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Chaos: 3,000-HP Car from Spyros Panopoulos Automotive

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers Transport

“This is not even a hypercar — it’s an ultracar,” — this is how race car driver Spyros Panopoulos prefers to call his brainchild, whose company is going to present the most powerful production car in the world, stuffed with 3D printed parts and ready to put to shame Formula 1’s SSC Tuatara and Bugatti Chiron.

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A City Without Traffic Jams

Algorithms *Mathematics *Transport Urbanism

Chapter 2.
(the link to Chapter 1)

The Art of Designing Road Networks

Transport problems of a city through the eyes of a Computer Scientist

If I were recommended an article with the title “The Art of Designing Road Networks,” I would immediately ask how many road networks were built with the participation of its author. I must admit, my professional activity was far from road construction and was recently associated with the design of microprocessors where I, among other responsibilities, was engaged in the resource consumption of data switching. At that time my table stood just opposite the panoramic window which opened up a beautiful view of the long section of the Volgograd Highway and part of the Third Transport Ring with their endless traffic jams from morning to evening, from horizon to horizon. One day, I had a sudden shock of recognition: “The complexities of the data switching process that I struggle with on a chip may be similar to the difficulties the cars face as they flow through the labyrinth of road network”.
Probably, this view from the outside and the application of methods that were not traditional for the area in question gave me a chance to understand the cause of traffic jams and make recommendations on how to overcome the problem in practice.
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How Moovit improved its app to help people with disabilities ride transit with confidence

Microsoft corporate blog Development of mobile applications *Transport Urbanism

Alexandr Epaneshnikov, a 19-year-old Russian student who is legally blind, recently decided he wanted to be more independent by commuting on his own and relying less on his mom for rides to school. It meant taking a streetcar to a subway to his high school in Moscow, a 30-minute trip that Epaneshnikov assuredly navigates with a cane and Moovit, an urban mobility app optimized for screen readers.

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