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London is the capital of Great Britain!

UFO just landed and posted this here
UFO just landed and posted this here
UFO just landed and posted this here

It’s a pity that miss Kitty doesn’t live in our city.

Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch?
London bridge is falling down, falling down…
Let me speak from my heart.
… in English.
I was thinking about I better to read more English tech sites… but now I can stay lazy and just continue to read habr)!

Most of the times comments are the best part to read. Necessity to read two sets of comments is additional complication. Maybe it would be better to have one article with switch between russian and english versions of article and comments.
I think it makes sense to allow mixed-language comments, but allow a user to automatically hide comments with specific language by marking it in options.
Mixed-language comments in article with language switch. The one can chose article language and then chose comments language. Basically I do not really see the advantages of separation based on language for end user.
Totally agree. Like, c'mon, now I have to go and read russian comments on the same article? Unrealistic. Maybe it makes sense for those who know only one language…

Let's hope that deniskin will clear that for users, cause as I remember, when TM only announced english version the comments were the same — about proper articles and comments managing, and in this thread there's no clarification about what flow is intended by TM to work here.
That's the reason why we decided split posts on eng and rus as an independent thing. Post on russian should be with comments on russian, post on english should be with comments on english, post on chinise should be with comments on chinise. I see a lot of troubles to make one post in different forms for a lot of reasons. To complicated for users all these settings how to see, how to avoid comments different from your language and so on. But we will follow how things will happen.
UFO just landed and posted this here
I think its because FB comments moslty «wow», «awsome» and so on. Just pointless text with emotions. Here are mostly tecnical comments and automatical translation mistakes will be much harder.
Quite the opposite: automatic translation handles technical texts much better than emotional ones.
Automatic translators sometimes eat negative particles…
I didn't say they handle technical texts flawlessly, I said they handle them much better than emotional ones, i.e. the emotional ones are handled even worse.
It will work as good with the 'single language on the single tread' rule — I think it would be most comfortable framework for community to adopt. You would need to provide some infrastructure but not necessarily something big — I think an extra check box for an each first-line comment would suffice. And community will do the rest using the self-regulatory features in the more sensible way.

I mean the whole 'divide the community for greater good on some arbitrary but looking reasonable on paper principle' thing is pretty fresh to repeat it again. Check out my replica on reuniting Habr I think you might find some useful perspective there.
Oh gods!
Sometimes I need a day to read comments for one publication, cause breakfast time not enough for 300+ comments. And I do it when I have break time. And if discussion in two same articles will be the same, it will be a spend time.
But I concern not about that.

Imagine situation.
Someone published an article, and no one translate it. And I can read and understand, but not write. What I need to do for start discuss on different language if I have something to say? Woof! Woof!

Did you do some research in English speaking environment, what they think about multilingual in in site like this?

P. S.
I know. My English is terrible. Especially for guy, who need talk with peoples in English… But for this moment I have always been understood. Will se what happens with my carma when I continue commenting in my Runglish. :)

P. P. S.
I use google translate only for single words, which I don't remember and never for whole letter/post/message/etc.
So if your eyes bleeding, I beg you to forgive me. I still learn. :)

In English mobile version, in answer box (is correct name?) buttons «preview» and «send» not active. That bug only in my side?
Unlikely it is a good idea to just hide comments. Imagine a discussion in comments between two users, English-speaking and Russian-speaking ones. Independently of the chosen language, you will see a half of discussion only. It looks like the only correct way is to assign a language to the whole thread and make such a multi-language discussion impossible.
And also auto-translate option for comments, why not?
We think that the original comments from people will be more valuable and useful in terms of the value of communication
Yeah but for this purpose ALL articles would have to be translated to both languages otherwise it'll make no sense at all.
It can be like wikipedia model. Some article available in Russian, some in English and some in both languages.
Yes, it can. But at the same time the comments could be posted in different languages. What should Habr do with this then? Move them up? Down? Don't allow to post Russian comments below the English post or what?
Yes, Wikipedia is a great example how we can organise the structure of content. If it works why invent something new?
On Wikipedia, discussions are just a marginal part of the content; here, they're essential.
I mean the structure of content. Each article have a separate form. We want to follow this principle.
I think, we need to translate our user profiles or at least make it bilingual :)
How can I do that? I'm not sure, but the bilingual mix may look rather ugly for native English-speakers.
Something like «I'm a doctor. Also linuxoid. If you have questions regarding my articles, please don't hesitate to send it to me via PM or...» bla bla bla (together with Russian version, of course).
But, it would be nice to have auto-switching of «About» section depending on what language you set in your settings. Boomburum, is it possible? For example, if I set English language, I will see English version of «About» in user profiles and vice versa.
It's not diffucult to translate information. I just wanted to pay attention to the lack of personal profile language switch. Native speaker will see the mix of Rus+Eng or just a Russian profile.
At least they could do 2 textboxes — Actual name in English, Actual name in Russian. Because right now I open some profile and Actual name is «ЛШТШФУМ Ащьф». What it does mean? How do I pronounce it? Is there any chance to see it in Latin graphic?
Boomburum deniskin
Thank you. Do you have a photo of your foreign Passport in Internet too?)
My point is not about this particular name, my point about Russian values in English profiles (since every profile opens in English, if site's interface language is English)
This passport is broken on so many levels. Apart from the stupid use of Russian font (Lazurski? OMG) and the misalignment of letters, the passport is missing the whole bottom machine-readable part that's been replaced with whitespace. While it is concievable that CONSUL DE RUSSIE issued the passport, having a stamp on the front page is unlikely.
Of course, because it's cheap «klyukva» from The Bourne Identity movie. But for any English speaking user, who doesn't know Russian, any of Russian names written in Cyrillic will be look the same. It will look like «ЛШТШФУМ Ащьф».

