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Unity: What is a Coroutine and why is there an IEnumerator

.NET *Game development *C# *Unity3D *

The title of the article is a question I was asked in an interview for a Middle position. In this article, we will look at Unity coroutines, what they are, and at the same time we will capture the topic of Enumerator \ Enumerable in C # and a little secret of foreach. The article should be very useful for beginners.

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Unity: Selecting and uploading files by user on WebGL assembly

Website development *Game development *Unity3D *WebGL *

In this article, we will look at a way to give the user the ability to upload any files, such as textures. And let's touch on the topic of launching JS functions from C# within Unity. As a result, we will get a script that, by calling just one function, will open a window for selecting files.

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ECS: under the hood

Game development *C# *Unity3D *

This is the translation of my article about ECS. Original (in Russian).

ECS (Entity Component System) is an architectural pattern used in game development.

In this article, I am going to describe some of the general principles of ECS frameworks' inner workings and some of the problems I have faced during the development of my own.

When I first started learning about ECS everything seemed wonderful, but only in theory. I needed some real practice to make sure that all that they were saying about ECS was true.

I’ve tried different frameworks with different engines and programming languages. Mostly it was the gorgeous EnTT framework that I used with the Godot engine and LeoECS with Unity. I haven’t tried Unity’s native ECS from DOTS because it was rather unpolished at the time I was starting.

After a while, I got enough practical experience with ECS but it was still unclear to me how all this magic works under the hood. There are a few good blogs about ECS development (https://skypjack.github.io/ from the author of EnTT and https://ajmmertens.medium.com/ from the author of Flecs) but none of them gave me enough understanding about how they are implemented. So eventually, following Bender’s example, I decided that I’m gonna make my own ECS =)

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A bit about our currently nameless game company, and what we’re working on at the moment

Game development *Unity3D *Game testing *Game design *Logic games

Hey everyone! I represent a game studio without a name, and the project we’re working on goes by the technical name of "CGDrone". I started writing this article earlier today, having tortured myself for ages with sketches, colours, algorithms and correcting bugs in rotations based on quaternions (the last one just about finished me off). You can probably understand I needed a break.

I’ve often come across stories people have posted online about how they made their game, the difficulties they faced, and the result they achieved at the end. Likewise, our team has its own story, and I’d like to share a bit about it.

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How static code analysis helps in the GameDev industry

PVS-Studio corporate blog C++ *C# *Unity3D *Unreal Engine *

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and is developing faster than a speeding bullet. Along with the growth of the industry, the complexity of development also increases: the code base is getting larger and the number of bugs is growing as well. Therefore, modern game projects need to pay special attention to the code quality. Today we will cover one of the ways to make your code more decent, which is static analysis, as well as how PVS-Studio in practice helps in the game project development of various sizes.
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OPPO, Huawei, Xiaomi. Chinese app stores join forces to take on Google

Game development *Google App Engine *Development for Android *Unity3D *DevOps *

Major players in the Chinese app market are joining forces to take on the almighty Google Play store. Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are reported to launch the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA), a platform allowing Android developers to publish their apps in the partnering stores from one upload.

The GDSA is expected to launch in nine countries—including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam—although paid app support may vary across the regions. Canalys’ Nicole Peng explains the wide reach of this alliance:

By forming this alliance each company will be looking to leverage the others’ advantages in different regions, with Xiaomi’s strong user base in India, Vivo and Oppo in Southeast Asia, and Huawei in Europe. 

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The Different RPG styles between East and West

Development of mobile applications *Game development *Development for Android *Unity3D *Games and game consoles


The Chinese Mobile RPG: the Genre of Giants.

Chinese RPGs make up 56% of the top 500 grossing iOS games in China. According to data gathered in 2019 by Game Refinery’s Joel Julkunen. Let’s take a look at the genre and some important points for game developers and RPG enthusiasts to consider Chinese Mobile RPGs.

RPG or role-playing game is a game where the player plays as a character, often the main character, in a fictional game world.

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Database using ScriptableObjects with save/load system

Game development *Unity3D *


Each game has data that game-designers work with. In RPG there is a database of items, in match-3 — the cost in the crystals of tools from the store, in action — hit points, for which medical kit heals.

There are many ways to store such data — someone stores it in tables, in XML or JSON files that edit with their own tools. Unity provides its own way — Scriptable Objects (SO), which I like because you don't have to write your own editor to visualize them, it's easy to make links to the game's assets and to each other, and with Addressables this data can be easily and conveniently stored off-game and updated separately.

In this article I would like to talk about my SODatabase library, with which you can conveniently create, edit and use in the game (edit and serialize) scriptable objects.

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How the PVS-Studio analyzer began to find even more errors in Unity projects

PVS-Studio corporate blog C# *Unity3D *

When developing the PVS-Studio static analyzer, we try to develop it in various directions. Thus, our team is working on plugins for the IDE (Visual Studio, Rider), improving integration with CI, and so on. Increasing the efficiency of project analysis under Unity is also one of our priority goals. We believe that static analysis will allow programmers using this game engine to improve the quality of their source code and simplify work on any projects. Therefore, we would like to increase the popularity of PVS-Studio among companies that develop under Unity. One of the first steps in implementing this idea was to write annotations for the methods defined in the engine. This allows a developer to control the correctness of the code related to calls of annotated methods.
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Making games is [not] hard. Looking back at small mobile project on Unity3D

Game development *Unity3D *Game design *
When you have an idea of a new game mechanic, or even flash of interesting concept — soon you'll be obsessed about it with an immense urge to start doing something already. Sometimes you write such ideas down somewhere and bring them a chance to ignite full development cycle later. But I've stumbled upon the opposite action. My current game became this giant monster eating finance and time, and grown much bigger than I ever thought. So, I've needed to put it back for a while. But I could not sit without game development, and in my free time I've started to work on my new project! Plus that one was quite different from the previous ones, because I've decided to target mobile. If you are interested in how this project was done, from a small idea to the final release, then let's dive into it!

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Flash-animation in Unity3D from scratch. Part one, lyrical

Adobe Flash Game development *Unity3D *

In this article series, I will talk about how and why we decided to create our own solution for import of Flash animation to Unity, and about optimization techniques and internal workings of the plug-in. I also have lots of other fascinating stuff to tell about: internals of the SWF format, special features of the Unity editor extension and general matters of animation. You'll find all that inside!

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My and my girlfriend’s first video game. Development with Unity. Part 1

Development for iOS *Game development *Development for Android *Unity3D *Game design *
If not to take into account releases for Android and a dozen of abandoned projects just before they were ready, then yes, it is our first game appropriate for more than one platform. How did it all start? Very simply. We worked on another project, let’s call it “project A”, and we’d been working on it for a long time when we decided to make a game during a couple of months and use it to train our marketing skills, and then immediately release our “project A” when we would be more experienced in the promotion of games. But the plan failed and “project A” was kept untouched for the whole year. But this story isn’t about “project A”, it’s about a logical game called «Cubicity: Slide puzzle».

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