• Crime, Race and Lethal Force in the USA — Part 3

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    This is the concluding part of my article devoted to a statistical analysis of police shootings and criminality among the white and the black population of the United States. In the first part, we talked about the research background, goals, assumptions, and source data; in the second part, we investigated the national use-of-force and crime data and tracked their connection with race.
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  • Crime, Race and Lethal Force in the USA — Part 1

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    Do the police in the US really shoot black people more often than white people? Is use of lethal force connected with race? How is crime related to race? What are the odds of getting shot by the police if you are white and if you are black? We're taking public data and python with pandas to shed some light on these questions, propaganda and politics set far aside.
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  • 7 Ultimate Programming languages For Mobile App Development


      Do you know that 21% of people open an app 50+ times per day? Yes, you heard that right. With the rapid development of technology, the mobile app now made many things possible, which was previously unthinkable.

      And that's why there is an incredible increase in the number of mobile users. According to a recent mobile app development stat, the number of mobile users worldwide is projected to increase to 6.95 billion by the end of 2020.

      In the last couple of years, the mobile app development industry has grown manifold, changing how businesses function around the world. If you are planning to jump into mobile app development, then choosing the right programming language will be the most significant challenge.

      There are more than 600 programming languages, and each one has its own perks and popularity. Are you pondering which language would be best for developing a stunning app?

      Several factors come to mind when making this choice, but the most important one is the language's demand. Here in this blog, I have listed the best programming language for mobile apps in terms of popularity and demand. Let's start!
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    • How to find an English teacher. Part 2


        This is a continuation of story about using Data Science for finding an English teacher. If you have not read it yet - there is an opportunity to become familiar with it

        Briefly  -  we had information about language teachers and tried to apply some basic ideas using pandas and our expectations. Unfortunately we got stuck on the third step, because there is not enough information for resolving our the last requirements  -  we need not more 3 candidates at the end.

        It is an approach based on my own experience and can be unsuitable to your point of view, ideas, or principles.
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        AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

      • Web server for Machine Learning 'VKF-solver'

          Nowadays most people identify Machine Learning with training of various kinds of neural networks. At the beginning there were fully connected networks, then convolutional and recurrent networks replace them, now there exist a quite exotic variants of networks such that GAN and LTSM networks.

          Their training requires constantly increasing volume of samples, and they also do not be able to explain why a particular decision was made. Structural approaches to Machine Learning avoiding these drawbacks exist, the software implementation of one of which is described in the article. This is an English translation of original post by the author.

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        • How to find an English teacher. Part 1

            In the modern world, here and there ideas are arising about using data science for an extra benefit. For instance, Google can use a history of watched videos for providing recommendations about new ones. Online shops are using a recommendation system for increasing your receipt. However… if companies use the data for their benefit, could we do the same for own needs such as looking an online English teacher?


            It is an approach based on my own experience and can be unsuitable to your point of view, ideas, or principles.

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          • Approach to calculating individual risk in COVID-19

              In February 2020, when the disease came to Europe, it became apparent to me that our timid hopes that the epidemics would subside and be finally buried in the China's soil were ruined. It was already evident from the Chinese statistics that the virus is lethal enough to scare and mild enough to pass unnoticed in many cases and, thus, to guarantee its effective dissemination. The question was when it reaches each next country.

              Another question was the individual risks, especially the risk of lethal outcome if one contracts the virus. The average figure of around 5% was circulated by late January and early February. It was known that males were more susceptible to fatal outcomes. By February, it was also evident that the virus doesn't lead to death only in the elderly — the middle age was significantly affected, as well.

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            • Is Python The Answer To High-End Mobile Apps?


              Before the development of any software or a mobile app, the first thing that comes in mind is- which programming language is the best for this app. Yes! It is really important to choose the best programming language for particular mobile app development.

              So, among various programming languages, let’s throw light on the significance of Python in Mobile app development or it could also be said that why Python is the best language for mobile app development?

              Before that, let’s have a look at the stat where according to statista.com, Python remains the most popular programming language in 2020, according to GitHub and Google Trends, surpassing longstanding Java and JavaScript in popularity.

              Python was also the biggest gainer in the Tiobe index of the popularity of programming languages in the year 2018, rising by 3.62% points from January 2018 to January 2019, with a rating of approx. 8.2% for this month.
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            • Waking up of the sleeping institution: how we taking off training-wheels from Python in REAPER

              • Translation

              Image for taking attention

              About a week I wonder around the idea of this article, mainly, because of missing the content here and tidiness of the coronavirus-themes. But, when robotic-harvester, hacking zip with bitcoins and other cool articles released — I decided not to publish crude material.