I thought letter misalignment is a mandatory for government docs.

Vk has made good solution. If anybody choses English language the Names will show in English by transcription rules.

These rules have mistakes. Last names containing 'ия' become 'ia', but should be 'iya' (old GOST), 'iia' (GOST), or 'ija' (most European languages except English). It may be ok for first names ('Мария' -> 'Maria', 'Юлия' -> 'Yulia'), but sure it is not for last names.
Their support keeps silence

We will present this option within short period of time. Not only for users but also for companies.
I think one of preferred ways to deal with this would be to have a single comment section for articles which are:
1. Both published in habr
2. Translations of each other

Simple enough to detect and easy to implement… hopefully…
Буду первым человеком оставившим под англоязычной статьёй русскоязычный комментарий :) А не рассматривался вариант объединения статей под одним id и чтоб язык статьи можно было менять уже на странице с публикацей? Ну то есть чтоб это были не две разных статьи, а одна, но с возможностью выбора языка просмотра.
Well on action there is no events… maybe my functionality is limited.

Wow, waited for English version of habr for so long. Now we just need the content.

You have a lot of good posts, let's translate it to the world!
Because russian audience is times bigger, no?
Probably because an English interface is set by default only for beta-testers… just guess.
upd. Seems wrong… I thought that English-interface wont show Russian articles and vice-versa…
upd2. weird. On the main page I can see only en-articles, including side-bar. But inside of this article there're plenty of rus-articles on the side-bar.
No. Pretty much everyone now can set english interface without beta-testing subscription.
Well, as some speaker (from Yandex, if I remember it right) said on some conference (it was years ago) 'If you're about to localize a product that was created without a localization in mind, better rewrite it from scratch.' By my own experience, this is not untrue, and requires quite an effort.

So, congrats to Habr team, you guys are great! And keep it coming!
We do a hard job and we want not only develop a new product, but change the way of thinking inside the company. Thank you for your comment!
Yes, if you want to join us, you know what to do!
UFO just landed and posted this here
I think, it would violate the cross-posting restriction rule.
UFO just landed and posted this here
Yes, we have a plan to change that rules. So you can move your articles right now (today is a great day to do that).
UFO just landed and posted this here
I faced the same situation. I hope TM will clarify it.
Now there are two options what comments we will have under the articles:
1. Happy supporting comments from English speakers
2. Hateful and aggressive comments from Russian speakers


двуязычные комментарии?! bilingual comments?

I sincerely loved article, though if possible, I'd like author to address bilingual readers and perharps add reference links to an article source and perharps, publish this article as "translation". If you need help with any of these, feel free to ask! #habr #cake

Как обычно, штатный автор хабра, сделав перевод статьи( я точно где-то читал в оригинале ), не потрудился ни проставить тег, ни ссылку на оригинал. Тем, кто не ленился и выучил язык почти всегда лучше читать источник. Хабр уже не торт.

I already got a downvote in my karma! :D
Could you please remove duration limit on voting on articles and comments?
Users a lot of times asked about this policy (3 days for voting for articles and comments since they posting) and we think to change it.
This is a pretty good idea actually. There is not so much reasons to turn voting off at all — after the first 24 hours it won't be showing in the main feeds anyway.

On the other hand I see how some of the old articles are gaining times and times more views then they got initially and it would be nice if the rating have been changing as well showing not only a momentary but a historic value of a certain articles as well.
I agree, and changes will follow soon, I think along with a change in the rules of the site (about cross-posting and copy-cut policy).

