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How to Restore Hard Disk Capacity and Recover Missing Space

Hetman Software corporate blog Data recovery *
If the disk space in your computer is incorrectly displayed, or free disk space decreases, or the overall disk performance deteriorates, all that may happen for a number of reasons. Read this article to find out how to restore original capacity of a hard disk and recover the missing disk space.

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How to Recover Data From a Hikvision DVR

Hetman Software corporate blog Data recovery *
From this article, you will learn how to recover data from DVR and NVR video recorders. We will explore the peculiarities of how they store video files, why such files can be lost, and how they can be recovered. In the process, we’ll be using a IP network video recorder Hikvision DS-7104NI-Q1/4P.

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Data Recovery from LVM Volumes in Linux

Hetman Software corporate blog Configuring Linux *Data recovery *
Would you like to know how to use the LVM technology in Linux? How to create an LVM volume, how to configure and mount it in your operating system, how to add and remove disks, and how to recover the information you have accidentally deleted? In today’s article, you will find all of that – and even more.

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Active Restore: Can we Recover Faster? Much Faster?

Acronis corporate blog Data recovery *Backup *Development for Windows *UEFI *
Backing up valuable data is a proven practice, but what if we need to continue work immediately after a natural disaster or other disruptive events, and every minute is important? Our team at Acronis decided to see how quickly we can start an operating system. This is our first post from the Active Restore series. Today I will tell you how we launched our project with Innopolis University, which solutions were studied, and what we are working on today. All the details are under the Cut.

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