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Multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines

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How to handle Stale Element Reference Exception in E2E testing of modern SPA applications

Bimeister corporate blog IT systems testing *.NET *C# *Web services testing *

Hello everyone, my name is Denis, I am Software Developer Engineer in Test (SDET) at Bimeister. I am in charge of test software development - frameworks, automated tests, CI Pipelines configuration, and much more.

In this article, I will tell you how we defeated the Stale Element Reference Exception while developing our framework using Selenium WebDriver and C#.

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Unity: What is a Coroutine and why is there an IEnumerator

.NET *Game development *C# *Unity3D *

The title of the article is a question I was asked in an interview for a Middle position. In this article, we will look at Unity coroutines, what they are, and at the same time we will capture the topic of Enumerator \ Enumerable in C # and a little secret of foreach. The article should be very useful for beginners.

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Why does my app send network requests when I open an SVG file?

PVS-Studio corporate blog Information Security *Programming *.NET *C# *


You decided to make an app that works with SVG. Encouraged by the enthusiasm, you collected libraries and successfully made the application. But suddenly you find that the app is sending strange network requests. And data is leaking from the host-machine. How so?

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ECS: under the hood

Game development *C# *Unity3D *

This is the translation of my article about ECS. Original (in Russian).

ECS (Entity Component System) is an architectural pattern used in game development.

In this article, I am going to describe some of the general principles of ECS frameworks' inner workings and some of the problems I have faced during the development of my own.

When I first started learning about ECS everything seemed wonderful, but only in theory. I needed some real practice to make sure that all that they were saying about ECS was true.

I’ve tried different frameworks with different engines and programming languages. Mostly it was the gorgeous EnTT framework that I used with the Godot engine and LeoECS with Unity. I haven’t tried Unity’s native ECS from DOTS because it was rather unpolished at the time I was starting.

After a while, I got enough practical experience with ECS but it was still unclear to me how all this magic works under the hood. There are a few good blogs about ECS development (https://skypjack.github.io/ from the author of EnTT and https://ajmmertens.medium.com/ from the author of Flecs) but none of them gave me enough understanding about how they are implemented. So eventually, following Bender’s example, I decided that I’m gonna make my own ECS =)

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Re-checking PascalABC.NET

PVS-Studio corporate blog .NET *Visual Studio *C# *Development for Windows *

Welcome all fans of clean code! Today we analyze the PascalABC.NET project. In 2017, we already found errors in this project. We used two static analysis tools (more precisely, plugins for SonarQube): SonarC# and PVS-Studio. Today, we analyze this project with the latest version of the PVS-Studio analyzer for C#. Let's see what errors we can find today, especially when our analyzer has become more advanced and got new features: it can find more exquisite errors and potential vulnerabilities.


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PVS-Studio checks the code quality in the .NET Foundation projects: LINQ to DB

PVS-Studio corporate blog .NET *C# *

The .NET Foundation is an independent organization, created by Microsoft, to support open-source projects around the DotNet platform. Currently, the organization gathered many libraries under its wing. We have already tested some of these libraries with the help of PVS-Studio. The next project to check with the analyzer - LINQ to DB.

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All hail bug reports: how we reduced the analysis time of the user's project from 80 to 4 hours

PVS-Studio corporate blog Programming *.NET *C# *


People often see work in support as something negative. Today we'll look at it from a different perspective. This article is about a real communication of 100+ messages, exceptions, the analysis that didn't complete in three days...

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OWASP Top Ten and Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

PVS-Studio corporate blog Information Security *.NET *C# *

The OWASP Top Ten 2017 category A9 (which became A6 in OWASP Top Ten 2021) is dedicated to using components with known vulnerabilities. To cover this category in PVS-Studio, developers have to turn the analyzer into a full SCA solution. How will the analyzer look for vulnerabilities in the components used? What is SCA? Let's try to find the answers in this article!

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CWE Top 25 2021. What is it, what is it for and how is it useful for static analysis?

PVS-Studio corporate blog Information Security *Java *C++ *C# *

For the first time PVS-Studio provided support for the CWE classification in the 6.21 release. It took place on January 15, 2018. Years have passed since then and we would like to tell you about the improvements related to the support of this classification in the latest analyzer version.


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