• How to use Google docs offline with the new Microsoft Edge

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    New MS Edge is a promising Chrome flavour since Microsoft is really concerned with laptop battery life: most tests and benchmarks run against the «stock» browser in «stock» configuration. However, until recently it was hard for me to switch completely due to no «offline» support for Google office suite: doc, spreadsheet and slides. Fortunately, with the recent introduction of chrome extensions support it's now possible to put them offline with a few tricks!
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  • Improving form controls in Microsoft Edge and Chromium

      Since we began work on the next version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, we’ve been investigating ways to modernize form controls to provide a modern appearance as well as the touch friendliness and accessibility that our users expect from Microsoft Edge today.

      Over the past few months, we’ve been collaborating closely with the Google Chrome team on this project, and are excited to share the refreshed controls that will be coming to Microsoft Edge Insider builds, or other Chromium browsers near you.

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    • On the way to durable applications with PSKOV static site generator as an example

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      Pskov's veche

      Hi, my name is Michael Kapelko. I have been developing software professionally for more than 10 years. I develop games and game development tools in my spare time.

      This article describes my first durable application for desktop PCs: PSKOV static site generator.


      A durable application is an application that functions without a single change on operating systems released in years 2010-2030. In other words, a durable application has backward compatibility of 10 years and has the stability to run for 10 years. Actually, PSKOV runs even under Windows 2000, so PSKOV has backward compatibility of 19 years.

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    • Microsoft Edge for macOS

        Last month, we announced the first preview builds of the next version of Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Microsoft Edge Canary channel for macOS. You can now install preview builds from the Microsoft Edge Insider site for your macOS or Windows 10 PC, with more Windows version support coming soon.

        Снимок экрана Microsoft Edge для macOS

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      • Breaking UC Browser


          At the end of March we reported on the hidden potential to download and run unverified code in UC Browser. Today we will examine in detail how it happens and how hackers can use it.

          Some time ago, UC Browser was promoted and distributed quite aggressively. It was installed on devices by malware, distributed via websites under the guise of video files (i.e., users thought they were downloading pornography or something, but instead were getting APK files with this browser), advertised using worrisome banners about a user’s browser being outdated or vulnerable. The official UC Browser VK group had a topic where users could complain about false advertising and many users provided examples. In 2016, there was even a commercial in Russian (yes, a commercial of a browser that blocks commercials).

          As we write this article, UC Browser was installed 500,000,000 times from Google Play. This is impressive since only Google Chrome managed to top that. Among the reviews, you can see a lot of user complaints about advertising and being redirected to other applications on Google Play. This was the reason for our study: we wanted to see if UC Browser is doing something wrong. And it is! The application is able to download and run executable code, which violates Google Play’s policy for app publishing . And UC Browser doesn’t only download executable code; it does this unsafely, which can be used for a MitM attack. Let's see if we can use it this way.
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        • cyberd: Computing the knowledge from web3

            The original post has been updated based on community input in order to remove confusion.

            Final version of the whitepaper is available here:


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            Does web3 excites you as a developer?

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