• Putting theory to practice: juggling work and study at the Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology

      Master’s degrees are really useful. Postgrad education allows BA holders to put their new-found skills into practice, and secure great jobs further down the road. But students often need help assessing this choice, particularly if they majored in uncommon subjects — like photonics.

      To set the record straight, we talked to the people behind, and the graduates of our MA programs in photonics and optical computing. In this article you’ll learn about part-time work available for photonics students, graduates’ job-hunting prospects, and the academic career options that open up.

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    • Post-cyberpunk: what you need to know about the latest trends in speculative fiction

        Cyberpunk has become an integral part of our pop culture. Everyone is familiar with at least some works in the genre and their particular flavour of dystopian technologically advanced universes. But science fiction is always evolving. In this piece, we’ll be taking a look at cyberpunk’s successors and the futures they envision — from pan-African empires to shopping culture gone amok.

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      • Top 5 Localization Trends in 2020

          Did you know that 72.1% of Internet users prefer to dwell on websites translated in their native language? That’s a lot of people.

          But that’s fine. You see, with today’s technologies you can translate your text into any language you choose. “Okay, so what?” — well, people who browse products described in their native tongue tend to trust those seller companies more.

          So, by localizing your content, you can tremendously increase the number of your clients, sales, and, of course, grow your business. And the truth is that the localization industry is also evolving along with other digital businesses.

          To prove it, we at Alconost have researched and listed the top 5 localization trends you can take advantage of in 2020. Let’s dive in!

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        • Blockchain Is Changing The Way Rail Industry Works


          Railways had made our transportation very easy since 1830 when the first railway began in England. From 1830 to 2020, the development in the railways has been quite significant. The concept of blockchain is expanding widely; hence the public interests are also growing on a vast scale. Major enthusiasts about blockchain are the investors and businessmen who wish for transparency and equity in the transaction. Now since blockchain is no more just a concept its application in railways is expected to smoothen the transportation.
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        • How to Wrap Up a Software Development Project the Right Way

          Does the New Year have you scrambling to wrap up last year’s software development projects? Don’t archive your Jira tickets and Trello boards too quickly!

          A good rule of thumb in software development is that your next software project should always be better than your last. Why? Because the lessons you learn and take away from each project should be continuously documented and applied in future projects.

          In the words of Rachel Green, every good project should end with closure.


          Follow this quick and easy 6-step guide to ensure that you wrap up your software project efficiently and effectively.

          6 Steps for Successfully Wrapping up a Software Development Project

          1. Document future needs

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        • Weekend Picks: light reading for STEM majors

            The weekend is upon us, and so is the paralysis that comes with having nothing to do. Fear not, our editorial team picked 9 books on science and tech worth picking up on a cold winter day. You’ll learn about the history of space exploration, join a physicist on a surprisingly science-appropriate hike, and more.

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          • Case Study: How to Get Featured on Google Play and Adapt ASO to Different Countries

              Full HP Ltd is an international mobile game development company with 40+ employees and offices in Rostov-on-Don and Cyprus. Their portfolio includes 8 games, among them Mad GunZ (a Google Play Editors' choice) and Blocky Cars (a Catappult Editors' choice). Mad GunZ has over 12 million downloads on all platforms, and Blocky Cars has over 32 million.

              The company is actively involved in the life of the IT community and is a sponsor of the Sunflower game devs festival.

              The Full HP Ltd team translates texts for Blocky Cars and Mad GunZ using Nitro professional translation service, and agreed to share some of their lifehacks with us:

              • how to maximize ASO optimization results
              • how to get on the home page of Google Play
              • how to monetize children’s games
              • and the benefits of releasing a game on alternative platforms.
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            • AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

            • How to Plan a Winning Product Strategy

              • Translation
              • Tutorial

              How do we know when a product is solving a significant problem in a growing market? Do we need to build a brand and defend it with barriers against competitors? Read further in this article.

              Notes on Des Traynor’s talk from Web Summit on developing a product strategy based on his experience at Intercom. The original article has been written by Vit Myshlaev and translated by Alconost.

              How do you know when you’re really solving a significant problem?

              If you can’t answer in the affirmative to the below three questions regarding your product, it makes no sense to move forward:

              • It is viable. Can it make money?
              • It is feasible. Can it be done?
              • It is desirable. Does anyone want it?
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            • Prestashop Alternatives in 2020: Top eCommerce Platforms


                Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform for your store? Well, this is such an important and big decision as this decides the future of your business. There are various eCommerce platforms and Prestashop is also one of them.

