• Top Web Development Companies To Seek In 2020 For Startups

      2020 is going to be a competitive year especially for business people. A large number of startups and small businesses are outsourcing their projects to the best web development agencies because of the skilled resources, outsourcing-friendly policies, high-quality work, affordable price and favorable time zones they have.

      But selecting a good company can be a daunting task because we are surrounded by a pool of such companies today. Keeping this in my mind, I have shortlisted some of these companies to help you choose the best one which offers world-class web development services at affordable rates.

      I have checked the diversified portfolio, their tech teams expertise, client’s feedback, reviews from sites like Goodfirms and Clutch before making this list. Moreover, I have taken references from some popular platforms viz. hackernoon, dev.to, yourstory, quora, medium and habr.

      Lets' dive into my research work on this which would surely meet your business requirements.

      1) Sysbee


      Locale: Pula, Croatia
      Budget array: $1,000+
      Employees strength:200 -250
      Clientele: Infobip, Atheneum, IKEA

      Sysbee is a group of systems engineers and infrastructure architects dedicated to bringing modern DevOps culture to small and medium enterprises, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of web services and cloud hosting.

      Provides top-notch web development services for a transmission and media company. The client needed IT experts to help with the organization and maintenance of their AWS infrastructure. As a result of this project, the media company saw an influx of new users and improved its market position.
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    • Is interactivity a major factor for an app’s success?

        Psychology plays an important role in the success of any marketing strategy. Attracting people to your app needs the right psychological approach. Human behaviors are highly crucial which are required to be considered while forming strategies.

        Simplest thing in application affects their interactivity greatly. For example, even the number of notifications, as well as the time at which they will be sent, have a strong impact. According to a survey, 60% of respondents have a preference for what time of day they receive notifications.

        This indicates that the way an app will communicate with users will have an immense effect on its success or failure. Do you know what are the factors that affect the interactivity of your app? Apart from that, how can you make an app interactive?
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      • How to Make Any Process Work With Transactional NTFS: My First Step to Writing a Sandbox for Windows

          TransactionMaster One of the modules in the Windows kernel provides support for combining a set of file operations into an entity known as a transaction. Just like in databases, these entities are isolated and atomic. You can make some changes to the file system that won't be visible outside until you commit them. Or, as an alternative, you can always rollback everything. In any case, you act upon the group of operations as a whole. Precisely what needed to preserve consistency while installing software or updating our systems, right? If something goes wrong — the installer or even the whole system crashes — the transaction rolls back automatically.

          From the very first time I saw an article about this incredible mechanism, I always wondered how the world would look like from the inside. And you know what? I just discovered a truly marvelous approach to force any process to operate within a predefined transaction, which this margin is too narrow to contain. Furthermore, most of the time, it does not even require administrative privileges.

          Let's then talk about Windows internals, try out a new tool, and answer one question: what does it have to do with sandboxes?

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        • Node.js VS Python: Which is Better?


            If you are landing on this page you might be looking for several questions like:

            – NodeJS or Python: which is the right choice for my next web app development project?

            – Which programming language cost me less?

            – Which programming language is suitable for which industry?

            – Which programming language is suitable for small business or large scale enterprises?

            – Which programming language is scalable, high performing and secure?

            In this blog post, I’m going to answer all these questions AND MORE THAN THAT! So, continue reading this blog post:
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          • Glean Insights About 18 Best Java Frameworks To Use in 2020


              Who doesn’t know about Java today? You can hear its mention in every nook and corner of the world. A significant majority of IT companies provide Java-based applications, while businesses are still driven to secure java applications due to robustness and stringent security facilities. However, Java frameworks are a matter of chaos for a variety of business owners that want their application to be standout.

              The fact is that there is no dearth of java frameworks that makes application development simple and efficient. However, a number of people have a query regarding the selection of java framework on the basis of features, ease-of-use, cost, and many more. Businesses hire programmers in India, though they stay confused on which platform they want their app to be created.

