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The benefits of offering VoIP to your customers under your own brand

Zadarma corporate blog API *Development of communication systems *Cloud services Voice user interfaces

The potential of VoIP to your customers is simply phenomenal. Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability and now you can pass these benefits onto your own customers very easily. Cloud telecommunication is sophisticated and easily integrated. Confidence in this technology is growing fast. There has never been a better time to start talking to your customers about adopting this solution. It will deliver huge business benefits for them and has the potential to increase business income and profitability.

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Speech Analytics: Benefits and its New Importance in Telecommunication Technology

Zadarma corporate blog Sales management *Cloud services

Speech analytics is the process of analysing recorded speech, such as phone calls, to gather customer information to improve communication and future customer interaction. Speech analytics as a technology has been evolving especially rapidly over the last few years. It gives the ability to structure and analyse previously lost streams of insight-rich data, such as phone conversations. Empowered with this technology, operations can gather incredibly valuable business intelligence to drive call delivery performance improvements. It’s smart in that it automatically identifies focus areas in which customer service or sales teams may need additional call training which then, in turn, improves the call’s successful outcome. Speech analytics, as a process, can isolate buzzwords and phrases used most frequently within a given time period, plus indicate usage is trending up or down. This data is highly useful to call managers to spot changes in consumer behaviour so that action can be taken to improve customer satisfaction.

Zadarma is a leading global VoIP provider and offers a smart speech analytics feature as part of their incredibly easy to use telecommunications offering. The tool is free as part of the wider PBX phone system bundles, included in the free recognition minutes. Zadarma’s analytics feature allows data access to every internal or external call conversation. The benefits of speech analytics include:

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How Can AI & Data Science Help to Fight the Coronavirus?

Network technologies *Cloud services Artificial Intelligence

Do you know AI can save us from a worldwide pandemic?

Yeah, it's true. Our global researchers have touted these two buzzing technologies can provide a substantial social benefit to this worldwide health crisis.

Before I begin, I would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU to all our COVID-19 Warriors standing on the frontline and working day and night for us. We can’t thank them enough. Our healthcare staff, police, scientist, security guards, and sweepers. Their contribution is overwhelming and commendable ?

Discovering a drug for any medicine demands the joint efforts of the world's brightest minds. The process is notoriously long, complicated, and expensive. And that's how health experts are involved in searching COVID-19 medicine. In the midst of such a crisis, artificial intelligence solutions are offering a new hope that a cure might appear faster with it.
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Free CRM with PBX

Zadarma corporate blog SaaS / S+S *CRM systems *Sales management *Cloud services
Why do you need a CRM system? Well, it’s at least more convenient than keeping your client database in Excel. Why do you need CRM with VoIP? If you have ever interacted offline, you know you cannot do it without telephony (orders, delivery, support etc.).

But what prevents 80% of companies from trying out a CRM tool? If prices is the matter, we are offering a free CRM system integrated with the phone system and free PBX.

To anticipate questions about installation difficulty, CRM setup and contact import doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

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How to Deploy Hyperledger Fabric 1.4 to AWS

NIX corporate blog Cloud computing *Cloud services
Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source blockchain platform from the Linux Foundation. With its help, you can create blockchain applications and control access and permissions for data in the blockchain. The most popular reason to use Hyperledger Fabric is to create a private blockchain network or set restrictions on what transactions each side can see.

The documentation of Hyperledger Fabric describes the creation of a blockchain network on one machine using Docker, where each member of the network is a separate container. But the process of setting up a network on several physical or virtual machines is not well described. Therefore, we decided to discuss this in the article.

