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These are sections in which publications on a specific topic are published. They help not only to conveniently structure all information on the site, but also to form a user's feed to subscribe only to those hubs that are interesting.

How to subscribe to a hub

Subscribe to the hub (add it to your feed) at the subscription center or in the list of all hubs, by clicking on the «Subscribe» button that appears when you hover over its name. Or, use the «Join» button, which is on the top right of each hub page.

By the way, with a successful subscription, this button will change to «Leave» so you can unsubscribe from the hub.

There are two main hub types.

  • Thematic

    Their subjects are most closely connected with IT. The most useful hubs, so they are the most. They're useful not only for readers because of their interest, but also for the authors of publications - it is the publications written in these hubs that can bring an additional invitation to the author, raise the rating, and improve the financial situation through the Author Support Program (ASP).

    Are subdivided to:

    • profile

      Directly related to IT. Minimum karma threshold for creating a publication is from 0 and above. Hubs are marked with a gear icon in the general list of hubs and an asterisk in the dropdown menu of the hub selection when creating the publication. Only publications from these hubs are accepted for participation in the ASP.

    • unprofile

      Not so closely associated with IT, therefore do not participate in the ASP, and the minimum threshold of karma is from +5 and above.

  • Offtopics

    Association with the subject of the site on the verge, but still there. The minimum threshold for karma is from +5 and above, in the case of the hub «I'm advertising» — from +30 and above. In this regard, these hubs have a number of features:

    • do not bring invitations, rating, do not participate in the ASP;

    • not indexed by search engines;

    • do not fall into the section «The Best»;

    • not broadcast to our communities on social networks.

What are the hubs?

In each thematic hub there are subsections (in the form of tabs) for content filtering:

  • Interesting

    Records that received a positive rating (rating ≥5) from users. Good and interesting.

  • All publications in a row

    All publication on the hub (in chronological order).

  • The best

    The best publications on the hub (in descending order of rating).

Unbelievable, but true: each subsection of each section of each hub has its own RSS feed!

How to create a new hub?

If you think that the site does not have some hub, then suggest it through the feedback form. In the cover letter, specify at least 10 references to publications that are currently located «not there».

How to find out about the appearance of a new hub? Through the subscription center on the home page.

By the way, and who are the leaders of the hub?

In the right part of each thematic hub there is a special block in which a list of 10 users is displayed. As it is easy to guess, these are the users who contributed the most to the development of the hub in the form of publications. These users are great fellows.