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Global corporations. Is there a light in the end of the tunnel?

Reading time6 min

Global corporations became a part of our everyday life for a long time ago, their products often don’t leave an alternative option for users. Either is it exist? This article touches an issue of dominating big companies in certain areas, but also contains a row of useful tips. Spoiler of one of them: if you’re a user of Android then the tips will help you increase time between charging your phone and improve your privacy.

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How to use Google docs offline with the new Microsoft Edge

Reading time1 min
New MS Edge is a promising Chrome flavour since Microsoft is really concerned with laptop battery life: most tests and benchmarks run against the «stock» browser in «stock» configuration. However, until recently it was hard for me to switch completely due to no «offline» support for Google office suite: doc, spreadsheet and slides. Fortunately, with the recent introduction of chrome extensions support it's now possible to put them offline with a few tricks!
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Improving form controls in Microsoft Edge and Chromium

Reading time3 min
Since we began work on the next version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, we’ve been investigating ways to modernize form controls to provide a modern appearance as well as the touch friendliness and accessibility that our users expect from Microsoft Edge today.

Over the past few months, we’ve been collaborating closely with the Google Chrome team on this project, and are excited to share the refreshed controls that will be coming to Microsoft Edge Insider builds, or other Chromium browsers near you.

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Security and censorship circumvention: 5 VPN and proxies for Google Chrome

Reading time2 min
Nowadays, privacy and censorship are the top problems for internet users. There are hackers who want to steal your data, governments, and corporations, which imply block and restrict freedom. Here is the list of five tools to protect your web browsing and circumvent censorship.
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Sixth Chromium Check, Afterword

Reading time6 min
severe unicorn

At the beginning of 2018 our blog was complemented with a series of articles on the sixth check of the source code of the Chromium project. The series includes 8 articles on errors and recommendations for their prevention. Two articles sparked heated discussion, and l still occasionally get comments by mail about topics covered in them. Perhaps, I should give additional explanations and as they say, set the record straight.
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