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            • VVVVVV??? VVVVVV!!! :)

                If you're reading this text, you've either thought that something was wrong with the headline or you've seen the name of a familiar computer game. VVVVVV is an indie platformer game that has stolen the hearts of many players by its pleasant external simplicity and no less pleasant internal complexity. A few days ago, VVVVVV turned 10 years, and the author of the game — Terry Cavanagh — celebrated this holiday by publishing its source code. What mind-boggling things is it hiding? Read the answer in this article.

                Рисунок 1
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              • Machine Learning in Static Analysis of Program Source Code

                  Machine Learning in Static Analysis of Program Source Code

                  Machine learning has firmly entrenched in a variety of human fields, from speech recognition to medical diagnosing. The popularity of this approach is so great that people try to use it wherever they can. Some attempts to replace classical approaches with neural networks turn up unsuccessful. This time we'll consider machine learning in terms of creating effective static code analyzers for finding bugs and potential vulnerabilities.
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                • AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

                • C++ Inliner Improvements: The Zipliner

                    Visual Studio 2019 versions 16.3 and 16.4 include improvements to the C++ inliner. Among these is the ability to inline some routines after they have been optimized, referred to as the «Zipliner.» Depending on your application, you may see some minor code quality improvements and/or major build-time (compiler throughput) improvements. 

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                  • Tips and tricks from my Telegram-channel @pythonetc, December 2019

                      It is a new selection of tips and tricks about Python and programming from my Telegram-channel @pythonetc.

                      Previous publications.

                      Different asyncio tasks obviously have different stacks. You can view at all of them at any moment using asyncio.all_tasks() to get all currently running tasks and task.get_stack() to get a stack for each task.
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                    • [Announcement] Global Game Jam 2020

                        Every year on the latest weekend of January the Global Game Jam is held.

                        This year this event starts at 5 p.m. on Friday, January 31, and ends at 5 p.m. on Sunday, February 2. This weekend will be the hottest weekend of the month!

                        Global Game Jam is an event dedicated to creating games (for those who still doesn't know what Game Jam is). This event is an offline event so only people participating at Jam Sites are allowed to upload their works.
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                      • Python in Visual Studio Code – January 2020 Release

                          We are pleased to announce that the January 2020 release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available. You can download the Python extension from the Marketplace, or install it directly from the extension gallery in Visual Studio Code. If you already have the Python extension installed, you can also get the latest update by restarting Visual Studio Code. You can learn more about  Python support in Visual Studio Code in the documentation.  

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                        • Node.JS Vs PHP: Which is a better programming language?


                            In the online advancement world, Node.js and PHP are the most well-known programming languages being used. Although both of these languages are able to manage the applications of any sort of complexity, they are being built around the different concepts & architectures. If you are an app owner or looking to develop a website, you might be wanting to choose between these two environments, therefore, you must know about the major differences, advantages, and limitations of the two languages.
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                          • Introducing Java 13: Let's dive Into JDK's New Features

                              Java has been a programmer’s dream and what’s the better way to quantify Java’s popularity with the new version release Java 13. After the initial Java enhancement proposal, there have been advancements in JDK features that will blow up Java developer’s mind with a new range of features after the official release on September 17, 2019.

                              But Why do you think Java is so popular?

                              Java has been a craze among programmers due to its platform independence and the ability to run on different computers. It has been there for so long that it has been adopted by organizations like banks, insurance companies, enterprises, agencies and mostly by software outsourcing companies.

                              Java has been there in the business to develop android apps, java web applications, software tools, and scientific applications.

                              Let us delve into the stats and gauge the popularity ratio of Java applications among other competing programming languages.
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                            • Here's an Update on Flutter 1.9 Release Coupled With Dart 2.5 Programming

                                Recently during the Google Developer Days Conference in China that was held on September 10, 2019, Flutter 1.9 was released along with the updated Dart 2.5 programming language.h

                                The major highlights from the conference can be summed into three major points:

                                • Google has announced Dart 2.5 programming update and a new Flutter 1.9 Version upgrade.
                                • Dart 2.5 will support calling C code and intelligent code completion.
                                • Flutter 1.9 will support iOS 13, macOS Catalina, and new Material widgets.

