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The architecture of a flexible e-commerce platform on the example of a marketplace

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When a company decides to build a marketplace, one of the most critical issues to solve is building interaction between all operational processes.

You need a system where you can manage and exchange customer, partner, and order data. Often the back-office of a marketplace consists of a complex of systems. However, we have been working with marketplaces for many years and have come to the conclusion that the integration between back-office systems should be seamless. At least between 6 fundamental parts. Thus, we have created the Scallium platform, where the business manages the processes of the marketplace.

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Is headless e-commerce right for your business?

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Is headless e-commerce right for your business?

Headless e-commerce is a hot topic in the media and industry events. Business owners who learn more about headless eCommerce (usually called “headless commerce”) start feeling uncomfortable, not understanding whether it is sufficiently important to implement it or not. No one wants to stay behind with technology, but retailers do not have money left for unnecessary toys either. Let's have a look for possible benefits and pitfalls.
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Top 10 eCommerce Platforms to Boost Business Productivity in 2021

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An eCommerce platform empowers startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to manage multiple online business processes such as website, marketing, sales, and operations.

The top eCommerce platforms handle online business tasks efficiently, and this finally helps enterprises in expanding their productivity.

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Prestashop Alternatives in 2020: Top eCommerce Platforms

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Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform for your store? Well, this is such an important and big decision as this decides the future of your business. There are various eCommerce platforms and Prestashop is also one of them.

If you are aware of Prestashop and want to switch to other options then this blog is going to help you with good alternatives. Before you jump to other eCommerce platforms, let’s have a look at the market popularity of the Prestashop. Have a look at the below-given graph by Similar Tech which shows the market popularity of the Prestashop.


Without stretching too much time, let’s move towards the best alternatives. Let’s have a look at them:
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Ecommerce Tech Trends 2020: Era of Immersive Technologies

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Technologies like AI, VR/AR, Cryptocurrency, IoT will take center stage in 2020 and also form as the backbone of tomorrow’s ecommerce tech innovation. Beyond the sales and revenue focused world of ecommerce, 2020 ecommerce tech trends will provide the capability to create new software solutions, mobile apps, and services that will lead to creating a richer and more satisfying shopping experience.
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