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For those who are accustomed to navigating through the websites using the keyboard, we have prescribed a number of combinations. If they bother you, you can disable them in your profile settings.

Pages with a list of search publications etc.

  • j — go to the next item in the list

  • k — go to the previous item in the list

  • h — scroll to the top of the page

  • l — scroll to the bottom of the page

  • t — switches between compact and classic feed mode;

  • o — open selected post

Post page:

  • c — writing a new comment: scrolling to the form of writing a comment with setting the focus in it

  • r — refresh comments

  • t — track new comments in tracker

  • m — send notifications about new comments on email

  • f — go to the next unread comment (with a comment mark as read)

  • k — go to previous unread comment

  • j — go to next unread comment

All pages

  • CTRL/ALT + Enter — sending data from the form in which the cursor is located (comment field, search and so on)

  • / — Scrolling to the search field with the focus on it

  • ESC — closing the left navigation bar