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Comments and limits

Only registered users can comment on publications. Account owners with Read&Comment rights can leave comments only on new publications (not older than 30 days) and only with pre-moderation: the first 10 comments must be checked by 10 different authors or moderators. Pre-moderation is carried out mainly by authors of commented publications - it is easier for them to assess the competence or relevance of a comment, since they are more likely to understand the topic of the publication better than moderators.

Owners of full accounts can post comments without pre-moderation to all publications, including publications older than 30 days, and if there is positive karma, they can also vote for the comments of other users, although this almost does not affect the rating of their authors. The voting term for comments is 30 days from the date of their publication.

Reading comments

Comments on publications are sorted in chronological order and can form tree structures, which are commonly called branches. For convenience, the branches can be minimized with a special button to the left of the comment. Information about minimized branches is stored in the LocalStorage of the browser and is not connected to the account.

Information about new comments on any of the publications can be obtained via RSS, in the tracker or by email. Global settings for notification of new comments are concentrated on one page of the user profile. Desktop version users also have the opportunity to fine-tune notifications about new comments to a specific article by activating the corresponding checkboxes over a block of comments or hot keys.

In the account settings, you can activate the comment update panel. Then, if you re-entered the publication and new comments have appeared on it, a small panel with a counter of new comments and arrows to navigate through them will appear in the right (in the desktop version) or in the lower (in the mobile version) part of the website.

Comments highlighting

Comment caps can have the following highlighting:

Yellow — your own comments

Green — comments of the author of publication

Blue — new comments (this highlight covers previous cases)

Red — comments pending moderation (available to be seen only to authors of publication and moderators) 

Editing and deleting comments

The user cannot delete the sent comment, but can edit it within 30 minutes after publication.

Only moderators can delete a published comment and only if a violation of the site’s rules is revealed. If there are other comments under the deleted comment, then the entire branch is deleted. If moderators have the opportunity to eliminate the violation without deleting or distorting the meaning of the comment, they can make corrections to the comment text (but sanctions against the author-violator can still apply).

If not the comment is deleted, but the user’s account (as a rule, this happens at the request of the user), then all comments posted from the deleted account are replaced with the phrase «UFO just landed and posted this here». At the same time, the discussion threads in which they were present are retained.