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8 simple ways to improve UI/UX of any software product over time

Level of difficultyEasy
Reading time4 min

Creation of a UX design for a software product is an ongoing process: it doesn’t stop after the product is released. In order for an app or a website to always remain comfortable to use while corresponding to the constantly changing trends, its UX design must be improved from time to time, and in some cases even rethinked and radically changed. An outdated, old-fashioned design with unimproved bugs will definitely spoil user experience and lead to loss of audience. Design improvements include not only bug fixing and “brushing up” the facade of a product, but also constant research and implementation of new ideas that can contribute to its growth. Let’s discuss a few simple steps that can improve the UX design of any product. 

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How to conduct UX brainstorming sessions effectively: tips and methods that work

Level of difficultyMedium
Reading time6 min

Brainstorming is a popular working method which is commonly used by UX design teams. It involves a group of designers meeting (whether offline or via video call) and generating as many ideas as possible to find the best solution to a specific problem or come up with creative design ideas. Brainstorming sessions are usually held at the start of a UX project so that designers could use the ideas they think are the best later in the process of product creation. These sessions can vary in duration and form depending on which problems need to be solved, how many people participate and how many ideas need to be generated. 

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How to set up Gitlab CI/CD with Fastlane for iOS-project on a Mac mini

Reading time8 min

Hello, everyone! I’m Yaroslav Fomenko, Doubletapp iOS-developer. Since the end of May, my department colleague and I have been working on implementation, improvement, and scaling of CI/CD for our projects. In this article, we want to share a guide on preparing the Xcode project and setting up runners, scripts, and configs, as well as explain how CI/CD helps us.

To learn how and why we decided to use a Mac mini for CI/CD, click here.

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CI/CD for iOS-projects: device or cloud? What’s better, Doubletapp’s take

Level of difficultyMedium
Reading time6 min

Hey, Habr! I’m Yaroslav Fomenko, Doubletapp iOS-developer. After our IOS department deployed our CI/CD on a Mac Mini, we got an idea of scaling and encapsulating it. So we started researching ways to do it. First we thought of Docker, but there was neither enough info about it nor any other possible ways. In this article, we’ll look at all possible solutions we found for the deployment of Gitlab CI/CD on a device and in the cloud.

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5 Thought-Provoking Use Cases Of Blockchain In Diverse Industries

Reading time2 min

Blockchain is a decentralized technology that maintains a record of all transactions occurring over a peer-to-peer network. Due to Blockchain's several different high-level use cases, numerous industries described Blockchain as the 'magic beans.' 

Blockchains store the record in a decentralized system that is interconnected. This technology lessens vulnerability and enhances transparency in all industrial sectors as information is stored digitally, and it does not have any centralized point to carry out the transactions.

Do You Know?

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How To Solve?: «ECONNREFUSED — connection refused by server»

Reading time3 min

Chances are that while you've been using FileZilla you've also come across the ECONNREFUSED — connection refused by a server error. If that's the case — great that you've found this tutorial! I am going to show you three methods that might help you with resolving this FTP error.

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How Protonmail is getting censored by FSB in Russia

Reading time10 min

A completely routine tech support ticket has uncovered unexpected bans of IP addresses of Protonmail — a very useful service for people valuing their Internet freedoms — in several regions of Russia. I seriously didn’t want to sensationalize the headline, but the story is so strange and inexplicable I couldn’t resist.


Disclaimer: the situation is still developing. There might not be anything malicious, but most likely there is. I will update the post once new information comes through.

MTS and Rostelecom — two of the biggest Russian ISPs — started to block traffic to SMTP servers of the encrypted email service Protonmail according to an FSB request, with no regard for the official government registry of restricted websites. It seems like it’s been happening for a while, but no one paid special attention to it. Until now.

All involved parties have received relevant requests for information which they’re obligated to reply.

UPD: MTS has provided a scan of the FSB letter, which is the basis for restricting the access. Justification: the ongoing Universiade in Krasnoyarsk and “phone terrorism”. It’s supposed to prevent ProtonMail emails from going to emergency addresses of security services and schools.

UPD: Protonmail was surprised by “these strange Russians” and their methods for battling fraud abuse, as well as suggested a more effective way to do it — via abuse mailbox.

UPD: FSB’s justification doesn’t appear to be true: the bans broke ProtonMail’s incoming mail, rather than outgoing.

UPD: Protonmail shrugged and changed the IP addresses of their MXs taking them out of the blocking after that particular FSB letter. What will happen next is open ended question.

UPD: Apparently, such letter was not the only one and there is still a set of IP addresses of VOIP-services which are blocked without appropriate records in the official registry of restricted websites.

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Hello world! Or Habr in English, v1.0

Reading time4 min
This is the first post in our blog in 2019. And this is important for all of us: we are finally launching the English version of Habr! Actually it was ready in the middle of December, but — you know — releasing a new feature right before Christmas is like deploying on Friday afternoon. So we decided to do it in the beginning of 2019.

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