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What is a CRM system and how to choose it correctly

CRM systems *

In modern business the need of automation in various processes have already become commonplace. It is already becoming difficult to imagine a warehouse or accounting without the use of specialized software. The representatives engaged in trade use a special application for registration and sending the order to office directly from pads or mobile phones. Mostly the orders that are ordered from the website are delivered in the form ready for processing. But at the same time customer relationships, at least in the medium and small business for some reason, very often maintain without the integration of automation and sufficient attention to the account.

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Why everybody hates scrum and how to replace it?

Zadarma corporate blog CRM systems *Agile *
It feels like Scrum has been around forever and everybody knows what it is and has interacted with it in one way or another.

Indeed, there were times when everything around scrum was innovative, valuable and efficient: from planning to sprints and so on.

However, recently the number of negative reviews has been escalating.

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Free CRM with PBX

Zadarma corporate blog SaaS / S+S *CRM systems *Sales management *Cloud services
Why do you need a CRM system? Well, it’s at least more convenient than keeping your client database in Excel. Why do you need CRM with VoIP? If you have ever interacted offline, you know you cannot do it without telephony (orders, delivery, support etc.).

But what prevents 80% of companies from trying out a CRM tool? If prices is the matter, we are offering a free CRM system integrated with the phone system and free PBX.

To anticipate questions about installation difficulty, CRM setup and contact import doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

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Custom Web Development — Making Dream Business a Reality

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *CRM systems *Build automation *

Custom development is different from commercially distributed software or existing open source software. Individual development either creates a new application or expands the functionality of an existing one and can be executed by its own or third-party developers.

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Unleashing the Potential of CRM and Virtual Telephony Integration

Zadarma corporate blog CRM systems *Voice user interfaces

Virtual phone systems and CRM need little introduction to anyone active in the business world. A look at a range of recent studies indicates that close to 40% of American businesses make at least partial use of VoIP today. The CRM software market is also growing rapidly with estimates that it will be bringing in an astonishing $80 billion in revenues in five years time. What do these two technologies share in common?
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