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Private message exchange system is accessible to all registered users, except for those users whose powers have been forcibly limited due to violation of the rules by them.

How to send a private message to another user

To start a dialogue with another user, you must enter the name of the recipient's user account in the search field of the page of personal message exchange system, or visit the profile of the destination user and click on the envelope icon to the right of the rating value. You can also start the dialogue by clicking on the «Write a message» button in the information block with brief information about the author of the material under his publication, or in the pop-up block that appears when you roll over the name of each user's account in the comments to the publication.

The rules of conduct when using the private messaging system

In personal messaging system, the same rules apply, as in the rest of the information space of our electronic resources. But it is especially important to respect other members of the community, not perceiving them solely as a mailing list, therefore:

  • Do not send the same message to multiple users at the same time (this will cause ban, even if you acted out of good motives);

  • Do not send a single user a lot of short messages (so that he is not bothered by unnecessary notifications).

In case of receipt of a complaint about incorrect behavior in personal messages, sanctions may be applied to the sender's account (up to deactivation of the account).