                If you are aware of Prestashop and want to switch to other options then this blog is going to help you with good alternatives. Before you jump to other eCommerce platforms, let’s have a look at the market popularity of the Prestashop. Have a look at the below-given graph by Similar Tech which shows the market popularity of the Prestashop.


                Without stretching too much time, let’s move towards the best alternatives. Let’s have a look at them:
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              • Glean Insights About 18 Best Java Frameworks To Use in 2020


                  Who doesn’t know about Java today? You can hear its mention in every nook and corner of the world. A significant majority of IT companies provide Java-based applications, while businesses are still driven to secure java applications due to robustness and stringent security facilities. However, Java frameworks are a matter of chaos for a variety of business owners that want their application to be standout.

                  The fact is that there is no dearth of java frameworks that makes application development simple and efficient. However, a number of people have a query regarding the selection of java framework on the basis of features, ease-of-use, cost, and many more. Businesses hire programmers in India, though they stay confused on which platform they want their app to be created.

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                • How to Prepare a Game for Localization? 10 Basic Rules

                  • Tutorial

                  Should you act first and think later, or vice versa? Knowing these little tricks when designing your game could save you a fortune.

                  We’ve written this article as a tribute to numerous questions from our clients.

                  What’s wrong with my game? Why isn’t localization enough? How can we fix it?

                  Cutting corners when bootstrapping a new game is a widely-used strategy. And it might even be an efficient one, as long as you aren’t planning to grow incrementally.

                  However, shortly after the long-awaited local release is in the bag, most game developers start thinking about how to attract more international gamers. And sooner or later, after taking a crack at promoting their game in more countries, they come up with several ideas for localization.

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                • Top 10 Mobile Application Development companies startups can partner with in 2020

                    In the current business landscape, it is important for small and mid-scale organizations to adopt modern app development strategies in order to win the race. Innovative mobile application development solutions provided by top mobile app development companies are the success fruits for any business.

                    As per Statista, mobile app programmers have developed apps for various business verticals viz. sports games, ride-hailing, taxi-apps, and video apps in the year 2019. There are about 2.46 million apps available in the Google play store as of Q2 2019.

                    But finding a company that can deliver cost-effective mobile application services could be a daunting task for many business owners as they have to pour their time as well as their efforts. Keeping this in mind, I have encapsulated a list of top 10 mobile app development companies that would surely help grow your business.

                    The list given below is prepared by taking care of various parameters like google search, company's portfolio, reviews of the clients, ratings from firms like Clutch, Goodfirms, and Youtube.

                    Find the list below:

                    1) Mobcoder

                    Project Cost: $5,000+

                    Locale: Seattle, WA

                    Rating on Clutch: 5.0

                    It is a leading app development company providing useful mobile application development solutions to its clients since 2014. Hire mobile application developers from this company as they build solutions, map a strategy and elevate product experience with their amazing product delivery. They work on all the latest technologies including Flutter, Ionic, Kotlin etc. Hence, they build innovative mobile application development solutions for their clientele.

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                  • Future economics for physicists

                      Annotation. This article gives an analogy between the forces of nature and various types of money. A justification for the "money conservation laws" is made. Explanation of the IT-money phenomenon by analogy to physics laws is given, as well as gold and currency money. The transition from the gold and currency to the gold-currency-computing economy is considered. A reasonable assumption is made that the fourth type of money after gold, securities and IT money will be so-called "citation indices" or "ratings", which are similar in their properties to stock indices.

                      What is money?

                      This article is an attempt to understand what money is from the physics and econophysics points of view. Econophysics (economics and physics) is an interdisciplinary research field, applying theories and methods originally developed by physicists to solve problems in economics, usually those including uncertainty or stochastic processes, nonlinear dynamics and evolutionary games.

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                    • How Ecommerce Fueled By the Pillars of AI Technology

                        At present, we see artificial intelligence is implemented across the corridors of business operations and also the way we shop and trade online. To hit a home run in the retail game, genius AI applications, PIM solutions, and e-commerce development tools are now offering smart solutions: predictive analysis, recommendation engines, inventory management, and warehouse automation to create a more profitable shopping experience for consumers.

                        Now more than ever, e-commerce is an AI innovation game

                        Artificial Intelligence often sometimes seems complicated to newbies but in reality, it is simple in use and gives you the ability to predict customer needs. This paves the way for e-commerce companies to become a “big brand” or “big business” with revolutionary AI tools.

