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Tutorial to create a login system using HTML, PHP, and MySQL

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This is a tutorial for creating a login system with the help of HTML, PHP, and MySQL. Your website needs to be dynamic and your visitors need to have instant access to it. Therefore, they want to log in as many times as possible. The login authentication system is very common for any web application. It allows registered users to access the website and members-only features. It is also helpful when we want to store information for users. It covers everything from shopping sites, educational sites, and membership sites, etc.

This tutorial is covered in 4 parts.

Table of Contents

  1. Signup System
  2. Login System
  3. Welcome Page
  4. Logout Script

1) Building a Signup system

In this part, We will create a signup system that allows users to create a new account to the system. Our first step is to create a HTML registration form. The form is pretty simple to create. It only asks for a name, email, password, and confirm password. Email addresses will be unique for every user. Multiple accounts for the same email address are not allowed. It will show an error message to the users who try to create multiple accounts with the same email address.

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Строчки, точки и JavaScript

JavaScript *
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На своих проектах мы часто сталкиваемся с простыми, но интересными задачами. Мы их складируем и даем джунам/стажерам для ускорения обучения. Одной из таких задач стала задача с размещением одной или более точек между букв внутри слова всеми возможными способами.

Например программа на вход получает 'abc'

> abc
['abc', 'a.bc', 'ab.c', 'a.b.c']

Ее можно решить несколькими способами, но разобрать я хочу 2 из них.

Вы могли заметить, что размещение точек очень напоминает бинарные числа


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Python List Comprehension

Python *
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In Python, List comprehension is a technique of creating a new list using other iterables and in fewer lines of codes. The iterable object which can be used in this technique can be any data structure like list, tuple, set, string, and dictionary, etc. An iterable created by using range() function can also be used here.

The syntax used in list comprehension generally contains three segments:

  • iterable: iterable object like list, tuple, set, string, dictionary, etc.
  • transformation function: a transformation function that needs to be applied to the iterable.
  • filters: filters/conditions which are required to apply on iterable.


#list comprehension syntax
list = [tranform_func(i) for i in iterable if filters]

#which is equivalent to...
for i in iterator:
  if filters:

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EDI VANs vs. EDI Software

Habr IT Terminology
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Throughout the world, companies large and small alike are increasingly adding, expanding, and modernizing their electronic data interchange (EDI) communications. If you need to meet partner EDI mandates or wish to capture the many benefits afforded by EDI connectivity with more of your partners, you can take several approaches to EDI. Two of the most popular include value-added networks (VANs) and direct EDI (typically via AS2).

If you're new to EDI, you may be wondering what these options entail and which is right for your business. If you've been operating EDI for some time, you may be considering whether now is the time to switch. Let's dive in and explore the advantages and disadvantages of direct EDI with AS2 vs. VANs.

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Top group chat software for teams working remotely during the Corona Virus Pandemic

Agile *Software
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Team chat applications are a vital part of a company. They keep the workers connected and ensure that everyone is on the same page. However, there never been a time when a good team collaboration software was as crucial as now. We are referring to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting reality. The pandemic has impacted many companies and forced the workers to work remotely. Let’s look at the top team collaboration software options that will help your company remain productive during this challenging period.

Microsoft Teams


  • Good integration with Office 365
  • Thread focused chat model
  • Document collaboration

Teams by Microsoft is a great team collaboration software available on the market. Its integration with Microsoft services and Office 365 helps your work be available to other people in your team. Moreover, the document collaboration feature facilitates keeping your projects up to date. Its thread focused chat model that helps organize chats within a channel.

The freemium version of MS Teams offers functionality, such as unlimited messages and audio/video calls for teams up to 300 people. Paid plans start from $5 per user per month and give you scheduled meetings, meeting recordings, phone calls, audio conferencing, and more.



  • Unified AI driven feed
  • Searchable history
  • Multiple conversations per post
  • Audio, Video Calls & Screensharing

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The chinese cure against spreading of the COVID19 virus

Social networks and communities
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Chinese medicine against the spread of the virus.

