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Habr advertising code

Advertising is the engine of trade. It so happenes that Habr's audience perceives only good advertising.

Our mission is to ensure that banner advertising on the website is of high quality, unobtrusive and presented in small volume. It is achieved through compliance with the Habr advertising code, which all advertisers must follow.

General provisions

  1. The following requirements apply in addition to the requirements of the law. Any advertisement must first and foremost comply with the requirements of the legislation of the country of its display;

  2. The aesthetic appearance of banners is coordinated with the site. The more organically the image fits into the overall style of the site, the more positively it will be perceived by the user;

  3. Materials must be submitted for verification at least 3 working days before the start of the advertising campaign;

  4. The minimum volume of an advertising campaign is 100,000 impressions.

As in any code, ours also certainly has its gaps. Therefore, the Habr administration reserves the right to refuse to place any advertisement, as well as to remove an advertisement that has already been launched (for example, in case of a sharp negative reaction from users or for another reason).

Content requirements

A broad range of topics are covered on Habr, but we also have some limitations. The following non-core advertising objects are not considered, regardless of whether such advertising or objects are allowed in the country of display (the list is non-exhaustive and may be supplemented):

  1. Sites and services similar to the subjects of Habr projects;

  2. Advertising whose purpose is not advertising as such, but tracking and matching users of the website (or some specific category of them);

  3. Tobacco and non-tobacco nicotine-containing and non-nicotine smoking products and accessories, alcoholic products, drugs and psychotropic substances, precursors and any products for their use; services and certificates, discount cards or promotional codes for their purchase.

  4.  All drugs, including dietary supplements, homeopathy and other medicinal products, methods of traditional medicine, as well as related services;

  5. Sports betting, casinos, gambling establishments, lotteries, gambling in all its forms; any goods and services associated with or based on risk;

  6. Advertising objects with political and near-political topics: candidates, parties, movements, campaigning, events, elections, voting;

  7. Objects of advertising with a military theme: organizations, movements, military-oriented clubs, armed or power formations, weapons, military objects and technologies, events and agitation of a military-patriotic nature;

  8. Information that forms or supports segregation (no matter whether in negative or positive context) of group of people of any number by racial, national, ethnic, sexual, religious, social, geographic, cultural, language and other criteria, except for professional; as well as information that forms or supports special attitude to such group of people;

  9. Goods and services that are characterized by an increased danger to the life and health of consumers (e.g., firearms, pneumatic, cold, traumatic and any other types of weapons, spare parts for them, or any related services);

  10. Cryptocurrency assets and means of managing them, financial pyramids, investment products, services for obtaining them, financial intermediation;

  11. Services for writing term papers, diplomas and other forms of educational tests;

  12. Counterfeit goods or pirated products, databases, as well as services for obtaining them;

  13. Intimate services, goods and materials of "18+" category;

  14. Goods and services, the authenticity of which cannot be verified; network marketing;

  15. Advertising objects (goods, services, events, activity) that are condemned by society;

  16. Calls to violate the current legislation of any country around the world.

It is also not allowed in advertising materials (the list is non-exhaustive and may be supplemented):

  1. Swearing and rude language, slang and offensive statements, discrimination against a person or social group on any grounds; calls and clickbait headlines;

  2. Exploitation of children's images (unless related to education);

  3. The use of images of an erotic nature, as well as frightening or aesthetically unacceptable;

  4. The use of symbols and the mention of organizations prohibited by the laws of the countries where the service is available;

  5. Mention of third parties, their marks and products and the ones that are confusingly similar to them.

Stylistic requirements

We have relied on an acceptable advertising standard popular in the industry, which is very close to our spirit:

  1. Banners with animation, video or sound prohibited on the resource.

  2. The banner should take into account the general style of the pages, the features of the content being placed, and the audience reading it.

  3. The banner should not contain "acid" and "neon" colors, an excess of small or large text.

  4. The banner should not imitate the elements of the site, and also should not contain elements that may mislead users.

Technical requirements

  1. We accept banners in .jpg (JPEG) and .png (PNG) formats.

  2. The maximum size of a banner file is 200 kibibytes, for mobile banners — 150 kibibytes.

  3. A banner with a light background must have a 1px thick border of #D5DDDF color.