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General-purpose programming language. It has imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features, while also providing facilities for low-level memory manipulation

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Electron + web camera (cpp-ffmpeg)

C++ *Development for MacOS *ReactJS *
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An example of using Electron + React JS and a native ffmpeg addon to access a webcamera

This guide may be helpful to someone who is trying to find a way
to work with Electron if they need to use a c++ library or code

I was looking for a more realistic example than a simple 'hello world' and i didn't succeed

Here are the links in advance:

- electron - https://github.com/khomin/electron_camera_ffmpeg

- addon - https://github.com/khomin/electron_ffmpeg_addon_camera

So let me share my experience...

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How PVS-Studio prevents rash code changes, example N4

PVS-Studio corporate blog C++ *Development Management *

Blender, PVS-Studio, std::clamp
If you regularly use a static code analyzer, you can save time on guessing why the new code doesn't work as planned. Let's look at another interesting error — the function broke during refactoring, and no one noticed that. No one — except for PVS-Studio that can automatically scan the project and email the report to us.

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PVS-Studio checks the code of Flipper Zero dolphin

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *C *Programming microcontrollers *

Flipper Zero + PVS-Studio

Flipper Zero is an open-source multi-tool for geeks and penetration testers. It so happened that the Flipper Zero project and the PVS-Studio analyzer crossed paths. A philosophical question: should we check the project, if the project developers have already started fixing errors? Let's try to do this.

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Even small projects have bugs, or how PVS-Studio checked Blend2D

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *C *

We often check large projects because it's easier to find bugs there. What if we try PVS-Studio on a small project? In this article we analyze Blend2D — a library for vector 2D graphics. Let's look at what we found.



It's no secret that large projects have fascinating errors. It's not just "the larger the codebase is – the more errors we can find". It's also a known fact that the density of errors grows along with the codebase. That's why we love checking large projects — to treat you with a variety of "yummy" and tricky errors and typos. Besides, it's always interesting to search through a huge project with lots of dependencies, legacy code, and other stuff.

Today I'm moving away from this tradition. I decided to take a small project and see what PVS-Studio can find there. I chose Blend2D — branch master, commit c484790.

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Virtual function calls in constructors and destructors (C++)

PVS-Studio corporate blog Programming *C++ *

Virtual function calls in constructors (C++)
In different programming languages, the behavior of virtual functions differs when it comes to constructors and destructors. Incorrect use of virtual functions is a classic mistake. Developers often use virtual functions incorrectly. In this article, we discuss this classic mistake.

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Thanks, Mario, but the code needs fixing — checking TheXTech

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *Game development *

It's cool when enthusiastic developers create a working clone of a famous game. It's even cooler when people are ready to continue the development of such projects! In this article, we check TheXTech with PVS-Studio. TheXTech is an open implementation of the game from the Super Mario universe.


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How the Carla car simulator helped us level up the static analysis of Unreal Engine 4 projects

PVS-Studio corporate blog Programming *C++ *Game development *Unreal Engine *

One of the mechanisms of static analysis is method annotations of popular libraries. Annotations provide more information about functions during errors detecting. CARLA is an impressive open-source project in C++ that helped us implement this mechanism to our analyzer. Subsequently, the simulator became a test-target for the improved PVS-Studio static analyzer.


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PVS-Studio to check the RPCS3 emulator

PVS-Studio corporate blog C++ *Games and game consoles

RPCS3 is an interesting project that emulates the PS3 console. It is actively evolving. Recently we heard the news that the emulator learned how run all the games from the console's catalog. That's a good excuse to analyze the project. We'll see which errors remained after new fixes were added to the project.


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PVS-Studio searches for bugs in the DuckStation project

PVS-Studio corporate blog C++ *Games and game consoles

We often check retro games. In our company, many developers like to find interesting projects for themselves. They feel nostalgic when they're studying these projects. But we need to run retro games on something, right? This time we checked a project that helps to run old games on modern hardware.


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