I've been in a Chinese city since the beginning of this year, and from the standpoint of an eyewitness I can tell you how the evolution is gradually taking place, from «somewhere in a galaxy far away there's another sickness» to «whether there's enough food for everyone». Everybody goes this way with different speed, but there is one point that is not worth reaching — panic mood among those who realized the scale of the problem last of all.


The Chinese people, based on the experience of the SARS epidemic in 2003, were able to immediately conclude that it is much more correct to put restriction on healthy population than to wait and quarantine sick people. Entire country of one and a half billion people got a sudden vacation extention. This happened in early February, was an unprecedented and very expensive economic decision, but it paid off, there was almost no panic in the people and the growth of the number of people who got sick practically stopped. Healthy people are much easier to manage than the sick, and when you have a billion and a half, it is a matter of life and death.

For our hundred and fifty million population, the window of opportunity is still open. If number of cases is on thee rise, we must immediately understand that this will not pass by itself, we must fight it, minimizing the number of diseases until a vaccine is available.

How and when it is time for treatment if you feel that you may have picked up the virus, let the real doctors tell you, and I will tell you in this post a little bit about how to prevent its spread. Based on real events that happened around me lately in Shenzhen, China.

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Why you need to invest in Mobile App Design?

Mobile applications design *Start-up development
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With the mobile app industry expected to gain momentum in the coming years, more and more businesses are embracing this technology to their repertoire. There comes an underlying reason to engage with customers and having an app will improve the customer experience tenfold. In a common scenario, you may think your business can’t afford to have its own app, but in reality, your company can’t afford to not have one.

Recent research indicates that the maximum number of users will switch to other competitors after a bad mobile strategy. Therefore, it takes a lot to stand out the mobile app market and invest in the features, design and functionalities. In this regard, your app developer must be wary of various aspects and should monitor mobile design closely.
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Top Spring Boot Interview Questions

Java *
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This list has top 10+ spring boot interview questions and answers for Java developers.

1) What is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is basically a Spring module. It provides RAD feature. RAD stands for Rapid Application Development.

This framework is used to create stand alone spring based application.

These are ready to run applications. Unless Spring, it does not need a lot of configuration.

2) List some features of Spring Boot?

  1. Admin features
  2. Application events and listeners
  3. SpringApplication
  4. Web Development

3) What are the advantages of Spring Boot?

Spring Boot creates stand-alone Spring applications. These can be started using java -jar.
It has internal embedded servers like Tomcat, Jetty etc. This framework has automatic configuration feature.

We do not need to explicitly deploy WAR files.

The configurations are simplified in Spring Boot as it has multiple starter packages to help.

4) What are the ways to create Spring Boot application using Maven?

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Can We Call Conversational AI- The Changing Face of Tomorrow’s Business?

Artificial Intelligence
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With the accelerating pace of innovations in technology, it won’t be surprising to know that AI is briskly conquering the global economy and intelligently revolutionizing the face of businesses. From ordering your food, managing your work to gathering information from robots, Artificial Intelligence is powerfully transforming every move of your life, and organizations are not an exception.
Someone asked Alexa- How Could AI Impact My Business in 2020? Does it change the traditional outlook of my business? Is it essential to have a thought about chatbot development services?

And Alexa simply answered this question with the mindful saying of Stephen Hawking “Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours".

In recent times, conversational AI has become a tech buzzword in the global market. However, the aggressively growing popularity of AI is leaving many individuals in a great dilemma of whether they should be fear of losing jobs in the future or get excited to leverage the latest edition of the AI-driven applications in businesses…

If you are also feeling clueless, then have a glance over some facts and figures representing “how vital is AI for your future business and industry?

  • A search report forecast that, in America, voice-assistant devices have been increased to 129% from last year.
  • According to the survey, AI global market is projected to grow up to a value of $89.9 billion by 2025.
  • In 2018, 29% of the task of the top 12 industries was handled by AI-driven machines and encouraged automation in the business.

  • 61% of professionals are considering Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as their company's most part of their growth.
  • 80% of business leaders have concluded that AI boosts productivity and create better growth opportunities.

