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Habr rules

Last edit on — 4 may 2022.

Usually IT specialists and those who are interested in this field are cultured people who respect not only themselves but also their interlocutors and readers. In order for the resource to remain a platform for communication of such people, there are rules according to which the moderators can lower the account rights to ReadOnly.

Here is a list of what you should not do on the resource:

  • Product placement under the table

    We highly recommend to use corporate blogs and «I’m advertising» hub to attract attention to your projects, companies, commercial products, services, and events. Product placement outside of these sections will lead to account rank reducing.

    Companies are prohibited from using any references to their personalization tools, including links, visuals (logos, corporate colors and fonts). Companies are also prohibited to inform about vacancies and tasks outside of corporate blogs. The only permitted form of company’s mention is the position in the company with the first and last name at the beginning or end of the publication (example: the leading developer of Congress LLC Sergey Ivanov). Articles with violations will be removed from publication, and the accounts of their authors will be blocked regardless of their karma score.


    • The exception to the rule applies in case the author of the publication mentions the position in the company (without a link to the corporate website), contact details (including the links to personal accounts in social networks), and personal blogs on major media resources (LJ, Medium, etc.). It is allowed to mention youtube channels, chatrooms and groups in social networks that do not bear the name of the project, company, product, service or event.

    • Game projects and app developers that do not have a website are allowed to post links to Google Play and the AppStore even if the app or game is monetized.

    • It is allowed to give one active link at the end of the publication without tags and abbreviations to crowdfunding platforms: for example, Kickstarter, Boomstarter, Planeta and Patreon and others. At the same time, the project must be real and not just a virtual fundraiser. The published material must be an interesting full-fledged article that reveals the features of the project and is relevant to the topic of Habr. Any other attempt to raise funds remains strictly prohibited (including links to fundraisers on social media and company commercial websites).

    • Users are allowed to publish links without labels and shortenings to books of their own authorship (or co-authorship) if the book is placed in official bookstores such as LitRes, MIF, OZON, Amazon, books.ru, etc. or on the official website of the publisher.

  • Piracy

    You should not copy content published by other people on other resources, but it is allowed to copy your own texts if they do not violate the rules of the resource.

  • Confuse Habr with Twitter

    Monosyllabic articles or news items like "See what I found a link", "Chrome updated, here's a changelog" are not welcome. Even if the news item is initially short, try to accompany it with an expanded commentary.

  • Confuse Habr with a book of complaints

    If you have problems with a cellular operator, with an Internet provider or hosting, or with something else, you can always contact the support service for the resource you need. Or with the competent authorities. But you should not use Habr as a book of complaints, in order to tell everyone about the situation that has reached you.

  • Confuse the site with the imageboard

    We do not accept a communication with images only. An image illustrating your idea should be accompanied by a text comment, which excludes the ambiguity of its interpretation. Large images should be placed under the spoiler so users do not have to waste time scrolling.

  • Initiate political discussions and participate in them

    The topic of our resource is defined quite clearly. For reasoning about politics, there are much more suitable sites. But not Habr.

  • Trying to raise funds for projects

    Here, too, everything is simple: there are projects specially created for raising funds. Habr is not one of them.

  • Ignore grammar rules, distort words and overuse emoticons

    Even if the gramatics was not your favorite subject, you probably have a spell check in the browser, you should not neglect it. This will save both your karma from the minuses and your account. Emoticons and emoji are acceptable in articles (in moderation), but it is best not to use them in titles.

  • Insult other users

    Rough language, insults, transitions to personalities, euphemisms, trolling – any of these is a good way to quickly and reliably change the current status of your account to ReadOnly.

  • Disturb users via direct messages

    Do not disturb other users by: asking to change someone's karma or upvote a publication; requesting for consultation (there is a Habr Q&A service for for asking tech questions); requesting for help in setting up something or solving a problem (there is a Habr Freelance service for searching for assistants and performers); requesting to participate in a survey or to express opinion about something; requesting for resume or job offers (there is a Habr Career service for such purposes); reviewing the company user is working in or asking questions to this company; drawing attention to any project, product, event or service.

  • Creating multi-accounts

    It's always nice to talk to an intelligent person, but to create additional accounts for cheating on karma and votes with them is not worth it.

The list of violations remains open, because you can always come up with something that is not described above. In such cases, moderators are guided by common sense and own sense of beauty. Discuss their decisions and create agitational publications on this topic is not worth it. If they banned someone, it means that they had a pretty good reason.

As you can see, nothing is complicated in the rules, and we will be grateful if you observe them.


These are not recommendations for compulsory implementation, these are the rules of etiquette, to adhere to which is quite simple.

  • Network etiquette remains network etiquette on Habr.

  • Respect the opinion of others. It does not have to coincide with yours..

  • Refuse to post messages aimed only at increasing Habrapower. Strive to just write more interesting and better.

  • Argumented publication, even if it is contrary to your opinion, should not receive a downvote. One does not have to adapt to your tastes.

  • If similar topics are repeatedly raised under different pretexts, this does not mean that you have to put a minus. This only means that the problem has not yet been solved.

  • Each author has his own personality, so if you have already seen such an article somewhere, this does not mean that the message is nothing new and interesting. Read and ponder the author's opinion.

  • Changes in karma have a much greater responsibility than rating the commentary. 1-2 comments should not become a reason for understating karma.

  • Do not abuse your voting ability. It is necessary to understand that the downvote is very different from the upvote, downvote depresses the person, and does not develop it. Put upvotes when you like something, but think before you put a downvote, if you didn't like something.

  • The first comment is not the only comment in the topic. Before evaluating it, read a couple more.

  • Downvote is not an argument, and, moreover, not a counterargument.

  • You shouldn't what is not accepted in a civilized society, contrary to laws, morality and ethics.

  • Do not do to others what you do not want to get from them yourself. Put yourself in the place of the person with whom you communicate. Defend your point of view, but do not offend others.

  • Help others where you can do it.