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CML AT Medical Developed a 3D Printed Knee Joint Endoprosthesis

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

In the past, FDM 3D printing solutions have been primarily used for surgical planning. The added benefit is one can perform surgical planning digitally in preparation for surgical procedures, create mock up operations physically with the usage of trustworthy full-scale printed parts and test implants prior to inserting them into the body.

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Virtual function calls in constructors and destructors (C++)

PVS-Studio corporate blog Programming *C++ *

Virtual function calls in constructors (C++)
In different programming languages, the behavior of virtual functions differs when it comes to constructors and destructors. Incorrect use of virtual functions is a classic mistake. Developers often use virtual functions incorrectly. In this article, we discuss this classic mistake.

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Raise3D Announced an FDM 3D Printer That Works with Carbon-Filled Polymers

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

Raise3D is preparing to receive pre-orders for E2CF — a version of its desktop additive system E2 that is able to print using carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers. The device is optimized for working with carbon-filled filaments. 

Previously, Raise3D was primarily known for its large-format series such as the Raise3D Pro2 Plus (build volume: 305 x 305 x 605 mm), but the manufacturer is certainly planning to expand in the industrial segment with their focus on engineering-grade materials.

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Thanks, Mario, but the code needs fixing — checking TheXTech

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *Game development *

It's cool when enthusiastic developers create a working clone of a famous game. It's even cooler when people are ready to continue the development of such projects! In this article, we check TheXTech with PVS-Studio. TheXTech is an open implementation of the game from the Super Mario universe.


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How to create bilingual books. Part 2. Lingtrain Alignment Studio

Open source *Programming *Learning languages Natural Language Processing *


How to make a parallel book for language learning. Part 1. Python and Colab version

This is a second article on making parallel books. Today we will use the more advanced tool which will bring rich UI functionality. Lingtrain Alignment Studio is a web application written on Vue and Python. The main purpose of it is to extract the parallel corpora from two raw texts and make a bilingual (or even multilingual) parallel book. This is an open-source project and I will be glad to hear all of your bright ideas. Links to the sources and our community contacts can be found below. Los geht's!


The app is packed into the docker container. It's a simple technology to deploy your stuff anywhere from the server to your local machine. It's available across all the operating systems. So at first, you need a docker installed locally. Then you need to run two simple commands. The first will download the container:

docker pull lingtrain/aligner:v4

And the second one will run the application:

docker run -v C:\app\data:/app/data -v C:\app\img:/app/static/img -p 80:80 lingtrain/aligner:v4

C:\app\data and C:\app\img — your local folders.

The app will be available on the 80th port. Let's open the localhost page in your favorite browser.

Lingtrain app 1

We will make three simple steps: Load, Align, Create

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How the Carla car simulator helped us level up the static analysis of Unreal Engine 4 projects

PVS-Studio corporate blog Programming *C++ *Game development *Unreal Engine *

One of the mechanisms of static analysis is method annotations of popular libraries. Annotations provide more information about functions during errors detecting. CARLA is an impressive open-source project in C++ that helped us implement this mechanism to our analyzer. Subsequently, the simulator became a test-target for the improved PVS-Studio static analyzer.


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NASA is Building Educational Simulation of a Martian Colony With the Help of 3D Printing

Top 3D Shop corporate blog 3D printers

Texas-based company ICON is making an experimental “Martian” building using a proprietary constructional 3D printer. The Mars Dune Alpha project implies refining usage of 3D printing technologies for future Martian buildings with the help of available materials. The project also covers researching the habitability of such buildings.

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PVS-Studio checks the code quality in the .NET Foundation projects: LINQ to DB

PVS-Studio corporate blog .NET *C# *

The .NET Foundation is an independent organization, created by Microsoft, to support open-source projects around the DotNet platform. Currently, the organization gathered many libraries under its wing. We have already tested some of these libraries with the help of PVS-Studio. The next project to check with the analyzer - LINQ to DB.

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ruDALL-E: Generating Images from Text. Facing down the biggest computational challenge in Russia

Сбер corporate blog SberDevices corporate blog Image processing *Machine learning *Artificial Intelligence

Multimodality has led the pack in machine learning in 2021. Neural networks are wolfing down images, text, speech and music all at the same time.  OpenAI is, as usual, top dog, but as if in defiance of their name, they are in no hurry to share their models openly.  At the beginning of the year, the company presented the DALL-E neural network, which generates 256x256 pixel images in answer to a written request.  Descriptions of it can be found as articles on arXiv and examples on their blog.  

As soon as DALL-E flushed out of the bushes, Chinese researchers got on its tail.  Their open-source CogView neural network does the same trick of generating images from text.  But what about here in Russia? One might say that “investigate, master, and train” is our engineering motto.  Well, we caught the scent, and today we can say that we created from scratch a complete pipeline for generating images from descriptive textual input written in Russian.

In this article we present the ruDALL-E XL model, an open-source text-to-image transformer with 1.3 billion parameters as well as ruDALL-E XXL model, an text-to-image transformer with 12.0 billion parameters which is available in DataHub SberCloud, and several other satellite models.

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On the recent vulnerability in Diebold Nixdorf ATMs

Positive Technologies corporate blog Information Security *Cryptography *Reverse engineering *Programming microcontrollers *

Hi there! A while ago, Positive Technologies published the news that ATMs manufactured by Diebold Nixdorf (previously known as Wincor), or more specifically, the RM3 and CMDv5 cash dispensers, contained a vulnerability which allowed attackers to withdraw cash and upload modified (vulnerable) firmware. And since my former colleague Alexei Stennikov and I were directly involved in finding this vulnerability, I would like to share some details.

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PVS-Studio to check the RPCS3 emulator

PVS-Studio corporate blog C++ *Games and game consoles

RPCS3 is an interesting project that emulates the PS3 console. It is actively evolving. Recently we heard the news that the emulator learned how run all the games from the console's catalog. That's a good excuse to analyze the project. We'll see which errors remained after new fixes were added to the project.


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