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Breaking the Rules of Unity Garbage Collection

Game development *
Once upon a time, there was a unity game programmer called Lancelot. A very passionate one, I would say. He didn't know yet, but eventually he would face the darkest side of Unity garbage collection.


Lancelot was always looking for bigger and bigger titles to work on. And so he worked hard to get his big chance in the games industry.

It was not easy, that he knew.
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PVS-Studio corporate blog Programming *C++ *Game development *
If you're reading this text, you've either thought that something was wrong with the headline or you've seen the name of a familiar computer game. VVVVVV is an indie platformer game that has stolen the hearts of many players by its pleasant external simplicity and no less pleasant internal complexity. A few days ago, VVVVVV turned 10 years, and the author of the game — Terry Cavanagh — celebrated this holiday by publishing its source code. What mind-boggling things is it hiding? Read the answer in this article.

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[Announcement] Global Game Jam 2020

Programming *Game development *Game design *
Every year on the latest weekend of January the Global Game Jam is held.

This year this event starts at 5 p.m. on Friday, January 31, and ends at 5 p.m. on Sunday, February 2. This weekend will be the hottest weekend of the month!

Global Game Jam is an event dedicated to creating games (for those who still doesn't know what Game Jam is). This event is an offline event so only people participating at Jam Sites are allowed to upload their works.
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How to Localize an App or Game? Top Ten Free E-learning Sources

Alconost corporate blog Development of mobile applications *Game development *Language localisation *Mobile applications monetization *

The new year means new plans and new prospects. And if you were considering localizing your product last year, it might be the right time to take action instead of postponing it indefinitely.

That’s why we at Alconost have prepared a list of free e-learning resources that are sure to help explore the topic of localization and ultimately equip you to manage the whole process on your own. We use some of these courses for our internal training, and we hope you like them, too.

We’ve arranged the e-learning resources in an order that consecutively mirrors the localization process. We recommend that you go down the list step by step for best results.

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Dagaz: A new Beginning

JavaScript *Game development *Logic games
It runs south and circles north, circling, circling to run with its wind
And according to its circuits the wind returns;
All the rivers run into the sea — and the sea does not overflow,
To the place where the rivers run, — There they continue to run;

The book of Ecclesiastes

In 1998, a completely unique, for its time, application was developed that allows you to reduce the process of developing an abstract board game (or puzzle) to a small text description language, vaguely reminiscent of Lisp. This project was called Zillions of Games. It created a furor among fans of board games. Currently, over 2,000 applications have been created using this technology.
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Where Do Mojibakes Come From? Essentials of Encodings

Alconost corporate blog Programming *Development of mobile applications *Game development *Language localisation *

This article explores the basic concepts behind character encoding and then takes a dive deeper into the technical details of encoding systems.

If you have just a basic knowledge of character encoding and want to better understand the essentials, the differences between encoding systems, why we sometimes end up with nonsense text, and the principles behind different encoding system architecture, then read on.

Getting to understand character encoding in detail requires some extensive reading and a good chunk of time. I’ve tried to save you some of that effort by bringing it all together in one place while providing what I believe to be a pretty thorough background of the topic.

I’m going to go over how single-byte encodings (ASCII, Windows-1251 etc.) work, the history of how Unicode came to be, the Unicode-based encodings UTF-8, UTF-16 and how they differ, the specific features, compatibility, and lack thereof among various encodings, character encoding principles, and a practical guide to how characters are encoded and decoded.

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How to Localize a Mobile Game for the Asian Market

Alconost corporate blog Game development *Language localisation *Games monetization *Games promotion *

With the Asian market rapidly growing, almost every ambitious IT product sooner or later faces the challenge of localization for this region. And without knowing all its facets any localization project is rather doomed to fail. That’s why we at Alconost have decided to translate and share with you the article on localizing games for Asia by Plarium, a global game developer with solid experience in game localization. We found here some useful approaches that are also valid for our localization projects and hope that you’ll like the reading, too.

For Western developers, entering the Asian market is like entering outer space, only 30 megabytes heavier. Localizing games into Japanese, Chinese, and Korean requires a Herculean effort. You need to account for certain technical requirements and scrupulously research the market and the target audience’s mindset. But if this is your dream, keep reading — our experience should stand you in good stead.

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Localization or Creative Adaptation? Case Study of the Game Streets of Rogue

Alconost corporate blog Game development *Language localisation *Games monetization *Games promotion *

About the game Streets of Rogue

In 2017 tinyBuild released Streets of Rogue, a unique visual successor to the hit game Punch Club. Streets of Rogue is remarkable for the variety of its game features and genre elements. The developers combined an intense top-down roguelike, a retro pixel art style, an atmosphere of irrepressible excitement, classic character levelling, and questing. The game revolves around playing through a series of randomly generated cities. This can be accomplished via brute force, stealth, or hacking — it’s up to you!

How and why the game needed to be localized

Streets of Rogue quickly garnered a warm reception from gamers and the press alike, so tinyBuild naturally decided to bring the game to a wider international audience.

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Best Languages for Game Localization

Alconost corporate blog Game development *Language localisation *Games monetization *Games promotion *

In the previous article, we discussed the most important languages for app localization. Soon afterward we received several requests to share our perspective on the key languages for game localization. That’s why we came up with this new post.

We’ve analyzed localization languages from the perspective of return on investment.

There are numerous case studies, research projects, and forecasts regarding the most promising countries and languages for game localization. In this article, we’re going to examine the game language issue from the perspective of the most efficient allocation of your localization budget.

