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Autodesk Showed New Capabilities of Fusion 360 at the Autodesk University (AU) 2021 Conference

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

Autodesk presented new capabilities of its Fusion 360 software, as well as a whole package of solutions for designers, engineers and manufacturers. The company also how these abilities can be utilized for faster and collaborative production. The improvements allow Autodesk to equip engineers, designers, manufacturers and innovators with modern tools needed for solving current issues. 

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Colossus and colorFabb Push Large-Format 3D Printing with Foaming Polymers

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

Belgian FGF (Fused Granulate Fabrication) 3D printers manufacturer Colossus and Dutch material supplier colorFabb signed a partnership agreement regarding pushing high-efficient large-format 3D printing with the usage of foam granular polymers (We’ve written about large-format 3D printing before. As an example, read our review of the Modix Big-60 3D printer). 

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Let’s deal with WeChat — the second most popular messenger in the world

Bringo Group Ltd corporate blog Information Security *Cryptography *Assembler *Reverse engineering *

  • A short excursion into WeChat;
  • About the platform, the version of the application, the utilities used and the decryption of the executable file;
  • • About two protocols (old one and new one);
  • About serialization of objects;
  • Used cryptography and key exchange;
  • About headers and hash-functions;
  • About the exposures found.

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Research Proves that 3D Printing Is an Effective Solution for Making Cardiac Phantoms

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

A heart needs to function properly. pumping blood and getting rid of CO2 in that blood. Modern technology provides solutions for the doctors, sometimes with the help of 3D printing. Cardiac phantoms would be one example, since they can be used for mimicking anatomical imaging tasks. 

The use of 3D printing for making cardiac phantoms was recently described in the study called ‘Optimisation of CT protocols for cardiac imaging using three-dimensional printing technology,’ by Kamarul Amin Abdullah of the University of Sydney. 

It covers making a cardiac insert phantom, placing it inside the “Lungman” multi-functional chest phantom and performing a CT scan. The last step covers the use of algorithms for dose optimization. 

Phantoms are the solution to optimize and refine imagery, especially for CT scans. and evaluate the needed dose of radiation. The latter is more important than it sounds, since various studies show that radiation doses from CT scans have been steadily on the rise during recent years in both Australia and the US.

Since the CT scan technology is more widely available today than ever before, the level of radiation exposure continues to be a cause for concern. There are various solutions to reduce cancer risk during exposure, including tube current reduction, low tube voltage, other protocols, ECG-gating and Bismuth shielding, as well as others, including iterative reconstruction (IR) algorithms. 

The usage of phantom-based dose optimization methodology proves to be advantageous, especially for imaging of coronary issues, since basing studies only on real patients has its own limits. 

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VIAM Participated in the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2021” in Russia

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

The All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM) showed its own developments in the field of additive technologies, including a series of small-sized gas-turbine engines MGTD-10, MGTD-20 and MGTD-150. 

Reverse engineering of such parts can be done using 3D scanners. You can see some examples and sample deviations here.

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CEO of Xplorer 3D Made a Multi-Functional Prosthetic Device in Just a Few Days

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

Shayaan is a Bahraini boy who was born without both arms in 2006. His rare disorder is called dysmelia. And now his mother is reaching for modern technologies to help her son perform simple tasks that people without limb differences take for granted.

His mother, Fadia, said in the interview: “On 11th December 2006 I had my second child. My son Shayaan, was born that day bringing with him shock, disbelief and unimaginable pain. He was born with no arms. We were all mourning instead of celebrating the new addition in the family. While the whole family cried, my older son Sheheryar (6 at the time) accepted his younger brother with open arms and an open heart!”

She added: “Sheheryar showed me all the body parts that Shayaan had, rather than focusing on the ones he did not. I then looked at my baby for hours concentrating on his tiny eyelids and ears that showed the most intricate network of capillaries and wondered how the creator could miss making his arms? How could he forget and how could he make a mistake?” 

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United Engine Corporation Launched Technological Project Accelerator in the Yaroslavl Region of Russia

Top 3D Shop corporate blog

United Engine Corporation (UEC) that is a part of Russian state corporation Rostec launched a regional technological projects accelerator named RybAcc. The list of relevant tasks include several things related to optimization of 3D modeling, 3D printing, as well as tooling processes of metal and polymer products, including composite 3D printing.

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Russian Regions Hosted the Festivals of the Kruzhok Movement of the National Technology Initiative

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

Nine days of festivals of ideas and technologies of the Kruzhok (the Kruzhoks are the student communities in Russia) movement of the National Technology Initiative took place in Russian regions in late 2021. They celebrated the Russian year of Science. as well as the 100-th anniversary of the Kruzhok movement in Russia. The places that hosted the events were chosen in September 2021. During the same period, Top 3D Shop held several workshops on the use of the Einscan HX 3D scanner, the full program is available here.

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How much does a startup in the 3D printing industry differ from others, and how to present a project to the investors

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

3D printing startups often struggle. Despite growing demands and optimistic predictions, the pandemic negatively affected the industry: the material shortage, logistical problems, lockdowns and factory shutdowns form the conditions that are far from perfect. But new interesting ideas still emerge and it seems that the pandemic is far from being the main problem for startups. 

Technically, each of those businesses goes through similar stages: from searching for ideas and like-minded people to attracting investors and scaling up. But this article will not cover the product release but will rather be focused about the things that a startup would face out of its ‘garage’.

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