I would not like the limit to be turned off completely. Article was posted 2 years ago and has the rating 100. Is it really a good article, or only 100 people over the world think so? Maybe better to make the limit 2 weeks or a month. Maybe to show votes after limit in a separate counter. Maybe to make the voice as a value of -10...+10, and show the rating as an average.

Everv since you've announced the Habr going bilingual I have been expecting smth similar to the

Facebook multilingual posts

  1. when author might create an article and translate it lately in the same window;
  2. reader will see the article in his feed according to his language settings;
  3. no one has to see one article in two languages neither in the main feed nor on author's personal page.

And now I could see how the comments are becoming an issue as well: by creating a separate entities for an each-language version of an article you multiplying a number of a comment sections.

So instead of magnifying an audience of the each English or En/Ru article by adding in the mix a global audience as well you causing a core bi-lingual part of an audience to split by choosing which version of the post they would like to comment more.

And it would be crazy for an authors to maintain a two different comment sections for essentially the same article.

I think the better way would be to host all-languages versions of an each article in the same place.

Or at least, in case if you divided them for a SEO reasons or else, and prefer to keep an articles on the different URl's just have a one joint comment section for them all.

Non-Russian speaking people will can simply turn off displaying a comments in Russian. It will be working even better if create a single-language-tread policy so a different languages wouldn't mix in the same tread allowing easily hide any particular language by simply hiding the whole treads.

The "Facebook multiligual posts" concept has a major problem

AFAIK one can write any unrelated text in different languages.

Translation (RU)

Концепция мультиязычных постов на Фейсбуке просто прекрасна.

ЕМНИП, концепция абсолютно не имеет недостатков.

And this concept works for the platforms where the content have a short period of time living. We like the concept of Wikipedia where each articles have a separate state and long tail. Soon we will present a feature that let mass editing of post.
UFO just landed and posted this here
We do not have an intention to copy Wikipedia (or Reddit), but we want to be a knowledge base. It's a way of transformation that Habr have passed last years. In search of a solution, people usually googling and find articles from our users. Therefore, we want to build a system that will best meet this need.
UFO just landed and posted this here

Wikipedia is a set of pages with static reference information. It does not have a feed or comments, any dynamic information that people are interested in. Its concept is not quite suitable for Habr.

Wikipedia does have «talk pages», but most readers ignore them.
I think it will be not comfortable for authors when they will need be a tracking two tree comments, in which can will be same questions in different languages.
Where is «What's wrong with the English version of Habr» post? )
I usually make «What is wrong…» remarks when I see something essentially wrong rather than just an expanded list of a feature requests. But this is actually a long-awaited update so I'm fine with a fairly moderate list of a feature requests in the comments below.
Great job!

Now let's show Medium and DZone how tech publishing platform should work in 2019. =D
What is your SLA about this statement? ;)
Now as intended. I think, it is already fixed. Very fast.
It was hilarious. I got to habr.com and found just a tiny bit of articles in English. It took me awhile to find a checkbox to enable bilingual content.
It's because of your computer settings. I hope only once you have to spend a time to set it.
Yep, but I was logged in. It's kinda strange to see that my browser settings (en-us) overrides account settings (which should be assumed to be Russian-speaking, as all other 'old' accounts).

Moreover, I have trouble navigate bilingual content, because I don't want to see translations of the stuff I already saw in other language.

I feel that current system does not handle bilingualism well.

… it should be a 'preferred' language, and 'other languages'. If an article is available in the preferred language, all translations are hidden (or available as links from the original article), if not, it is displayed only if it matches with 'other languages' of the user.
Thank you for report, we will look for the best solution for users.
How beautiful you merged «The icing on the cake» and «Cherry on top» from English and Russian! :D
It's too late to make these changes when your site has become a wasteland of marketing BS.
How badly we got stuck in this shit, and can you present the numbers to prove it? Not only on the basis of personal feelings.
UFO just landed and posted this here
It would be nice for user to be able to separately specify information about them (“Actual name”, “Specialization”, “Tell us about yourself”) in both languages.
Ah, that's why an interface is in English:)
Congrats guys!
P.S. «User Status» is not translated yet. «Пользователь» instead of «Regular user» or something like that.
Lots of hubs are called «IT something», but `IT` in Russian and `IT` in English have different meanings. Hope you'll fix it for the English version.
What's the difference? I've always thought they both mean information technology :)

Oh, I see now, thanks! (though you probably meant "personnel", not "personal" :)

True. In Russian IT has a much wider meaning. Some of the closest analogue in English will be 'tech' I believe.
I think the name of hub «Abnormal programming» is also not very suitable. Maybe «Obfusated programming» is better?
That's indeed a fantastic news and a huge leap forward. Just can't wait to start sharing all those exciting articles with my english speaking friends!

