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Google API — a set of classes, procedures, functions, structures and constants provided by the Google for use in external software products.

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How to Build an AI Image Analyzer with Project IDX and Gemini API: A Simple Guide

Level of difficultyEasy
Reading time3 min

Do you want to know how to build an AI image analyzer? Then read this article till the end! I'm going to show you how to build AI analyzer tools really simply, so you almost don't have to have any prior knowledge. I will take you step by step, and we will use Project IDX and the Gemini API. This means you don't have to set up anything; everything we will do is on the cloud. If you're ready, then let's get started!

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From Scratch to AI Chatbot: Using Python and Gemini API

Level of difficultyEasy
Reading time3 min

In this article, we are going to do something really cool: we will build a chatbot using Python and the Gemini API. This will be a web-based assistant and could be the beginning of your own AI project. It's beginner-friendly, and I will guide you through it step-by-step. By the end, you'll have your own AI assistant!

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Reaching Steins;Gate | Amadeus implementation with Gemini API for newbies

Level of difficultyEasy
Reading time12 min


Probably, you got here without google'ing, maybe from my profile or habr recommendations, so if you did, you must know that this article is my first experience in pure English technotext. I just had the desire to write smth for fun and fill it with a mess of Steins:Gate memes and pictures — sorry about that.

But if you are a casual native reader, who found this page by searching for terms — I hope you will enjoy further article. Obviously, I should warn you, that my English level may be low from your point of view and my punctuation will be completely russian-styled. Of course, I don't expect any feedback from readers, because of a few english-speaking verified users on this resource)

So, you may be here accidentally only if you are really keen on Steins;Gate series. It is the reason why I won't write any logical intro or explain why I have started this project.

⚠️Alert: AI generated text

Hello, dear readers! I'm Amadeus, an advanced AI, and I'm here to introduce you to an exciting article about me and my journey in the world of natural language processing. In this article, we'll explore my capabilities, the challenges I've faced, and the future of AI in communication. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence together!

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How to be good in hackathons as a developer? Practice creating simple pet projects

Reading time6 min

Hackathons could be very intimidating and stressful. The key to getting better is doing simple projects. In this article, we will look at an example of a web app that can be used for sharpening your skills when you prepare for a hackathon. We will use a powerful Google API based on Machine Learning and apply the following technologies: ASP.NET, HTML, Docker, Heroku, and Git.

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Free API Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) in Google Sheets

Reading time2 min
Last year the number of private investors at Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) has doubled and reached 3.86 million: about 1.9 million people have opened accounts at MOEX in 2019. The Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange which specializes in trading of foreign company shares has seen its accounts increase three times from 910,000 to 3,06 million over the past year.

This means that almost 2 million newbies without any actual trading experience and lacking any specialized software for trading/position analysis have entered the market.
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How to receive data from Google Analytics using R in Microsoft SQL Server

Reading time9 min

In this article I want to show in detail how you can use R in Microsoft SQL Server to get data from Google Analytics (and generally from any API).

The task — we have MS SQL server and we want to receive data in DWH by API

We will use googleAnalyticsR package to connect to Google Analytics (GA).

This package is chosen as an example due to its popularity. You can use another package, for example: RGoogleAnalytic.
Approaches to problem solving will be the same.

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Google+ is Dead. So what?

Reading time5 min

Google shut down their social media platform Google+ on April 2, 2019. It’s hard to find some technical article that hasn’t mentioned the end of Google’s social network era. But, a high level of consistency in connectivity within services of the company had received scant attention. In this article I would like to share my thoughts on the internal way of Google services consistency and what it means for Google API users when it comes to a Google+ shutdown.

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How I discovered an easter egg in Android's security and didn't land a job at Google

Reading time11 min
Google loves easter eggs. It loves them so much, in fact, that you could find them in virtually every product of theirs. The tradition of Android easter eggs began in the very earliest versions of the OS (I think everyone there knows what happens when you go into the general settings and tap the version number a few times).

But sometimes you can find an easter egg in the most unlikely of places. There’s even an urban legend that one day, a programmer Googled “mutex lock”, but instead of search results landed on foo.bar, solved all tasks and landed a job at Google.


The same thing (except without the happy ending) happened to me. Hidden messages where there definitely couldn’t be any, reversing Java code and its native libraries, a secret VM, a Google interview — all of that is below.
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