                                In this blog, I am going to discuss the major pointers in detail for you to understand the highlights and updates in detail!

                                Let’s begin!

                                What’s in store for Dart 2.5 as a programming language?

                                Dart is a Google borne programming language that has been used to develop mobile, web and desktop based applications. It is an object-oriented, class defined, garbage collected language with a C-style syntax, which is used to optionally compile into JavaScript.

                                The latest version of Dart 2.5 comes with these major highlights:

                                -> Support for Calling C Code straight through Dart using Dart FFI Library:

                                Developers who have knowledge about low-level programming languages will be excited from this announcement. The event also saw the launch of dart:ffi library, the preview of which allows calling into C code directly from Dart and Flutter.
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                              • Introducing PHP 7.4: Performance, Features, Deprecations

                                PHP evolves continuously and they just released their latest PHP 7.4 update. Performance and speed keep advancing, as we have already been proved in the past PHP 7 releases. Preloading is one of the most thrilling new updates. It quickens script execution and makes code cleaner and faster due to the simplified common lines of code.

                                PHP is an important element in the world wide web and is used in over 79% of all websites. Well-known websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress and much more are using PHP.
                                We can see a double speed increase when looking at WordPress sites running PHP and comparing PHP 5 and 7. While using the latest PHP version out there — WordPress powered websites gain the most.

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                              • Top programming languages for Android App development in 2020

                                  Do you have any idea how many Android apps are there in the world? As of 2019’s first quarter, there were approximately 2.6 million android apps around the globe. That’s a huge number which leads to stiff competition in the market.

                                  There is no other option other than offering a robust and efficient Android app to survive in this flourishing industry. The selection of the right tech-stack is highly important if you want to get a flawless development of your Android app.
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                                • Top 5 ReactJS Development Companies


                                    ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library designed by Facebook for developing rich and engaging web apps efficiently and quickly with minimal coding.

                                    The core task of ReactJS is providing the best possible rendering performance. Its strength comes from the focus on the individual elements. Instead of working on the complete web app, ReactJS allows a programmer to break down the complex UI into simpler elements.

                                    As per a survey conducted by The State of Javascript, React JS has surpassed Angular and others in becoming the most loved Javascript library.


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                                  • Review of WCS 5.2 — WebRTC Server for Webcast and Webcam Developers

                                      Alice is an experienced full stack developer, who is capable of writing a SAAS project framework on her favorite framework using php in a week. As for frontend, she prefers Vue.js. 

                                      A client contacts you via Telegram, asking you to develop website that will be the meeting place for the employer and the employee to conduct an in-person interview. In-person means face-to-face, a direct video contact in real time with video and voice. «Why not use Skype?» some may ask. It just so happened that serious projects – and each startup undoubtedly considers itself a serious project – are trying to offer an internal communications service for a variety of reasons, including:

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                                    • WebRTC streaming in and around virtual reality

                                        Virtual reality is on the rise these days. The equipment that was previously the exclusive preserve of crazy scientists geeks with big money from the Ministry of Defense back in the The Lawnmower Man days, is currently affordable for ordinary people; those whose pockets are empty, can assemble a VR headset from cardboard and a smartphone according to many recipes.

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                                      • Hyper-V for Developers on Windows 10

                                          Hyper-V is more known as a server virtualization technology; however, since Windows 8, it is also available in the client operating system. In Windows 10, Microsoft improved the experience drastically to make Hyper-V an excellent solution for developers and IT Pros.
                                          Microsoft Hyper-V, codenamed Viridian, is a native (type 1) hypervisor that directly runs on the hardware, compared to VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, and other type 2 or hosted hypervisors. It was first released in Windows Server 2008, and it allows you to run virtual machines on x86-64 systems.

                                          As mentioned, with Windows 10, Microsoft optimized Hyper-V for developers. Hyper-V allows developers to quickly spin up development virtual machines on Windows 10 with excellent performance, but it is also used in a couple of other development features as a back-end technology, like the Android Emulator, the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 or Docker Containers. In this article, we will have a quick look at what Hyper-V on Windows 10 can over for developers.
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