which are the best companies to hire? And more.
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        • VeChain Has Introduced Blockchain-Based Healthcare Data Management Platform At Cyprus Hospital


            Blockchain possesses incredible potential, that's why blockchain systems are considered as a paradise for data. In all these years, the discovery of Blockchain has been enjoyed for the introduction of distributed systems to secure data by cryptography.

            From the creation of cryptocurrency to distributed ledger systems and mobile applications, this technology is being welcomed by every business vertical, and its adoption has become complimentary for companies. Moreover, its adoption can majorly be cherished by the healthcare industry.

            A number of IT institutions are engaged in finding the most promising usage of blockchain technology in healthcare. Let's take a brief look at Blockchain adoption in 2020.

            The Global Blockchain Adoption

            In 2020, the worldwide spending on blockchain systems is USD 4.3 billion. As per Statista, the market of Blockchain will be worth 20 billion USD by the year 2025. Its most critical adoption can be seen in the healthcare industry, where this technology is being considered as the biggest game-changer.

            The truth is that this technology has shown a path to distributed systems coupled with unmatched security measures That secure data in a chain of blocks infused with cryptographic locks. Top-notch level security and quality of not being tempered by any external entity boost its adoption in several instances.
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          • All About Google App Engine (GAE): Features & Business Uses

              If I talk about Google then we all know that it provides an enormous range of tools, products, and services. In the running market, Google has scored high percentile and left a footprint in the list of world’s top 4 companies. Many creations of Google are widely used all over the world and the best example of this is Goole Search Engine.

              What Is Google App Engine?

              By the name, we can recognize that Google has created a Google App Engine, the name is similar to a search engine but its purpose is different. App Engine is a service and cloud computing platform employed for developing and hosting web applications.

              The platform supports Go, PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, .NET, and Ruby applications and apart from this it also supports other programming languages through custom runtimes. The App Engine serves 350 plus Billion requests per day.

              Global Google Cloud Revenue

              Source: Statista

              It is a PaaS (platform-as-a-service) Cloud computing platform that is entirely managed and utilizes in-built services to drive the apps. Once after downloading the SDK you can instantly start the development process but for this, it is mandatory to have technical knowledge. If you don’t know the technical terms then there is no need to take tension as there are many IT industries in the market that are providing Google App Engine Development Services.
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            • Top Web Development Companies To Seek In 2020 For Startups

                2020 is going to be a competitive year especially for business people. A large number of startups and small businesses are outsourcing their projects to the best web development agencies because of the skilled resources, outsourcing-friendly policies, high-quality work, affordable price and favorable time zones they have.

                But selecting a good company can be a daunting task because we are surrounded by a pool of such companies today. Keeping this in my mind, I have shortlisted some of these companies to help you choose the best one which offers world-class web development services at affordable rates.

                I have checked the diversified portfolio, their tech teams expertise, client’s feedback, reviews from sites like Goodfirms and Clutch before making this list. Moreover, I have taken references from some popular platforms viz. hackernoon, dev.to, yourstory, quora, medium and habr.

                Lets' dive into my research work on this which would surely meet your business requirements.

                1) Sysbee


                Locale: Pula, Croatia
                Budget array: $1,000+
                Employees strength:200 -250
                Clientele: Infobip, Atheneum, IKEA

                Sysbee is a group of systems engineers and infrastructure architects dedicated to bringing modern DevOps culture to small and medium enterprises, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of web services and cloud hosting.

                Provides top-notch web development services for a transmission and media company. The client needed IT experts to help with the organization and maintenance of their AWS infrastructure. As a result of this project, the media company saw an influx of new users and improved its market position.
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              • Here's an Update on Flutter 1.9 Release Coupled With Dart 2.5 Programming

                  Recently during the Google Developer Days Conference in China that was held on September 10, 2019, Flutter 1.9 was released along with the updated Dart 2.5 programming language.h

                  The major highlights from the conference can be summed into three major points:

                  • Google has announced Dart 2.5 programming update and a new Flutter 1.9 Version upgrade.
                  • Dart 2.5 will support calling C code and intelligent code completion.
                  • Flutter 1.9 will support iOS 13, macOS Catalina, and new Material widgets.

                  In this blog, I am going to discuss the major pointers in detail for you to understand the highlights and updates in detail!

                  Let’s begin!

                  What’s in store for Dart 2.5 as a programming language?

                  Dart is a Google borne programming language that has been used to develop mobile, web and desktop based applications. It is an object-oriented, class defined, garbage collected language with a C-style syntax, which is used to optionally compile into JavaScript.

                  The latest version of Dart 2.5 comes with these major highlights:

                  -> Support for Calling C Code straight through Dart using Dart FFI Library:

                  Developers who have knowledge about low-level programming languages will be excited from this announcement. The event also saw the launch of dart:ffi library, the preview of which allows calling into C code directly from Dart and Flutter.
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                • Python or R: Which Is A Better Choice For Data Science?

                    Data science is going to revolutionize this world completely in the coming years. The tough question among data scientists is that which programming language plays the most important role in data science? There are many programming languages used in data science including R, C++, Python.

                    In this blog, we are going to discuss two important programming languages namely Python and R. This will help you choose the best-fit language for your next data science project.

                    Python is an open-source, flexible, object-oriented and easy-to-use programming language. It has a large community base and consists of a rich set of libraries & tools. It is, in fact, the first choice of every data scientist.
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                  • MobX or Redux: Which is Better For React State Management?