                        Now that AI algorithms making way for consumer acceptance of AI like never before, how can you use it to create more profitable outcomes in e-commerce?

                        Interesting E-commerce Stats:

                        With an estimated global population of 7.7 billion, 25 percent of people shopping through e-commerce stores. According to Statista, 52% of e-commerce stores will have omnichannel capabilities by 2020 which means they can communicate and sell with their consumers via multiple channels. For example, they can use their e-commerce website, Facebook e-shop, email account, and Instagram account.

                        Examples of AI tools and PIM software for e-commerce businesses that can help them have a high bar on customer service and marketing:
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                      • How to Localize an App or Game? Top Ten Free E-learning Sources

                          The new year means new plans and new prospects. And if you were considering localizing your product last year, it might be the right time to take action instead of postponing it indefinitely.

                          That’s why we at Alconost have prepared a list of free e-learning resources that are sure to help explore the topic of localization and ultimately equip you to manage the whole process on your own. We use some of these courses for our internal training, and we hope you like them, too.

                          We’ve arranged the e-learning resources in an order that consecutively mirrors the localization process. We recommend that you go down the list step by step for best results.

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                        • Creating a taxi booking business in Dubai: How to launch customer-centric taxi app like Careem & Hala?

                            Dubai has been an extra-ordinary territory when it comes to adopting technology and the offshoots of any innovation. It might be surprising for everyone to know that Dubai, which today stands as an epicenter of modernity had just 13 registered cars in 1989.

                            Dubai is quite an oxymoron. In spite of its global image, Dubai has an affinity for homegrown Brands. This mindset is not just confined to the Emirates but to the whole of the Middle East, stretching right from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan.

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                          • Top 20 Apps that a Healthcare Provider can't Miss

                              • Are you searching for the best healthcare apps?
                              • Want to use a healthcare app that is best in features and functioning?
                              • Looking for the best app for healthcare providers?

                              Here, in this blog, you will get answers to all such questions. Let’s start with some stats and facts related to apps for healthcare providers.

                              1. The mHealth technology market is predicted to grow by 33% to USD 60 bn by 2020 (Marketsandmarkets)
                              2. 93% of physicians find value having a mobile health app connected to Emergency Health Services. (Great call)
                              3. 70% of surveyed doctors use mobile devices in 2016 to manage in-patient data, up from just 8% in 2013 (Black Book Market Research)

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                            • Best useful tools and resources to make a startup smarter in 2019

                                What is a Smart Startup?

                                A smart startup is a well-executed business idea that focuses on cash-rich operations. It lets owners make money in the initial phase and build their market by performing well in markets. Small startups always focus on more revenue growth and futuristic probability of higher profitability. Smart startup founders always focus on orienting the digital product *or service) in a highly relatable manner for customers within the target market.

                                Where should you focus on building the smart focus?

                                A smart startup should focus on solving critical problems in the daily life of the millennial generation. They should focus on attributes like convenience, quality of service, cash-rich operations, and digitalization of business for futuristic, sustainable growth. The ultimate aim should be to create a brand offering products and services that have self-driven sales because of their quality and impact on the customer‘s life.

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                              • Ecommerce Tech Trends 2020: Era of Immersive Technologies

                                  Technologies like AI, VR/AR, Cryptocurrency, IoT will take center stage in 2020 and also form as the backbone of tomorrow’s ecommerce tech innovation. Beyond the sales and revenue focused world of ecommerce, 2020 ecommerce tech trends will provide the capability to create new software solutions, mobile apps, and services that will lead to creating a richer and more satisfying shopping experience.
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                                • Where Do Mojibakes Come From? Essentials of Encodings

                                  • Translation

                                  This article explores the basic concepts behind character encoding and then takes a dive deeper into the technical details of encoding systems.

                                  If you have just a basic knowledge of character encoding and want to better understand the essentials, the differences between encoding systems, why we sometimes end up with nonsense text, and the principles behind different encoding system architecture, then read on.

                                  Getting to understand character encoding in detail requires some extensive reading and a good chunk of time. I’ve tried to save you some of that effort by bringing it all together in one place while providing what I believe to be a pretty thorough background of the topic.

                                  I’m going to go over how single-byte encodings (ASCII, Windows-1251 etc.) work, the history of how Unicode came to be, the Unicode-based encodings UTF-8, UTF-16 and how they differ, the specific features, compatibility, and lack thereof among various encodings, character encoding principles, and a practical guide to how characters are encoded and decoded.

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