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The concept of a car alarm remote for «ZAZ Zaporozhets»

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Hello friends! My name is Ruslan Mazur, I am an industrial designer. In my free time I like to invent and visualize devices that are not designed for production, but allow you to do creativity. Regardless of the technical difficulties, the cost of the product and so on.

For three years now I have been working at Tabula Sense Company and most of the time I have been developing various furniture with built-in electronics.

Today I want to share with you the concept of a car alarm remote control for ZAZ Zaporozhets (or Fiat 600, whatever suits you best), as if the similar devices already existed in those days.
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Tesla Cybertruck copy was spotted in Moscow. This is a customized… Russian LADA Samara

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Hi Habr! Just noticed that this funny article exists only in Russian, so I’ve decided to translate it to English with some light modifications. Please enjoy!

Few days ago Tesla Cybertruck replica has been spotted on the roads of Moscow. The design of the electric pickup presented by Elon Musk can't be confused with anything else.
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