Our blockchain application is a service for storing the medical data of school and preschool children. The data must remain unchanged. It will be presented in the form of information on vaccination and on the patient's agreement with a particular doctor. The members of the network include Parents (an organization that represents the interests of parents), Hospital (a hospital which represents pediatricians with whom parents can enter into an agreement to care for their children) and Kindergarten (a kindergarten that can request health and vaccinations reports of a child from the hospital).
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Simple and free video conferencing

Zadarma corporate blog Development of communication systems *Cloud services Video conferencing
Due to a rapid increase in remote work, we have decided to offer video conferencing. Like most of our services, it is free of charge. It is built on a reliable open-source solution, it is mostly based on WebRTC, which allows communicating in the browser by just clicking on a link. Below we’ll tell you more about its features and some of the problems we’ve run into.

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COVID-19 and Internet

Web analytics *Cloud services Statistics in IT Cellular communication

СOVID-19 and Internet

Recent events caused by coronavirus spread have highlighted quite a few problem areas in society, economics, technology… And it’s not only about the panic, which is inevitable and will come back with any following global issue. But it is really about the consequences: crowded hospitals, empty shelves in supermarkets, people having to stay at home and use up the Internet which turns out to not be enough for everyone who’s going through the hard days and nights of #stayathome.

What already happened

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Build apps for free with Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier

Microsoft corporate blog Cloud computing *Database Administration *Microsoft Azure Cloud services
Looking to build a new app, develop and test, or run small production workloads with Azure Cosmos DB? Our new Free Tier makes it easy to get started with no cost and save money as you build and grow new apps.

With Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier enabled, you’ll get the first 400 RU/s throughput and 5 GB storage in your account for free each month, for the lifetime of the account. That means that you can start small and grow with confidence, knowing your app will be running on a high-performance database service. You’ll only pay if your account exceeds 400 RU/s and 5 GB. Additionally, if your app has a lot of containers you can create up to 25 containers in a shared throughput database and have them all share the free 400 RU/s. You can have up to one free tier Azure Cosmos DB account per Azure subscription.
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Announcing Universal Print: a cloud-based print solution

Microsoft corporate blog Microsoft Azure Development for Windows *Cloud services IOT
Commercial and educational customers moving to the cloud with Microsoft 365 have long needed a simple, easy print experience for their employees. Today we are happy to announce a private preview of Universal Print, a Microsoft cloud-based print infrastructure that will enable a simple, rich and secure print experience for users and help reduce time and effort for IT.

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Fault Tolerance Web Architecture for Our Cloud Solutions

Mail.ru Group corporate blog High performance *Virtualization *Cloud computing *Cloud services

Hi Habr,

I'm Artyom Karamyshev, a system administration team leader at Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS). We launched many products in 2019. We've aimed to make API services easily scalable, fault-tolerant, and ready to accommodate rapid growth. Our platform is running on OpenStack, and in this article, I describe all the component fault tolerance issues that we've resolved.

The overall fault tolerance of the platform is consists of its components fault tolerance. So, I'm going to show you step by step tutorial about all levels where we've found the risks.
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Announcing the preview of Azure Spot Virtual Machines

Microsoft corporate blog Cloud computing *Microsoft Azure Cloud services
We’re announcing the preview of Azure Spot Virtual Machines. Azure Spot Virtual Machines provide access to unused Azure compute capacity at deep discounts. Spot pricing is available on single Virtual Machines in addition to Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS). This enables you to deploy a broader variety of workloads on Azure while enjoying access to discounted pricing. Spot Virtual Machines offer the same characteristics as a pay-as-you-go Virtual Machines, with differences in pricing and evictions. Spot Virtual Machines can be evicted anytime if Azure needs capacity.

The workloads that are ideally suited to run on Spot Virtual Machines include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Batch jobs.
  • Workloads that can sustain and/or recover from interruptions.
  • Development and test.
  • Stateless applications that can use Spot Virtual Machines to scale out, opportunistically saving cost.
  • Short-lived jobs which can easily be run again if the Virtual Machine is evicted.

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Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches — our new free e-book

Microsoft corporate blog Cloud computing *Microsoft Azure Studying in IT Cloud services
More than 100 Azure services offer everything you need to build and run your applications with all the performance, redundancy, security, and scale that the cloud has to offer. But knowing where to begin with all these services can seem overwhelming. 