What are the highest- and lowest-priority objectives when it comes to game localization?

We suggest raising this question first before selecting localization languages. Why? Because, depending on the type of game you’re localizing, your business objectives, and your audience’s expectations, there are several levels of localization.

You can do the minimum required and stop at the first level, or you can go further with a step-by-step localization and maximize outreach.

The first thing to start with is the localization of keywords and game description for app stores. This alone might work perfectly well if your game has little to no text or voice and its interface design is fully compatible with the standards of the country you are targeting.

Next, if your game contains text-based instructions, you have no choice but to translate them. In addition, other design choices will also need adjustments in terms of colors, numbers, and other local standards.

Finally, voice-over, if present in the game, must be translated as well, or at least subtitled. Or you can fully complete the localization process by rerecording voice-over in your target languages, thereby providing the perfect user experience.

Written by Alconost
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Make it easier to get finished: Interview with John Romero, developer of Doom

RUVDS.com corporate blog Programming *Game development *Game design *Interview
At the last Tech Train IT festival, we met the legendary John Romero, who designed and developed the iconic Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. We talked about whether game developers need soft skills, which working tools to pay attention to, and which co-founder of Id Software's favorite toys are. Questions were asked by Nikita Tsaplin, the founder of RUVDS.

→ Text and video in Russian
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PVS-Studio Usage when Checking Unreal Engine Projects on the Windows OS

PVS-Studio corporate blog C++ *Game development *Unreal Engine *Development for Windows *

Picture 2

This article focuses on the specifics of checking Unreal Engine projects with the PVS-Studio static analyser on the Windows operating system: how to install the analyser, check a project, where and how to view an error report.
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Yet Another Android snake with Kivy, Python

Python *Game development *
Hello, there.

[UPD from 2021: I highly recommend following this tutorial with an utmost caution]

A lot of people want to start programming apps for Android, but they prefer not to use Android Studio and/or Java. Why? Because it's an overkill. «I just wanna create Snake and nothing more!»

Let's snake without java! (with a bonus at the end)
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How to set up PVS-Studio in Travis CI using the example of PSP game console emulator

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *Game development *Cloud services


Travis CI is a distributed web service for building and testing software that uses GitHub as a source code hosting service. In addition to the above scripts, you can add your own, thanks to the extensive configuration options. In this article we will set up Travis CI for working with PVS-Studio by the example of PPSSPP code.
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PVS-Studio Looked into the Red Dead Redemption's Bullet Engine

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *Game development *
Picture 4

Nowadays there is no need to implement the physics of objects from scratch for game development because there are a lot of libraries for this purpose. Bullet was actively used in many AAA games, virtual reality projects, various simulations and machine learning. And it is still used, being, for example, one of the Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 engines. So why not check the Bullet with PVS-Studio to see what errors static analysis can detect in such a large-scale physics simulation project.
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Almost Perfect Libraries by Electronic Arts

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *Game development *C *
Our attention was recently attracted by the Electronic Arts repository on GitHub. It's tiny, and of the twenty-three projects available there, only a few C++ libraries seemed interesting: EASTL, EAStdC, EABase, EAThread, EATest, EAMain, and EAAssert. The projects themselves are tiny too (about 10 files each), so bugs were found only in the «largest» project of 20 files :D But we did find them, and they do look interesting! As I was writing this post, we were also having a lively discussion of EA games and the company's policy :D

Picture 1

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The one who resurrected Duke Nukem: interview with Randy Pitchford, magician from Gearbox

RUVDS.com corporate blog Game development *Games and game consoles Interview
RUVDS and Habr continue the series of interviews with interesting people in IT field. Last time we talked to Richard «Levelord» Gray, level designer of popular games Duke Nukem, American McGee’s Alice, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2, SiN, Serious Sam, author of well-known «You’re not supposed to be here» phrase.

Today we welcome Randall Steward «Randy» Pitchford II, president, CEO and co-founder of Gearbox Software video game development company.

Randy started in 3D Realms where contributed to Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition and Shadow Warrior. Then he founded Gearbox Software and made Half-Life: Opposing Force, which won D.I.C.E in 2000. Other Gearbox titles include Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Decay, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, James Bond 007: Nightfire, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Halo: Combat Evolved and of course Borderlands.

The interview team also includes editor of Habr Nikolay Zemlyanskiy, Richard «Levelord» Gray, Randy’s wife Kristy Pitchford and Randy’s son Randy Jr.

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Making games is [not] hard. Looking back at small mobile project on Unity3D

Game development *Unity3D *Game design *
When you have an idea of a new game mechanic, or even flash of interesting concept — soon you'll be obsessed about it with an immense urge to start doing something already. Sometimes you write such ideas down somewhere and bring them a chance to ignite full development cycle later. But I've stumbled upon the opposite action. My current game became this giant monster eating finance and time, and grown much bigger than I ever thought. So, I've needed to put it back for a while. But I could not sit without game development, and in my free time I've started to work on my new project! Plus that one was quite different from the previous ones, because I've decided to target mobile. If you are interested in how this project was done, from a small idea to the final release, then let's dive into it!

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Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead: Static Analysis and Roguelike Games

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *Game development *C *
Picture 5

You must have already guessed from the title that today's article will be focusing on bugs in software source code. But not only that. If you are not only interested in C++ and in reading about bugs in other developers' code but also dig unusual video games and wonder what «roguelikes» are and how you play them, then welcome to read on!
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