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Tips to increase your mobile app downloads | Mobile App Marketing

Mobile applications design *Mobile applications monetization *Development of mobile applications *Development for Android *Development for iOS *
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Creating an E-commerce store is not complicated compared to surviving the tough competition in the marketplace. By the time you opt to proceed with your land-based company to the competitive online world, some giant eCommerce stores will already be dominating the market.

So, how do you get above them? Well, the simplest method to up your Mobile app and stand out in the competitive online world is embracing AI. AI plays an integral part in re-shaping the eCommerce industry. Here are the ten ways of AI into eCommerce.

Customer Experience

Companies are now focusing more on producing customer-centric and the most relevant results. AI has also introduced voice and image search feature to offer a hassle-free online shopping experience to the customers. Besides, the companies have started to use the omnichannel method (all online platforms) to reach their target customers easily.

Predict Customer Requirements

With the help of AI, eCommerce websites can analyze the data and look into their customer’s purchase history. This information is sufficient to present the most relevant recommendations based on their budget, preference, and requirements.

Nurturing Leads to Potential Buyers

AI supports eCommerce industries to turn their leads and prospects into clients. It helps companies to send the notifications of interesting offers and also the latest deals. This way, it guarantees customer engagement and increases the retention rate.
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How to Install Microsoft SQL Server with Ease

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Microsoft has created the SQL Server that is a relational database management system. The primary functionality of SQL is to store and recover the information as mentioned by the client or another application. SQL functions can either run on a similar framework or another over a system. In this tutorial, things are explained like,

  • Download Microsoft SQL Server
  • Installation of SQL Server
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Mobile App Development Boot Camp 2020: Everything you need to know

Mobile applications design *Development of mobile applications *Development for Android *Development for MacOS *
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Are you confused about whether to invest in mobile app development or not?
A little bit hesitant to invest in mobile app development in the upcoming year?
Are you not sure about whether to go with mobile application development or not?

Here, in this blog, you will get the perfect solution to your confusion. But before directly talking about the answers, let’s have a look at stats and facts related to mobile app development.

According to activatedesigns, 63% of Millennials preferred to make purchases using mobile apps. However, 21 percent of those millennials would be turned off from a business with which they had a poor experience. Also, 31 percent of those millennials will not recommend that business to others.

Also, it is seen that an average person spends 87 percent of their time on mobile apps. Hence, it’s quite clear that mobile app development is in demand.

Mobile app development has been an amazing domain to work on in the previous decade. It has resulted in big revenue for multiple entrepreneurs. You might have heard about entrepreneurs of Swiggy, Zomato, Oyo, Ola, and Uber. They have made billions with their mobile apps. And every day, new users are downloading their apps to get their services.

So, in case you have an exciting mobile app idea in your mind, you can launch your mobile app in the year 2020 and can make big revenue as all these entrepreneurs made. Here, I am explaining some benefits that you get if you outsource your mobile app development project to a software outsourcing company.
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Мысли об ITSM

IT Infrastructure *IT-companies Business Models *
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В настоящее время мало кто понимает ценность знаний по управлению ИТ или управлению ИТ услугами. Я не говорю про технические знания по языкам программирования, как установить microsoft office, настроить электронную почти, настроить сервера или маршрутизаторы. Это все хорошо. Но, что если до сих пор бизнес подразделения и бэк офис вашей организации не могут отличить программиста от IT support? Можете ли Вы ответить на все эти вопросы:

  • Как цели ИТ соответствуют стратегии компании?
  • Как ИТ задействован в совместной создании ценности услуг?
  • Знаете ли Вы как управлять финансами для ИТ услуг?
  • Знаете ли Вы сколько стоит каждая ИТ услуга?
  • Знаете ли Вы сколько стоит час простоя ваших услуг?
  • Делается ли анализ влияния на бизнес?
  • Есть ли у Вас каталог услуг?
  • Есть ли соглашения об уровне услуг (SLA) между бизнесом и ИТ?
  • Можете ли Вы отличить запрос на обслуживание от инцидента или проблемы?
  • Кто является владельцом каждой услуги?
  • Измеряется ли эффективность услуги, эффективность процессов?
  • Как Вы оцениваете уровень удовлетворенности бизнеса и пользователей?
  • Как ИТ подразделения взаимодействуют с бизнесом?
  • Как ИТ управляет мощностями и спросом от бизнеса?