Read this e-book to build your cloud computing skills quickly and efficiently. You’ll be productive immediately, and when you finish, you’ll be well on your way to Azure mastery. 

Learn more below.

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Huawei Cloud: It's Cloudy in PVS-Studio Today

PVS-Studio corporate blog Programming *Java *Cloud services

Picture 2

Nowadays everyone knows about cloud services. Many companies have cracked this market segment and created their own cloud services of various purposes. Recently our team has also been interested in these services in terms of integrating the PVS-Studio code analyzer into them. Chances are, our regular readers have already guessed what type of project we will check this time. The choice fell on the code of Huawei cloud services.
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Analysis of commits and pull requests in Travis CI, Buddy and AppVeyor using PVS-Studio

PVS-Studio corporate blog GitHub Build automation *DevOps *Cloud services

Picture 11

Starting from the version 7.04, the PVS-Studio analyzer for C and C++ languages on Linux and macOS provides the test feature of checking the list of specified files. Using the new mode, you can configure the analyzer to check commits and pull requests. This article covers setting up the check of certain modified files from a GitHub project in such popular CI (Continuous Integration) systems, as Travis CI, Buddy and AppVeyor.
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Azure Media Services' new AI-powered innovations

Microsoft corporate blog Cloud computing *Microsoft Azure Media management *Cloud services
At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. The media industry exemplifies this mission. We live in an age where more content is being created and consumed in more ways and on more devices than ever. At IBC 2019, we were delighted to share the latest innovations we’ve been working on and how they can help transform your media workflows. Read on to learn more.

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How to set up PVS-Studio in Travis CI using the example of PSP game console emulator

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *Game development *Cloud services


Travis CI is a distributed web service for building and testing software that uses GitHub as a source code hosting service. In addition to the above scripts, you can add your own, thanks to the extensive configuration options. In this article we will set up Travis CI for working with PVS-Studio by the example of PPSSPP code.
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How to save $58 in 5 minutes: let’s use different prices in each country against marketers

Cloud services Finance in IT Lifehacks for geeks

Hello Habr! Now that is summer vacation season. Many of you will take a flight to a place far from your everyday routine at home. Before this hot vacation season starts, we should discuss an interesting and useful method on how to save money using a VPN.

One of the easiest ways to see the value in this is looking at car rentals while on vacation.
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Signing into Azure DevOps using your GitHub credentials

Microsoft corporate blog Cloud computing *Microsoft Azure DevOps *Cloud services

Across all of Microsoft, we are focusing on empowering developers to build better apps, faster. One way we are accomplishing that is by providing a range of products and services covering all stages of the software development lifecycle. This includes IDEs and DevOps tools, application and data platforms on the cloud, operating systems, Artificial Intelligence and IoT solutions, and more. All of these are centered around developers, both as individuals working in teams and organizations, and as members of developer communities.

GitHub is one of the largest developer communities, and for millions of developers around the world their GitHub identity has become a critical aspect of their digital life. Recognizing that, we’re excited to announce improvements that will help GitHub users get started more easily with our developer services, including Azure DevOps and Azure.

GitHub sign in button in Microsoft login page
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Practicalities of deploying dockerized ASP.NET Core application to Heroku

.NET *Cloud services


.NET is a relative newcomer in the open-source world, and its popularity is nowhere near mainstream platforms like Node.js. So you can imagine there're few tutorials that deal with .NET and frameworks such as ASP.NET on Heroku. And those that do, probably won't use containers.

Image showing heroku menu without C#

Do you see C#/.NET here? Yes, me neither.

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Analytics For Azure DevOps Services is Now Generally Available

Microsoft corporate blog Cloud computing *Microsoft Azure DevOps *Cloud services

Reporting has been an important capability for Azure DevOps customers who rely on Analytics to make data driven decisions.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the following Analytics features listed below will be included in our Azure DevOps Services offering at no additional cost. Customers will start to see these changes rolled out to their accounts soon.

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