• Flutter App Development | Future of iOS and Android App Development

      As everyone accepts the flutter technology is the best open-source mobile app development framework introduced by Google. using this technology mobile app developer can able to create a cross-platform mobile application with a beautiful user interface. The way of designing views is similar to the web application and you can find many similarities to CSS and HTML. Without knowing anything about this technology, you may have already used mobile apps which are made by using flutter technology.

      Flutter technology is the mobile app SDK to build great performance, extraordinary accuracy, apps for iOS and android both platforms from the single codebase. The important goal of this app is to enable the developers to deliver the expected results apps which feel natural on different platforms. This difference is in scrolling behaviors, typography, icons and many more. It's not like other major solutions, this technology is not the framework as it completes the SDK software development kit which already holds everything that the users need to build cross-platform applications.

      Now, let’s discuss the major use of this technology in mobile application development and how it can help us in building mobile apps as:
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    • Impact of IoT in Mobile app development

        IoT becomes the most popular technology nowadays. We have already started to see the result of this fast-emerging technology in various areas of our lives, the way we think and the way we work. The realtime indications of this technology spread across various industries which include Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Agriculture. With the fast-emergence and influence of Smart Homes and Smart wearables, Smart Cars, Smart Cities, Smart Retail Outlets, IoT is gradually but constantly plays a major role in our day-to-day lives.

        IoT plays a significant role in mobile app development as the smartphone used as a remote controller, Switches, and health checkup devices with the help of IoT.
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      • Importance of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) in Software & Mobile App Development

          A user interface is nothing but how a user interacts with the device. The key to having a good user interface is to make the customer intuitively know how to use the device with little to no help. An interactive and intuitive user interface design goes a long way in making sure this happens.

          Why is it important to have a good UI/UX design

          Whether it is about using the self-service checkout machines, mobile apps or online shop, a thoughtlessly designed interface design that is not intuitive for its users may have the users abandoning their session with frustration, ending up buying nothing from your store. Your effort to optimize the user interface design can make a huge difference to the sales conversions happening on your platform. For all the consumer-facing applications, the design must be intuitive or there is a risk of shopping cart abandonment, however, for enterprise applications, it used not to be a primary requisite. As long as it was possible to perform the job, the user interface design could be less intuitive too. This is what was conventionally believed and followed. In the modern competitive times, things have changed, however. In times when we are surrounded by smart and intuitive applications, enterprise users also need to be treated as the consumers of the applications who would prefer to use an intuitive and easy-to-use application.
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        • Which is the Best for Mobile App Development | Native Vs Hybrid

            In today's world, a mobile app is an irreplaceable part of any business designed to leverage from the use of modern technologies for building strong relationships with customers. Taking into account the ever-increasing role that mobile devices play in a major role, there’s nothing strange that mobile apps help businesses to stay in touch with users 24/7 and provide them with a great experience.

            Even if you’re entirely sure that mobile app development is a demanding thing that can boost-up your business, If you have the plan to develop a mobile app, this is the right time. without a delay start developing the app. But wait, you have to make an important decision and choose between hybrid and native mobile app development. You can make this decision based on your goals and available resources. In this article, we’ll try to highlight some advantages and disadvantages of both approaches to help you decide which option will work better for your particular company.
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          • Latest Android Application Trends — 2019

              Nowadays we have come beyond a major shift of trend from native to cross-platform mobile app development with the booming popularity of React Native and Progressive Web Apps. The emerging android application trends also consolidate technologies such as AR, VR, IoT and more. Here are some trends we see coming up this year and ahead when it comes to Android mobile app development:

              React Native and more cross-platform development:

              With more cross-platform drives including React Native and Kotlin sharing and more app-cloud based services offering more advanced features, the ecosystem of cross-platform is continuing to grow. An example is Google Firebase.

