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Account registration

You can always use the site in read mode, but registering an account will give you additional opportunities, including the ability to send private messages to other registered users, as well as setting up personal feed on your interests.

In the process of registration, each user must come up with a unique name (username), not occupied by other users. Username must contain at least 3 characters (Latin letters). In addition to the letters of the Latin alphabet, the username may contain an underscore or a hyphen, but cannot begin or end with such characters and cannot contain the character «.» (Dot).

The username chosen by the user is assigned to the Habr Account account, which allows the user to log in to several resources at once: «Habr», and «Habr Q&A». At each of the listed resources, at the first authorization, a separate profile will be created with the information about the user, which he deems necessary to indicate, as well as with the statistics of his stay on the site. For example, if a user chooses the name «username» for his Habr Account account, then:

  • On Habr his profile will be submitted on URL https://habr.com/users/username/

  • And on Habr Q&A, on URL https://qna.habr.com/user/username/

It should be borne in mind that contacting the support with a request to change the username on any of the listed resources will inevitably lead to a change in the username on all other resources. The request to delete the account, in turn, will entail the removal of the Habr Account account and, accordingly, the loss of the possibility of authorized access to all listed resources.

Like Facebook and VK accounts, the Habr Account account can be used as an authorization token to gain access to the accounts on our projects — «Habr Career» and «Habr Freelance». To authorize in 1 click using the «Sign in with Habr Account» button, you must first add the Habr Account to the key account on these services.

Account rights

Your account rights can vary depending on the method of registration. If you do not have a special invitation from someone from the users, then after registration your account will have only the reader's rights. But at any time the right can be expanded.


This is the basic type of account that is available to all users immediately after registration, which allows:

  • To read materials, published on site, add them to bookmarks and setup your personal feed on your interests;

  • To send private messages to other users;

  • To participate in user's polls;

  • To send materials to the Sandbox to gain the full-fledged account;

  • To vote for users karma and evaluate publications or comments (if has enough karma);

  • Allows To offer comments to publications within 30 days of their placement. Comments are moderated by authors of publications and moderators of the site. As soon as at least one of these comments is approved, the account will be automatically assigned the Read&Comment type.

In the profile with the ReadOnly iser, the «Give invitation» button is displayed, which can be used by any full-fledged user (who has this invitation)

But if the user already had a full account and was transferred in the ReadOnly mode within the penalty for violation of community rules, then this button will not be displayed, rehabilitation is possible only through the Sandbox.


An extended version of the ReadOnly account, implying that the user already has at least one published comment. If the author of the publication approved the comment from the user with «Read&Comment» account, then this user will be able to post all subsequent comments to his publication without preliminary moderation. If the user will collect 10 approved comments in the publications of 10 different authors, then his subsequent comments will appear on the site without pre-moderation. Also he will be able to publish posts. The button «Give an invitation» in the profile of the «Read&Comment» account is available and can be used by any user who has the desire and ability to issue a full-fledged account.

Full-fledged account

A full account type, which, unlike ReadOnly and Read & Comment accounts, also allows:

  • To post materials directly on the site, without preliminary checking by moderators;

  • To comment on publications that are older than 30 days.

Until the user has any publications on the site, his karma can not rise above +4, this restriction is removed immediately after writing the first publication. Further growth of karma will give the user new opportunities and rights on the site, and a decrease of karma will limit them.


Allows you to immediately register a full account. Getting an invitation is not as difficult as it seems to be enough to do something from the following:

  • Write a publication in the Sandbox. If it passes the moderation, moderator will immediately make your account full-fledged. Either he'll send it to the public part of the sandbox, which can be read by users. Any full-fledged user who has an invitation, can invite the author of the publication he likes, after that the author's account will become full-fledged. This is the most conscientious, spectacular and effective way to declare your joining the community, which, moreover, can immediately pump your karma and rating.

  • Be an employee of a company, that has a corporate blog on Habr. In such cases, the blog administrator can use company invitations to upgrade your account into a full-fledged. Detailed instruction on how to do it written in the corporate blog administration panel. If the company ceases to maintain its blog, then nothing terrible happens with the accounts of the invited users, they will not lose their authority.

  • Be a friend of the user who has an invitation. Such a user can independently use his invitation for your account, be it ReadOnly or Read&Comment (only if your account has ReadOnly rights not because of a rules violation).

  • Win an invitation in contests that are held once in a hundred years in official accounts VKTwitter or Facebook.

Here are the ways to earn an invitation for a friend (or just for a stock), if you already have a full account:

  • Gain 51 scores of karma (1 invitation is given at a time, even if the karma is lowered then the invitation remains on the balance of the account);

  • Write a publication that will receive a rating above +50. For each such publication, if it is not written in the offtopic hub, 1 invitation is issued.

Some dubious resources may offer to purchase an invitation to Habr for a tidy sum, but this way should be used only if you want to pay someone and stay without an account. Be vigilant, no mercy for sellers and buyers of invitations.