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PyGMTSAR is Next Generation Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Software for Everyone

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Do you need to produce satellite interferometry results for your work or study? Or should you find the way to process terabytes of radar data on your common laptop? Maybe you aren't confident about the installation and usage of the required software. Fortunately, there is the next generation of satellite interferometry products available for you. Beginners can build the results easily and advanced users might work on huge datasets. Open Source software PyGMTSAR is available on GitHub for developers and on DockerHub for advanced users and on Google Colab for everyone. This is the cloud-ready product, and it works the same as do you run it locally on your old laptop as on powerful cloud servers.

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The work on the historical development plan case Vladimir city (Russia)

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I am a russian cartographer Alexander Pronin and I am going to tell you how we together with my colleague Nikita Slavin, a map of the age of the houses of the city of Vladimir was created.


For the layer with buildings I used a free map from OpenStreetMap. This layer contains the address, which is divided into columns, names of the objects and numbers of storeys. I collect data on the year of construction, address, name of the object and photos from several sources.

The first one is my project владимирдом.рф It’s a plot that I created to show the residents of my hometown how our city was built up. In this case I took the year of construction data from the website of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, for kindergartens and schools — from their official websites. A lot of information was sent also by site users. The map only shows the year of construction.

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Geolocation and geoposition — mega-tool

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Today, geolocation and geo-positioning have turned into a state that we did not dream about 60 years ago, during the first thoughts about creating an Internet network.

This article was prepared thanks to the IPGeolocation.io

Cartography has turned into a miracle — from insanely large sheets of paper to what fits in the palm of your hand.

Today, maps are used not only to search for a cultural center in Paris, but to be able to find everything:

  • nearest hotel
  • pharmacy or hospital
  • grocery store
  • university or school
  • Pink Concert venue in San Francisco

The transformation of technology will not stop there. It will be better and more accurate than ever.

Evolution in time

Let's see how the evolution of geolocation began. The journey of this phenomenon begins in ancient times.

Excursion into the past
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