              Artificial Intelligence fuelling the personalization of user experiences:

              What Artificial Intelligence serves to promote users is convenience and predictability with their applications that is what helps improve their experience. Artificial Intelligence adds predictability to the regular processes, making them efficient.
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            • Latest E-commerce Trends — 2019

                The e-commerce trends keep on changing based on the way we shop, what we buy, how we buy and how we respond to the products that are being marketed by various businesses. Over the last decade, a lot of new e-commerce trends have emerged to have a major influence on e-tailing businesses and their models of operation. With the biggest of global e-tailers such as Amazon have been adopting and reaping the rewards of these trends, we would like to sum up a few of these trends that will gain importance in 2019:

                Speedy Shipping and Efficient Delivery Logistics

                With Amazon offering a one-hour delivery service with its ‘Amazon Now’ and the plans to expand the services further in the coming few years, the focus has been on drastically decreasing the time between the click and delivery – the key competitive advantage the e-commerce businesses have been striving for. Leveraging the emerging technologies including driverless freight, the logistical improvements are set to take place this year.
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              • How To Install The Latest SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

                • Tutorial
                Hello Folks, In this chapter, we will explain to you the Step by step method to install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).


                This study demonstrates how to install & Configure the latest SQL Server Management Studio in a step by step procedure. The popular version of SSMS is 18.0.

                Installation Steps

                Step 1

                First of all, you need to download the latest version of the SQL Server Management Studio. Download the software from trusted websites.

                Step 2

                For downloading the software, click “SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe” swiftly a window will be open, click save button for saving the latest SQL Server Management Studio exe file and download will begin.

                Step 3

                check your downloaded files and you will see the .exe file. Just Double click the exe to start the installation.

                Step 5

                While Installing the system will ask the authority and permissions: “Do you want to allow the following to make a change this computer?”. Just click yes to proceed to install the latest SQL Server Management Studio.
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              • Internet of Things (IoT) is going to Change the World. Future of IoT

                  For the past two years, there’s been a lot of buzzing about the Internet of Things (IoT). This has to lead to the rapid selection of connected devices over industries and is determined to pass the 11 billion mark by the end of the year. Major Companies including IoT software development as their major services.

                  All these “things” are now creating their things, namely, lots and lots of data. This data will be at the core of commercial and industrial digital transformation (which is essentially the underlying force behind the fourth industrial revolution).

                  In other words, life as we know it is about to change forever! How is it going to change? Let’s take a look.

                  1. AI (Artifical Intelligence) can Effectively Manage Oceans of information

                  We can’t talk about IoT without AI as the latter has the power to make IoT a whole lot smarter and more efficient.

                  In fact, consultants believe that AI is the brains behind IoT systems that may facilitate build them run power tool.

                  For example, as more and more connected devices start communicating with each other, enterprises will need to leverage deep learning, image recognition, natural language processes, and neural-network driven decisions to help them understand each other (and us humans) better.

                  So far, we can say that IoT has felt like an isolated experience where it was just about simple data. Going forward, businesses will strive to achieve highly integrated experiences by using AI to better understand their employees, customers, and the general public living in smart cities.
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                • Enhancing Magento Front-end Performance With ReactJS


                    Magento is an open-source PHP based platform for building e-commerce solutions. Built by the Magento company (now part of Adobe), it is used by over 350,000 developers all over the world. It enables the creation of highly customizable digital storefronts for Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business purposes. Magento 2, the transformed version of the Magento E-commerce Platform, comes with brand new architecture, coding structure, and database design.

                    a) General overview

                    Magento’s platform is built upon PHP and MySQL. During its lifetime of 10 years (the version 1.0 released in March 2008 and the version 2.0 in November 2015, it has undergone changes in terms of structure and development patterns and is now in its second major version, Magento 2.

                    Magento’s structure is comprised of two main parts, one being the back-end, with the database and MySQL, and Model, Data and Service interfaces, as can be seen in figure 3. These are directly connected and used in Magento’s Blocks, Layouts, and Templates, which would be defined as the front-end of the application.
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                  • Python Vs R — Data Science

                    • Tutorial
                    When mulling over the best programming language to use for data science, Python and R ring a bell (very quickly). While there are a lot of languages like C, C++, Java, Julia, Perl, and Scala, it's protected to state that Python and R are the harbingers in data science.

                    While a great deal of data researchers will discuss the customary shortcomings like data wrangling in R or data representation in Python, ongoing improvements like Altair for Python or R have adequately reacted to these shortcomings.