Got a few question:
1. Why does language settings are separated from user (account) settings? Took me a while to find how to switch it back russian interface. I guess that's link with the fact that language settings should be available for both logged-in and unregistered audience, whereas the other settings are only for those with an account. Could you duplicate the settings for ease of access?

2. «Hello world! Или англоязычный Хабр, v1.0» and «Hello world! Or Habr in English, v1.0» are technically the same article, just in different language. Is there an easy way to find an other language counterpart, ie. «read this article in Russian» button? The more articles will have translations, the more essential it will be to have an easy way of switching between.

3. At the moment both both Russian and English articles appear on my homepage flow, which is exactly as I want it and the way I have configured it. However that also means that an article that I have already read in one language, can appear once more in a different one. Is there a way around it? I only want read read it once.

4. With more translations coming, is there a way to be notified once new language is available for my bookmarked articles.
And a feature request — can you please add a timezone setting.
1. We have decided that the current structure of settings is simple and understanding. But it's not a final decision. We need more user experience.

2 and 3. We will follow how things happen and if there is something complicated, we will update our languages features.

4. Thanks, noted your request!
I was waiting for this moment since years! Thank you very much guys!

Would it be a good place for me to also post my technical content about SAP's work I daily do? That content is written by me but I also post it on medium and on SAP blog.
You free to post your user experience even if it already posted in other sites. Let's post it! You're free to post your user experience even if already posted in other sites. Let's post it!
deniskin what if I cannot find specific hubs for my blog post? My blog post are specific for SAP / SAPUI5 (a SAP technology) and SAP SCP. What hubs should I use? I would like to no use general hubs like JavaScript as the primary one.
If you hard to find suitable hub, please email us to support@habr.com
Hi deniskin i tried to send an email to the support but they still didn't respond
From what mail did you write? You can write me in private messages (or try to duplicate the request through the feedback form). As for the question, we can add a new hub (for example, SAP), but it will be common for publications about SAP-topics (SAP HANA, SAP SCP etc).
Hi, I sent that email to support@habr.com. I will send it again through that feedback form. I get it, that's no problem at least I can have one Hub for it ;)
Btw is it just me or English font looks a bit weird? I mean besides a different shape of the letters and words of course.
Could you please send us bug report with screenshots and detailed information to deniskin@tmtm.ru?
It wasn't a bug report rather than a general feeling.

Und gerade gleich werden wir prüfen ob alle Symbole aus anderen Sprachen komplett übernommen werden… =D

Getrennt im Satz und zusammen: ü-ä-ö-ß vs. Ü-Ä-Ö-ß ;))

Another test — Bu qardaş nə yazıb bilmirəm, amma...

des plans pour ajouter plus de langues? vous ne maîtrisez actuellement que 2 langues sur 5 que je connais;)

Czech letters test: tři tisíce tři sta třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček přestříkalo přes tři tisíce tři sta třicet tři stříbrných střech.
ÁáÓóÍíÚúůÝýĚěČčĎŤťŇňŘř. Seems to be working :)
راځئ چې په ورته وخت کې نور بهرني ژبو آزموینه وکړو.
ચાલો એક જ સમયે વધુ વિચિત્ર ભાષાઓની ચકાસણી કરીએ.
Hãy thử nghiệm cùng một lúc các ngôn ngữ kỳ lạ hơn.
आइए एक ही समय में अधिक विदेशी भाषाओं का परीक्षण करें।
동시에 더 많은 이국적인 언어를 테스트 해 봅시다.

No emojis! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������
That's strange, because I can see only "?" in squares in Meklon's message, but in your message I see emoji :)
And yes, I tried two different environments — os x/safari and win10/chrome. Same result in both.
FYI i decided to writte this as a comment instead of personal msg cause i expect there will be a gazillion of those…

Personal profile page:
subscriber should be singular in that case… the pain of making site multilingual, been there, done that :)
1 subscribers

No comment
You have 1 приглашение. You can invite some good people.

Default US time format for EN version is just a big no-no… Please make it configurable (or i'm just blind and was not able to find it)
1/15/19, 7:18 PM

Not sure if clear enough, but date as well

Actually the US time/date format is hated all across Europe, especially in the IT/hi-tech community since it does not make any sense.

