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"Giant+" is a new Habr plan

Last spring, we took over 50 cust-dev interviews with active clients, and created a new “Giant+” plan aimed for companies that want to get the most out of blogging.

This plan includes new tools. Some of them are already available, and some are still in development. These tools will help finding answers to three most important questions.

1. Who is my audience and how to work with it?

With the "Giant+" plan, we will provide you an analytical report either on the blog audience or on the hubs, depending on your preference. This information will help you see: 

  • a clear portrait of the blog audience;

  • user behavior;

  • top hubs and competitor blogs popular with your audience.

To make it easier for you to find out the interests of the audience, you can embed the following surveysin your article:

  • single answer survey; 

  • multiple choice survey.

This tool will be released in spring 2023. Surveys will be displayed above the comment section in your corporate articles. You can make several surveys at the same time. In this case they will be shown in random order.

2. How to promote your publications and increase your coverage

Banners help redirecting the traffic generated by publications to links that are important for the company, such as links to events, vacancies, or selling pages. And you can promote any links, even those leading to sites other that Habr or Habr Career. Banners can be displayed at the bottom of the main page of the blog and in every article.

Example of a banner in the article
Example of a banner in the article

Now you can change the banner at any time in your personal account without Habr employees’ help and without any additional fees.

You will be also able to promote articles, news and vacancies from Habr Career using multi-widgets (in development). They will be displayed in articles above the comment section. A multi-widget can contain up to five links. You can flexibly customize them to fit with the article content. For instance, you can promote vacancies, articles, and event announcements for Java developers in publications about Java.

Mock-up of a multi-widget in an article
Mock-up of a multi-widget in an article

3. How to highlight your IT brand

Make your blogs eye-catching with "Enhanced corporate card" functionality. This full-fledged landing page of your company on Habr will improve your corporate style recognition and help in solving HR tasks. 

With "Giant+" plan you can embed photo gallery, technology and vacancies stack into your card in addition to information about the company and team.

Example of enhanced card’s design
Example of enhanced card’s design

To get the most out of the blog e-mail "I want to experience the Giant +" at corp@habr.team, and our managers will tell you more about this new plan.