                    So which one would it be a good idea for you to decide for your next data investigation venture?

                    R has been ruling this space for a long time now. This bodes well as this programming language was explicitly intended for analysts.
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                  • Most Popular Computer Problems We Are Facing Everyday

                      In today’s contemporary world the private computer has become a staple of daily life.
                      Even those few persons who don't use computers in their daily work life can possibly have access to a computer on that they perform alternative necessary tasks.

                      With all of the access to info that computers permit and with all of the work they will facilitate a personal perform, this trend of a computer in every home and in each workplace of business isn't shocking.

                      But what may be shocking, and downright aggravating, is when the computer you are working on suddenly shuts off, goes blank, or explodes in the dreaded blue screen of death.

                      These and other common computer problems are among the most frequently occurring issues that one might experience with their computers.

                      The following may be a list of 5 common Computer issues and what may be done to mend them.
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                    • Grow Your Revenue Using In-app Purchases

                        In 2019, things are going to shake up particularly with regards to in-app purchases and the best approach. In the event that you are eyeing to procure great income from these administrations, at that point you should look at the tips underneath.

                        Introduce Timely Discounts

                        Given the relentless challenge in the Mobile app world, it is significant that you venture up your game. One of the techniques that you can actualize is having constrained time offers. In doing this, you get the chance to publicity the item or administrations among versatile app clients. The time factor is likewise vital as you don't wish to overstretch the markdown offers.

                        Besides, you have to bring on board mastery to enable you to think in transit forward with regards to the limits. Keep in mind, you should be strategic in request to gain more income and clients.

                        Adventure into Partnerships

                        It is anything but difficult to fly solo with regards to Mobile apps however you can't neglect the need accomplices. As you advance your items and administrations, it is significant that liaise with substances that can support your incomes.

                        In any case, picking the best corporate to connect with is no stroll in the recreation center. You will be required to investigate how their items/administrations can enable you to manufacture your image. Under this, you may have joint effort between an application for wearable emergency clinic gadgets and social insurance association. The outcome will be an increase in the number of clients accessing the in-app purchases.

                        Besides this, you may pick to package together at least two items under your image when pushing the in-app purchases.
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                      • Must-Have Mobile Application Animations

                          The animation is at the heart of mobile app User experience (UX). Truth be told, energized changes quietly impart an assortment of messages and show the client the best way to explore through the mobile app by just coordinating the client's consideration.

                          For instance, liveliness can signify a connection between shared components. They can likewise be fundamental in demonstrating the progression between two states or direct the client's thoughtfulness regarding a suggestion to take action catch.

                          Such powerful development in mobile apps is dependably a utilitarian segment as opposed to adornments like structure components. Thus, movement in the UX configuration ought to be approached from the earliest starting point when the group designs the client's voyage.

                          At the point when the impact and ease of use of enlivened components are broken down during the QA testing stage, these changes can likewise be wiped out on the off chance that they neglect to convey a positive effect.

                          Vivified connections can make consistent cooperative energy between screens or realize a snapshot of progress. For instance, these activities can be any or the majority of the accompanying:

                          • Check the container
                          • Explore to another page
                          • Open settings
                          • Give framework status
                          • Communicate something specific

                          The above is only a glimpse of something larger. So as we quickly approach the finish of 2018, we should investigate the three most blazing mobile app movement inclines that are upgrading UX no matter how you look at it.
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                        • Improve your mobile application using machine learning technology

                          Today, even mobile application developing company has begun to consolidate ML related to other cutting edge technologies, for example, AI and predictive analysis. This is on the grounds that ML empowers mobile applications to learn, adjust, and improve after some time.

                          It’s an incredible accomplishment when you consider the way that changes requested an express order from designers for gadgets to execute a particular activity. At the point when this was the standard, software engineers needed to estimate and record for each conceivable situation (and this was a fantastic test).

                          Be that as it may, with ML in portable applications, we have removed the speculating game from the condition. It can likewise upgrade User Experience (UX) by understanding client conduct. So you can wager that ML in versatile won’t be restricted to voice associates and chatbots.
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