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In summer 2023, we’ve updated donations on Habr. Any user can thank the author of the article he liked — if the author has enabled donations in his profile.

How to enable donations

To enable donations feature in your profile::

  1. Sign up to the destream service and confirm your account registration via email

  2. In the profile settings on Habr, in the "Donations" section, connect the destream account to your Habr Account:

    • Click "Go to Habr Account Settings"

    • In the window that opens, connect the destream service.

  3. If you already have any digital wallets connected — select destream as a main option to accept donations via radio button.

After all this is done, on each page of your publications (at the bottom, where the author’s block is), the “Donate” button will appear.

How to donate to the author of a good article

If you see the “Donate” button under the article, it means that the author has set up donations according to the instructions above. So you will be able to thank him by donating via payment service convenient for you.

  1. Click the "Donate" button

  2. In the form that opens, specify your name (can be anonymous), the size and currency of the donation, as well as the text of the accompanying comment.

  3. Click the "Pay via destream" button and make the payment on the page that opens.

    Important: to donate from Russia, turn off the VPN — then option "CIS cards" (VISA / Mastercard / MIR) will appear among the payment methods. The minimum donation amount is 400 rubles.


Withdrawals are carried out through a personal account on the destream service. To withdraw, you will need to verify your account and enable two-factor authentication.

  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 euros

  • Service fee for withdrawal: 4.77%