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Terms of Content Creation Services

Habr LLC
Effective from August 31, 2022

This Terms of Content Creation Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms") governs the interaction between the Parties while the Contractor renders Content creation services.

1. General Provisions

1.1. These Terms shall be a constituent and integral part of the documents referring to them, including:

1.1.1. Rules for Content Creation Services published and/or available on the Internet at: https://habr.com/ru/docs/docs/content-rules/ and Agreements concluded by and between the Contractor and the Customer in the manner provided for by these Rules (by the Customer’s payment under the Proforma Invoice).

1.1.2. Agreements concluded by and between the Contractor and the Customer as deeds (the main text of the agreement, annexes (specifications), other supplements) containing a link to these Terms and signed by both Parties with a handwritten or electronic signatures.

1.2. Unless these Terms expressly specify other term meaning, the terms herein shall have the meanings provided for in the Agreement. Where these Terms provide no unambiguous interpretation or definition of a term, such term shall be interpreted as defined, primarily, by the documents constituting the Agreement between the Parties, secondly, by the Russian Federation laws, and subsequently, by the good business practices and scientific doctrine.

2. Project Stages:

2.1. Briefing;

2.2. Development of a Quotation for the Customer;

2.3. Approval of the Quotation and a creative concept (if applicable).

2.4. Conclusion of an Agreement and payment for the services by the Customer;

2.5. Approval of interview questions (if applicable);

2.6. Interviewing (if applicable);

2.7. Creation of a publication thesis plan;

2.8. Approval of the publication thesis plan by the Customer;

2.9. Preparation of text and illustrations (if applicable) for the Content;

2.10. Approval of the text and illustrations for the Content;

2.11. Layout;

2.12. Layout approval.

3. Creative Concept

3.1. The creative concept of the Project shall be described in the Quotation. The creative concept can be discussed and adjusted at the Quotation approval stage only.

3.2. The creative concept of the Project shall be considered approved and shall not be subject to any amendments/changes, after the Customer’s approval of the Quotation.

3.3. Approval of the creative concept shall mean that the Customer is ready and able to provide all the information required to be included in the Content in accordance with the concept (factual information).

4. Development and Approval of the Content

4.1. The Contractor shall start creating the Content only when the Agreement is concluded and the advance is paid as specified in the Agreement.

4.2. The Customer shall be obliged to appoint one authorized representative to interact with the Contractor on any issues related to the Project, including, but not limited to, the following: to receive and provide information, make decisions, receive and approve intermediate and final deliverables of the services, perform other actions regarding the Project. The Customer shall notify the Contractor on such authorized representative and provide his/her contacts. Until the Customer notifies the Contractor on the appointment of such a person and provides his/her contacts, any Customer representative interacting with the Contractor with regard to the Project shall be considered to be duly authorized by the Customer for any interaction with the Contractor under the Project.

4.3. The Customer shall be liable to prevent excessive delay in the Content development and approval, and, in particular, the Customer shall timely provide the Contractor with the requested materials and information, and necessary approvals. The Contractor's requests shall be replied within Five (5) business days. If the Customer fails to reply to the Contractor's request for the provision of materials, information, approvals within Ten (10) calendar days from its receipt by the Customer, and, if the Customer fails to actually fulfill a request for any reason within 20 (twenty) calendar days without providing a notice that the request cannot be fulfilled, the Contractor shall have the right to consider these facts as the Customer's decision to stop services rendering under the Agreement.

4.4. The questions for the interview (if necessary) and the thesis plan of the Content’s text shall be approved by the Customer before preparation of the Content’s draft text.

4.5. The interview questions and/or thesis plan can be amended only in terms of factual information (elimination of factual and logical errors, non-compliance of the information contained therein with the reality or with the approved concept). Style, presentation, point of view, tone of voice, approved in the Project concept shall not be subject to any amendment.

4.6. By approving the thesis plan, the Customer agrees with the structure, logic, semantic and actual content, as well as the accents of the Content’s text created on its basis.

4.7. Within 5 (Five) business days after receiving the text and illustrations prepared by the Contractor for the Content, the Customer shall send a single, complete and exhaustive list of comments thereto to the Contractor. The comments shall be specific and allowing to complete a certain stage of work on the Content when eliminated. For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties agreed that One (1) iteration of amendments shall be allowed upon the Customer’s approval of text and illustrations for the Content.

4.8. Comments and proposals provided by the Customer in violation of the Contractor’s native policy set out in Clause 4.9 hereof, and the rules and recommendations set out in the documentation of the habr.com website, shall not be accepted. 

4.9. Key provisions of the Contractor’s native policy:

4.9.1. Content shall be fully created by the Contractor. The Contractor shall not be obliged to adapt the Customer's materials. The Contractor can use the materials provided by the Customer as a source of information for the Content (factual information);

4.9.2. The language, style, format and presentation of the text shall be set by the Contractor, and not by the Customer's brand book;

4.9.3. The text must be as honest as possible, without hushing up inconvenient information and smoothing corners;

4.9.4. Advertisement is not allowed;

4.9.5. The text shall be based on personal experience of the Customer and its representatives. General statements shall not be accepted as information (factual information) for the inclusion into the Content.

4.9.6. The Content layout shall not include the Customer's logo, corporate colors and any other recognizable visual elements (identity) of the Customer.

4.10. The Content shall be considered approved by the Customer:

4.10.1. If the Customer confirms the approval of the Content - upon the receipt of such confirmation by the Contractor.

4.10.2. If the Contractor receives the Customer's comments - upon elimination of such comments (subject to Clause 4.8 hereof).

4.10.3. If the Contractor receives no comments from the Customer - on the next day after the end of the period set for provision of the comments.

4.11. The Contractor’s elimination (fulfillment) of the Customer's comments sent in violation of Clauses 4.7. and 4.8. of these Terms shall not deprive the Contractor of the right to refer to the fact that the Customer has approved the Content in the manner prescribed for by Clause 4.10. hereof.

4.12. The Contractor shall carry out the Content layout only to publish the created Content on the habr.com website at the relevant Customer’s request.

4.13. When approving the layout, the Customer approves only its view, no changes to the text shall be accepted or performed at this stage.

4.14. The Contractor cannot make any changes to the Content after the publication of the Content fully complying with the previous approvals.

4.15. During the services delivery and acceptance in the manner provided for by the agreement, the Customer shall not be entitled to refer to any shortcomings of the Content approved in accordance with these Terms.

5. Final Provisions

5.1. These Terms shall become effective upon their publishing at the specified Internet address and shall remain in force until the Contractor cancels them.

5.2. The Contractor reserves the right to amend and/or cancel the Terms at any time at its discretion. The Customer shall be informed of the amendment or cancellation of the Terms by a relevant notice sent to the email address specified by the Customer at the signing or during the performance of the Agreement.

5.3. Should the Terms be canceled or amended, such amendments or cancellation shall become effective upon notification of the Customer thereof, unless any other effective date is specified in the Terms or the notice provided.

5.4. The current version of this Terms is published and/or available on the Website at: https://habr.com/ru/docs/docs/content-legal/.