On the contrary, Americans are generally ok with the European time and date format. So you should definitely proceed with it rather than with the US one.
It's cool!
Good job.
I hope habra users will remember about Russian speaking community and continue
writing good articles in Russian.
And of cource London is the capital of the Great Britain)
Okay. I have browser locale EN for my work-related searches.

What i have do to return back russian version of site?
When i go profile->settings, i have no option like on post picture.

Okay, found in 10 minutes. But WHY it not availible via Settings?
Congrats Habr! Finally the time has come to reveal this great resource to the English speaking community.
Despite the fact that it may be too late, Habr is still one of the largest sites for developers in the world. With your help we will make it even more bigger.
UFO just landed and posted this here
It depends on circumstances, like if you have a chat with english languages folks, or a conversation with a ticket seller at the train station in Liverpool, England.
UFO just landed and posted this here
I suggest to stick with the 'one tread — one language' principle.
UFO just landed and posted this here
UFO just landed and posted this here
deniskin I've just received an email from habr (it was an alert because you answered one of my comment) and it was in Russian. You should check which is the primary language of the user that receives the message and use a different template based on it ;)
What were your interface language settings at this moment?
Ok, this email was in English. My language setting is set to only English. I don't know why the first email was in Russian :D
Looks like a bug. If you face another ones, please email us to deniskin@tmtm.ru. Thanks in advance!
Among our users and companies that have something to tell, because they all do cool things.
As you are going global, I'm wondering if habr.com is GDPR compliant?

deniskin, my Read and Comment account received an invitation from itself and became a regular user. My karma == 1. Was it planned?

Yes, it is feature :) From post:

From today you can create publications in English and translate articles from Russian. Also feel free to invite friends who live abroad and speak English. If each of us will send invitation even to one such fellow, be sure we will succeed and our bold attempt to get out of our throughout regulated sandbox will look not so crazy. To make it easier during the day we will grant one invitation to each user with positive karma.

Спасибо большое. Что-то из этого точно поправим.

It was a slight misunderstanding :) In the account settings, we mistakenly filled in the creation date of Habr as the date of birth (in the account) and Twitter blocked us as young for Twitter. Already fixed it.
Great stuff! How do I file a bug report though? As a comment to this thread?
UFO just landed and posted this here
Такое чувство, что задели не просто возом, а целым ж/д составом.
I'm not in Russia and it seems that default language is set to English.
Yesterday I published post in Russian (it was created week ago without any language settings).
And now my post is in English section. How to change it?

Раздельный по языковым контекстам поиск — это сознательное решение? Может параметризовать возможность сквозного поиска?
Ну и поправить бы огрехи:

сам себе:

  • сквозной поиск на самом деле работает (включить оба языка в настройках)
What will be the policy for obscene language?
In English internet segment people not concerned about it. What the UFO will do when someone will be use something like «this is fuckup practice and if you go that way, your code will look like child whoom born after whore was fucked in international ganbang. Stop that shit immediately!», «That framework look like fucking fagot's asshole!» and etc.
Перечитал свои комменты на рунглише. Всё ж это жесть.
Пожалуй буду стараться пореже мучать им местную публику.
Healing properties of ReadOnly accounts have not been canceled by anyone :)
So, the rules will be the same. And f-bomb as and other obscene words will be out law. But what UFO will do if comment useful and interesting and meaningful and given opportunity to interesting discussion, but it have bad words?

Mobile version still have issue with not active battons «предпросмотр» and «отправить».
We pay attention to the context — user's karma, his other comments, and so on. If the user scolded «accidentally», then we can simply correct the comment (for example, by inserting * into the bad word or replacing it with a synonym) and make him a warning in pm. But if user systematically violates the rules, then we use more complex sanctions. Each case is considered individually.
Question: why I can't visit habr.com/en/ if logged in, but can visit it normally while logged out?
А у меня обратная проблема. Когда заходу на Хабр, автоматически перекидывает на английскую версию. Хочу обратно на русскую! Я не для того хожу на Хабр, чтобы читать статьи на английском. На английском и так полно ресурсов. Или Хабр тупо по адресу определяет язык участника? Если у меня канадский IP, то вали на английскую версию и не выпендривайся?

И нельзя перейти на https://habr.com/ru/, редиректит на английскую версию. В самом низу сайта есть Language settings (долго искала в настройках профиля).

Пока не увидел этот комментарий — вообще не мог найти русских страниц. И да — тоже долго искал в настройках профиля.
I want to invite a few friends of mine, but where to get those _invites_? With all my activity I've deserved only 2.
I mean — I have invites. But only two.
While habr should(and going to) expand to the western world rapidly — we are unable to help him.
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