                      In JavaScript, state management is a hot of discussion these days. When it comes to implementing state management, developers often find it challenging dealing with boilerplate code in Redux. Hence, MobX has proved to be a good alternative to Redux which gives the same functionality with less code to write. However, both state management tools work well with React.

                      Let's first have a look at the common things between the two:

                      1) Both support time-travel debugging
                      2) Both contain open-source libraries
                      3) Both provide a client-side state management
                      4) Both provide huge support for React native frameworks

                      In this blog, we have listed all the pros and cons of both state management solutions. It will help web developers to choose the best one for their next project. Before discussing this, we have compared both Redux and Mobx based on some parameters as given below:
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                    • Top 10 App Development companies in 2021

                        The year 2020 is coming to a close as getting nearer to 2021. The end of 2020 will be the end of a decade in which app development proliferated, and in which software technology reached greater heights.

                        But as years come by, the importance of apps is only going to increase even further people begin to use technologies such as IoT, chatbots, AI/ML software in their daily lives.

                        App development includes more than just mobile apps. It also includes development for applications for other types of devices, such as PC, tablets, wearables, etc. However, the growth of mobile apps alone gives great scope for running profitable businesses in this space.

                        As per research by iResearch, revenue from paid mobile app downloads and in-app advertising alone reached $581 billion dollars in 2020, and reach almost near the trillion-dollar mark by 2023.

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                      • Cracking Reduce Concept In Just 10 Minutes

                          Being a developer, I love to code especially in JavaScript. As per my experience, using reduce function is one of the toughest tasks in JS. Let me first elaborate on the Reduce concept!

                          In Wikipedia, it has many names viz.


                          It is a function that folds a list into any data type. It's all about breaking a structure down into a single value. It's like folding a box! With reduce, you can turn an array [1,2,3,4,5] into the number 15 by adding them all up.
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                        • How To Implement JavaScript Utility Functions Using Reduce?

                            When it comes to code in JavaScript, developers found reduce function as one of the toughest concepts to crack. According to Wikipedia, Reduce has multiple names viz. Accumulate, Fold, Compress and Aggregate. These names clearly indicate the meaning & working of reduce function. The idea behind this is to break down a structure into a single value. Hence, Reduce can be defined as a function which converts a list into any data type.

                            For example, you can reduce an array [5,4,3,2,1] into the value 15 by just adding them.

                            Reduce function keeps developers away from using loop in order to fold a list into a single value.

                            In this blog, you will learn ways to implement well-known functions using reduce as already done by developers in top software development company.

                            I have listed out 10 JavaScript utility functions recreated using reduce function. So, check out below these functions:-

                            • Map

                            Parameters used

                            array (to transform list of items), transform Function (is a function used to run on each element)


                            By using the given transformFunction, each element in the given array get transformed and returns new array of items.

                            How to implement?

                            const map = (transformFunction, array1) =>
                              array1.reduce((newArray1, xyz) => 
                            	return newArray1;

                            Use case:

                            const double = (x) => x * 2;
                            const reverseString = (string) =>
                            map(double, [200, 300, 400]);
                            Output: [400, 600, 800]
                            map(reverseString, ['Hello Alka', 'I love cooking']);
                            // ['alkA olleH', ‘gnikooc evol I']
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                          • Top 5 Software Development Practices to Follow in 2020

                              Though it seems we are just a few months away from reaching 2020, these months are also important in the field of software development. Here in this article, we will see how the coming year 2020 will change the lives of software developers!

                              Future Software Development Is Here!

                              Traditional software development is about developing software by writing code and following some fixed rules. But the present-day software development witnessed a paradigm shift with advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. With the integration of these three technologies, developers will be able to build software solutions that learn the instructions and add extra features and patterns in data that are needed for the desired outcome.

                              Also read: How Blockchain is helping the healthcare sector?

                              Let’s Try Out With Some Code

                              Over time, the neural network software development systems have become more complex in terms of integrations as well as layers of functionality and interfaces. Developers can build a very simple neural network with Python 3.6. Here’s an example of a program that does binary classification with 1 or 0.

                              Of course, we can start by creating a neural network class:

                              import numpy as np

                              Applying the Sigmoid function:

                              def sigmoid ():
                                 return 1/(1 + np.exp(-x))
                              def derivatives_sigmoid ():
                                 return x * (1-x)

                              Training the Model With Initial Weights and Biases:
                              inputlayer_neurons = X.shape[1]
                              hiddenlayer_neurons = 3
                              output_neurons = 1

                              For beginners, if you need help regarding neural networks, you can get in touch with top software development company.Or, you can hire AI/ML developers to work on your project.
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                            • Vue.js Is Good, But Is It Better Than Angular or React?

                              Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building web interfaces. Combining with some other tools It also becomes a “framework”. Now, from our last blog, you already know that Vue.js is one of the top JavaScript frameworks and it is replacing Angular and React in many cases. This brings in the topic of this blog ‘Vue.js is good, but is it better than Angular or React?

                              In case you’ve never heard or used Vue.js before, you are probably thinking: Come on! yet another JavaScript framework! We get it. However, Vue.js is not new in the custom software development domain. It was first released in 2013 and now it has 130549 stars on Github and downloaded a number of times this year.
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