• Learn Bootstrap Fast With These 10 Helpful Tips

    If you want to start your career in web development then learning Bootstrap is the way to go. Bootstrap is basically a framework used for front-end development of web apps. Its front-end component library is widely used to create interactive and responsive web apps and websites that we are used to today.

    If you don’t already know, you must be wondering what responsive websites are? In simple terms, the responsiveness of a website means that when the size of the screen on which the website is being seen changes, the layout of the website responds to that and change. This makes the websites look good no matter what screen size it is being viewed on.

    How does Bootstrap work?

    There are two ways you can use Bootstrap. You can either import the Bootstrap into your code or you can download a sample Bootstrap project and build your website on that.

    Bootstrap uses a 12-column model for website display, which is called a Bootstrap grid. On this grid, you can define different breakpoints to layout different components like headings, paragraphs, and buttons to make your website look visually appealing. When the screen size scales down, the components on the grid change layout to fit the smaller screen. This means that viewing the same website looks great on a normal size screen of your laptop and a smaller screen of your smartphone.

    Bootstrap has become one of the most popular front-end development frameworks today. If you are a beginner who wants to start learning Bootstrap then you are on the right blog. Because here are the top 10 tips to learn and master Bootstrap!
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  • Vepp — ISPsystem’s new server and website control panel

      Vepp is our new panel for managing servers and websites. At first, we just wanted to transform the interface of ISPmanager 5 but at the designing phase, we figured that (changing) the interface is not enough. We have to change the approach to modern user’s needs and tasks. As a matter of fact, it meant that we had to create a whole new product.

      In the article, we’ll explain why we couldn’t make do with only cosmetic changes to ISPmanager 5 and show the result of the global overhaul.

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    • What should a fitness app have?

        Creating a fitness app would be an excellent choice for people who are exceptionally expert in the field. In this article, we are going to describe some of the essential features you should have a look upon while creating a fitness app. And there are many fitness apps available across the Google Play Store & App Store. Each application has its features based on the pricing. However, what if there aren't such features in an application, which you are in search of? Though, I will be discussing some of the crucial features to have in a fitness application and some others which will make your application stand unique when it comes to overviewing number of features.


        Essential features of a fitness app

        Personalized Diet plans

        The fitness coaching application is more like a personal trainer. Customized diet plans are the most essential feature you should include in your application.
        The personalized diet plans can be managed based on the body requirements. It will also provide an option to select the ingredients based on the recipe they want to eat.

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      • Typechecking Django and DRF

        • Tutorial

        As you have already know I love optional static typing. The thing is that sometimes it is not optional, but impossible. Because we have plenty of big untyped projects in Python's ecosystem.

        Django and Django-Rest-Framework were two of them. Were. Because now they can be typed! Let me introduce TypedDjango organisation and stubs for django and drf.

        This is going to be a concise tutorial and getting started guide.

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      • AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

      • Best web development frameworks in 2019

          Web development frameworks are built to guide the developers for creating high-quality web apps using a single programming language. Web application frameworks are essential for the developers in examining the components of a rich web application. There has been a high rise in the frontend frameworks focusing on web development. The common goal of these frameworks is to facilitate development. And what sets them apart from everyone is how they deal with this goal.

          There are numerous frameworks exists for building a web app. Selecting a framework is an easy task, but implementing it over a whole app is a bit difficult. So don't be in a hurry while choosing a framework; each one has its pros and cons. Make sure the framework you're continuing with, meets your need and project requirements.

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        • Really typing Vue


            inb4: This is not another "setting up" a new project with Vue and TypeScript tutorial. Let's do some deep dive into more complex topics!

            typescript is awesome. Vue is awesome. No doubt, that a lot of people try to bundle them together. But, due to different reasons, it is hard to really type your Vue app. Let's find out what are the problems and what can be done to solve them (or at least minimize the impact).

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          • Top 10 JavaScript Hack for Optimized Performance

            JavaScript has been ruling the tech arena for more than two decades and helping developers simplifying complex tasks. It allows developers to implement complex task web pages in a most simplified manner. For most of the developers minified JavaScript file is the common phenomena while very few developers may be aware of Optimized JavaScript code. While meeting through many Javascript developers, I have come to know that Optimized JavaScript code is something that confuses developers, some of them might be doing it, but they are not aware of this.

            What is an Optimized JavaScript Code

            When combinations of uniquely programmed logics along with small hacks utilized to enhance performance and speed is known as Optimized JavaScript code. Optimization not only optimizes performance and speed but also saves maximum development time. When you save time, you save some bucks as well.

            So, I am here with some useful and fruitful hacks to help developers optimize performance, enhance speed and save time. Hope, you like the article and after going through it, you may utilize the best of Optimized JavaScript code.

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          • Protocol for communication between iframe and the main window

            • Translation

            From time to time, developers need to establish communication between several browser tabs to be able to send messages from one tab to another and receive responses. We have also faced this need at some point.

            Some solutions already exist (like, for instance, BroadcastChannel API). However, its browser support leaves a lot to be desired, so we decided to use our own library. When the library was ready, that functionality was no longer required. Nevertheless, another task emerged: communication between an iframe and the main window.

            On closer examination, it turned out that two-thirds of the library would not have to be changed — only some code refactoring was necessary. The library is a communication PROTOCOL that can work with text data. It can be applied in all cases in which text is transferred, such as iframes, window.open, worker, browser tabs or WebSocket.

            How it works

            Currently, the protocol has two functions: sending messages and subscription to events. Any message in the protocol is a data object. For us, the main field in that object is type, which tells us what kind of message it is. The type field is an enum with the following values:

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