              However, unexpectedly today the maintainer of this review hero showed up from the lockdown and, several hours ago reapy v0.6.0 has been published on PyPi. Under the cut — the last change log, which contains (to my pleasure) no line where I have not been involved one way, or another.

              Finally: why reapy is needed and how Python works inside REAPER.

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            • Developing and deploying Python for secured environments with Kushal Das

                Here is the translated Russian version of this interview.

                The company of speakers at Moscow Python Conf++ 2020 is great, and it's not a good luck but thorough Program Committee's work. But who cares about achievements, it's much more interesting what the speaker thinks about our own questions. Conferences suits good to find it out, get insider information or advice from an experienced developer. But I got an advantage of being in Program Committee so I already asked our speaker Kushal Das some questions.

                A unique feature of Kushal's speeches is that he often unveils «secret» ways to break Python code and then shows how to write code so that the NSA can't hack it. At our conference Kushal will tell you how to safely develop and deploy Python code. Of course I asked him about security.

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              • GitHub repositories tracker and its «for convenience» tricks

                Work in several GitHub repositories (repos) brings inconveniences. Repos are separated from each other, open and closed issues live in different lists, linked pull requests (PRs) can't be seen until opening an issue — our team works in more than 70 repos, so I learned that hard. And started to write repos tracker on Python. It's close to the final, I'd like to share it (it's completely free), and few tricks I used in progress.

                What is that

                Scraper tracks several GitHub repos in a single Google Sheet (GS) table. You can see all of the opened and done issues, related PRs, priorities, your teammates comments, use coloring, filtering, sorting and other GS functions. That's a good integration, here is how it looks:


                How does it work, shortly

                There is Spreadsheet() class which contain several Sheet() objects, each of which have it's own configurations, described in config.py. When Scraper updates a sheet, it loads configurations, sees list of repos to track, requests info from GitHub, builds a table and sends it to GS service. Sounds easy, but there were several tough to deal with things, which I've solved mostly with support of my work experience in Google projects, and which I consider as good patterns. Take a pen.
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              • Python-Celery in Windows with Docker managing

                • Tutorial
                To 'adequately' debug Celery under Windows, there are several ways such as:

                > celery worker --app=demo_app.core --pool=solo --loglevel=INFO

                But in fact for normal development, you need a Unix system. If you do not have the opportunity to use it as a native, then it is worth considering...) Well, to be honest, there is always a way out and this is Docker and WSL. If you use such “cool” IDEs like PyCharm, then everything becomes more complicated, because using the WSL interpreter, installing the package with pip, you will have to manually update the project skeleton due to indexing problems.
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              • Objects without reference cycles and cyclic GC

                  Each instance of a class in CPython created using the class syntax is involved in a cyclic GC mechanism. This increases the memory footprint of each instance and can create memory problems in heavily loaded systems.

                  Is it possible to use only basic reference counting mechanism when necessary?

                  Let's analyze one approach based on recordclass library that will help to create classes whose instances will only be deleted using the reference counting mechanism.

                  Note: this is translation from original post (in russian).

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                • Node.js VS Python: Which is Better?


                    If you are landing on this page you might be looking for several questions like:

                    – NodeJS or Python: which is the right choice for my next web app development project?

                    – Which programming language cost me less?

                    – Which programming language is suitable for which industry?

                    – Which programming language is suitable for small business or large scale enterprises?

                    – Which programming language is scalable, high performing and secure?

                    In this blog post, I’m going to answer all these questions AND MORE THAN THAT! So, continue reading this blog post:
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                  • PHP vs Python vs Ruby on Rails: Detailed Comparison


                    Which is the best programming technology for web app development in the year 2020? This is one of the most debated questions among web programmers, students and companies (wanted to develop their own website). Actually, every language has its own pros, cons or advantages, disadvantages. It totally depends on your requirements for website development.

                    In this blog post, I am going to clear your many doubts related to these programming languages or technologies, so that you can choose the best language according to your specific needs and requirements. Here, I’ll do a detailed and comprehensive comparison between these three most popular programming technologies viz. PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR). The comparison is on the basis of various stats and data on different parameters. So, let’s start the battle of most popular programming languages ie: PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR).
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