Меня беспокоит, что сейчаc во время развития цифровой трансформации и цифровизации, когда компании сильно зависят от цифровых технологий (Такие компании называются цифровыми организациями — Digital organizations или Digital enabled organizations). У людей не хватает знания как этим управлять и руководить, мало кто задаётся этими вопросами.
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C# Collection Manager (Entity mapper)

.NET *C# *Data Engineering *Programming *
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The CCM (C# Collections Mapper) is a working version of the handwritten mini ORM, working with the database and C # collections. Productivity is quite high, resource consumption is minimal. This ORM works directly with SQL Server stored procedures. The code is accompanied by descriptions and example .Net Console project showing the technique of ORM using.

Data is stored on the SQL server and when a large number of simultaneously connected users access it this creates a serious load on the database server. In addition, often database queries fetch the same data, which is not good in terms of server and applications load. One of ways to optimize the database in ligament with client application is to reduce traffic and to store data already received from the server on the client or in the middle application tier. Or to store already received data on the application server, especially when the database server and client applications are distributed across the network. For this purpose, the collections stored in the Session or at the application level are the best suited.

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theHarvester and Datasploit Comparison of Python OSINT Tools

Python *Development for Linux *
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There are tools designed to perform OSINT activities by scrounging information from the internet both Some of this tool include;

  • theHarvester
  • Datasploit

They perform OSINT activities, some use google dorks and other use available public sources and others use both techniques. Both the above tools that we are going to discuss are entirely written in python.
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Increase Productivity and Secure your Collaboration With Troop Messenger

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Picture this:

You’re leading a peace-keeping mission and simultaneously safeguarding your nation against the enemies. It’s a multi-state effort, that involves an active contribution of your colleagues from different departments, some working next door, and some in remote areas.

As a leader, there is a dire need for you to maintain an active collaboration and real-time data sharing with all the team members. You also need to integrate with third-party contractors who are handling other mission-critical services.

But, you don’t have the right medium to maintain that interaction. You don’t have a secure platform to deliver critical information among your team members. Your mission is hampered through phone calls and static email solutions, and eventually, the lack of tools and effective collaboration process dawns upon you.

But it’s too late, the delay has already caused a ruckus, and your opponents are already a step ahead.

Now, Let’s flip the scenario:
You’re organizing a similar mission with a war-torn nation. You need to have a collaboration with the masses. There are a thousand people who need to exchange information with each other — actively, remotely, and frequently — without having to worry about the security breaches.
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Increase Productivity and Secure your Collaboration With Troop Messenger

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Picture this

You’re leading a peace-keeping mission and simultaneously safeguarding your nation against the enemies. It’s a multi-state effort, that involves an active contribution of your colleagues from different departments, some working next door, and some in remote areas.

As a leader, there is a dire need for you to maintain an active collaboration and real-time data sharing with all the team members. You also need to integrate with third-party contractors who are handling other mission-critical services.
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Self-Hosted Team Communication Apps, to Replace Slack

Branding Business Models *Community management *Decentralized networks *Instant Messaging *
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As diversified workplaces and remote teams are emerging even more, the number of team communication tools is multiplying immensely.

The Problem

With so many tools on the market, which one should we choose? And is having too many tools becoming a problem?
Workplaces are Diversifying = More Tools Available = More Messy

The Rising Trend= Solution

With so many business communication tools available, a new trend has recently been emerging: businesses creating their very own branded messenger for their team communication, hosted on their servers/clouds. And the reasoning for this trend is gradually making sense to more and more businesses.

What is Self-Hosting?

Self Hosting is running your application by setting it on your servers or cloud. And some companies provide their ready-apps for team communication, that you can host and use yourself.

But what's the problem with Slack?

When using Slack, businesses have no other option but to dedicate their most confidential data and conversations to Slack. But by self hosting your own app, all your conversations will safely belong to you and only you.
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