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You don't know Redis (Part 2)

Website developmentJavaScriptNoSQLReactJSServerless

In the first part of You don't know Redis, I built an app using Redis as a primary database. For most people, it might sound unusual simply because the key-value data structure seems suboptimal for handling complex data models.

In practice, the choice of a database often depends on the application’s data-access patterns as well as the current and possible future requirements.

Redis was a perfect database for a Q&A board. I described how I took advantage of sorted sets and hashes data types to build features efficiently with less code.

Now I need to extend the Q&A board with registration/login functionality.

I will use Redis again. There are two reasons for that.

Firstly, I want to avoid the extra complexity that comes with adding yet another database.

Secondly, based on the requirements that I have, Redis is suitable for the task.

Important to note, that user registration and login is not always about only email and password handling. Users may have a lot of relations with other data which can grow complex over time.

Despite Redis being suitable for my task, it may not be a good choice for other projects.

Always define what data structure you need now and may need in the future to pick the right database.

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How to create LinkedIn-like reactions with Serverless Redis

Website developmentJavaScriptNoSQLNode.JSReactJS

As a side hustle, I teach tech recruiters web and software development technologies using plain English. It helps them with understanding job specs and resumes and it makes all of us, tech people, happier.

I run a weekly newsletter and often get feedback from recruiters via email or LinkedIn DMs.

I thought that I could try to collect feedback using the “Reactions” feature just like LinkedIn or Facebook does. It’s not as informative as personalised messages but is a simple feature that may incentivize more people to provide some general feedback.

Either way, it’s worth trying and as a software developer, I can’t wait to implement it.

This tutorial is about implementing a feature that will be used in real life on my project.

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Practical uses of WebRTC Canvas streaming

Flashphoner corporate blogWebsite developmentWorking with videoProgrammingVideo conferencing

In this article we will once again return to the tired topic of webinars and webinar hosting tools. And no, we're not about to code a whole new system for webinar hosting – there are already plenty of those. Instead, we will talk about connecting drawing software to the webinar, so that you could manually draw and broadcast the process.

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REST hooks for WebRTC Click to Call. Implementation experience

Flashphoner corporate blogWebsite developmentJavaScriptProgrammingDevelopment of communication systems

The "Click to Call" button on the website is an "innovation" that has been around for about 10 years. The technologies under the hood have changed, but the principle remains the same: someone clicks on the button on the site page, then JavaScript launches and requests access to the microphone and establishes a connection to the server — WebRTC SIP gateway. Further, the first client-server leg is a browser gateway, the second leg can be arbitrarily long and through the SIP proxy chain can eventually connect to a mobile or landline phone. Thus, the browser turns, in a sense, into a softphone and becomes a full participant in VoIP telephony.

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WebRTC screen-sharing with authorization and other benefits

Flashphoner corporate blogWebsite developmentWorking with videoProgrammingVideo conferencing

The popularity of online education is increasing every month. And since there is an increase in popularity, there is an increase in competition and an improvement in quality: many authors of online schools realized that nowadays it's not enough to just make something mediocre using the frontal camera of the iPhone 4. You need to work on the quality of the picture, sound, presentation of material, etc. Not only did the pandemic prove that you can teach salsa and even crochet online, so it also gave an excellent push to improve the materials taught + diversity in the labor market. Moms on maternity leave can rejoice - now you can truly earn a hundred thousand million per second, sitting at home.

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How to make a multipoint WebRTC conference MCU with recording and screen-sharing in the browser

Flashphoner corporate blogWebsite developmentWorking with videoProgrammingVideo conferencing

During the lockdown, which is now weakening, then becoming more active with a vengeance, a huge number of new professions have appeared. Proficients in creating involving Instagram Stories, course producers, e-learning specialists and other unknown-before-creatures - all of them have mastered a new job that gave them the holy bread in the pandemic. Once you hire a creator of involving Instagram Stories (and let's all hope this person was teached by a professional, not a snake oil salesman), your business grows just with adding some creativity in advertising that will take the heart of even the most fastidious customer. Same works with e-learning specialists: you recruit them and they do all the important tasks from writing articles that will also help in promoting your classes to arranging lessons on your Coursera course. A complete flight of imagination: if it seems to you that some jobs don't exist, then you just don't spend enough time online. In general, online work has become popularized as never and now hardly anyone will say: "He is engaged in some kind of garbage - he makes TikToks but it would be better for him to toil at the factory!". In total, online work has become popularized as never and now hardly anyone will say: "He is engaged in some kind of garbage - he makes TikToks, but it would be better for him to toil at the factory!".

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You don't know Redis

Website developmentNoSQLReactJSServerless

Originally posted on DEV.to

In my previous post, I touched on the point that Redis is more than just an in-memory cache.

Most people do not even consider Redis as a primary database. There are a lot of use cases where Redis is a perfect choice for non-cache related tasks.

In this article, I will demonstrate how I built a fully functional Q&A board for asking and upvoting the most interesting questions. Redis will be used as a primary database.

I will use Gatsby (React), Netlify serverless functions and Upstash Serverless Redis.

Upstash has been a good choice so far and I decided to try it out in a more serious project. I love everything serverless and how it makes things simpler for me.

