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Monocrystalline solar cell simulation

Reading time1 min

In the green energy field, the solar panels composed of bendable solar cells tend to significantly increase in popularity last time. The difficulty during the designing of the different devices (such as solar chargers, MPPT-controllers) emerges because of the strong lack of technical information about this kind of solar cell.  

In this article, the equivalent scheme of the bendable solar produced by the Sunpower company - Maxeon gen 5 and its coarse simulation model is proposed.

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How to save energy with BARY: Smart Home

Reading time10 min

Well, every modern person has at least once wondered: for how much longer can you pay such huge utility bills?! I am no exception. Electricity, gas, heating, water, rent, elevator, removal of solid waste, etc. etc.

One of the reasons (far from the last) of creating the BARY application was the ability to collect statistics, analyze and reduce energy consumption. Europe has long passed into the regime of total economy; I think this fate will not bypass us. Therefore, to prepare for this in advance definitely will not be superfluous.

I now propose that we examine how we managed to optimize the cost of electricity along with BARY: Smart Home.
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Researchers from MIT designed «rectenna» which converts Wi-Fi signals into electricity

Reading time2 min

Source: eeNews Europe

I'm glad that Habr got brand new English version. And my first post in English is about new MIT project. Researchers designed an ultra-low capacitance and ultra-low resistance Schottky diode capable of switching at GHz frequencies. This diode is able rectify and convert random WiFi signals into DC electricity.

MoS2 «rectenna» (this is how scientists called their invention) could become the main element of roll-to-roll process to cover a huge areas. To be fair antennas capable transform radio signals in to electricity is not a new thing. The main achievement of MIT engineers is creation of soft rectenna made from special alloy.
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