Serverless will be a great choice for most tasks however you need to know the pros and cons of the tech you are using. I encourage you to learn more about serverless to get the most out of it.

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Google Cloud Platform for WebRTC CDN with Balancing and Autoscaling

Flashphoner corporate blogWebsite developmentWorking with videoDevOpsVideo conferencing

In the previous article we refreshed our memory of WebRTC CDN and the ways this technology helps to minimize latency for WebRTC streams. We also discussed why load balancing and autoscaling wouldn't be amiss in CDNs. Here are the main points from the article:

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AWS, ELB, CDN, Autoscaling and other abbreviations and terms related to low-latency WebRTC

Flashphoner corporate blogWebsite developmentWorking with videoDevOps

The modern browsers do not give users a choice between using WebRTC and not using it. And while you can playback streams using HLS or MSE, WebRTC remains the only tool for capturing camera feeds and publishing streams from a browser. The browser developers have accepted this "format" and integrated it into their products – just as they used to support the Flash Player as a plugin. The only difference is that WebRTC comes natively integrated into the browser — as code, not a plugin. If, in a few years, a new and better library for video streaming is introduced they will undoubtedly make a switch. But these days, Chrome maintains its dominance, so no contenders for WebRTC are in sight.

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Automatize it, or Docker container delivery for WebRTC

Flashphoner corporate blogWebsite developmentWorking with videoDevOpsVideo conferencing

The vast majority of IT specialists in various fields strive to perform manually as few actions as possible. I won't be afraid of the loud words: what can be automatized, must be automatized!

Let's imagine a situation: you need to deploy a lot of servers of the same type and do it quickly. Quickly deploy, quickly undeploy. For example, to deploy test rigs for developers. When development is carried out in parallel, you may need to separate the developers, so they don't impede each other and possible errors of one of them don't block the work of the others.

There may be several ways to solve this problem:

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PVS-Studio's New Website: How We Designed It

PVS-Studio corporate blogWebsite developmentIT Infrastructure

The PVS-Studio website turns 15 this year. This is quite significant for any internet resource. Back then, when our website was born, Russia announced 2006 as a year of humanities. That same year, in June, Denis Kryuchkov established a new platform, "Habrhabr" (now known as Habr). In November, Microsoft officially completed OS Windows Vista. That same month we registered the viva64.com domain.

We celebrated our domain's 10th anniversary with the website's redesign. After that, we would only change the resource capacity and features, but we'd never touch the design in any way. During this time, the number of articles grew so much that we needed to add tags to facilitate navigation. Right now we are also working on our YouTube channel. This means, you will see more and more new videos on our website as well. We keep adding new web pages at a tremendous rate, while the website's usability stays the same.

Time has come for big changes!

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Revealed: 7 Top Web Development Companies & Trends for 2021

Web designWebsite developmentWeb services testingWeb analyticsWeb services monetization

As we enter a new decade, the IT industry has also encountered many loopholes that we must work on. Seeing this, hundreds of motivated young minds have decided to become entrepreneurs. But is it so easy to succeed in a world where competition is already so high?

Bluntly, the answer is NO. It is not easy to be successful, and the reason for these startups' failure is the lack of digital presence or inadequate technical support. Another major reason that has been seen is the wrong choice of the web development company.

Hiring dedicated web developers may seem like an easy task at first, but it is not. It is one of the most challenging tasks. And to prevent you from falling into the pits of failure, I have created a list of the 7 best web development companies in India and abroad.
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What is one of the most common mistakes beginner developers make

Website developmentProgrammingStudying in ITIT career

It may seem that when you are a beginner, you'll do simple things only. No need to learn data structures and algorithms. No need to understand Big O notation, complexity and stuff like that. 

This couldn't be further away from the truth!

In 2008, when I just started learning to program, I spent a lot of time reading books on PHP and MySQL. Months later, when I felt confident, I took my first freelance project. It was a real estate website. A simple one. I used a custom-made ORM and everything worked just fine!

When I released it, the search feature quickly became sluggish and made the website unusable. 

I was wondering what the heck had happened. I figured out that database queries became very slow when there were over 200 real estate objects added to it. 

This is it. What worked fine during testing did not work in real life.

I was a self-taught developer. I did not know how to measure if my project scaled well. I didn't even know that I had to do it.

I thought algorithms mattered only for launching a spaceship.

If I had some basic understanding of algorithms, I would have known that the more the input, the longer it takes. 

I am not saying I would have come up with a robust solution as a junior, but I would have looked for a solution because I knew there would be a problem. 

Please, don't make the same mistake!

Of course, data structures and algorithms are much more than that and they apply differently depending on what you work on.

But a basic understanding of data structures and algorithms is a must for every software developer. 

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Rich text editors from backend perspective

Website development.NETHTMLAngularData visualization
Welcome everyone, in this article I’m going to overview the most popular types of rich text editors, tradeoffs of their use from a backend perspective. By that I mean:

  • Streaming of content from the rich text editor to other infrastructure tools like full-text search, warehouses, etc.
  • Retrieving of content to clients: mobile, web, desktop.
  • Storing of content in some kind of storage (SQL database in my case)
  • Analyzing of content, which includes point 1, but also analyzing it from the perspective of our application
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Vital Characteristics Of The Best Webflow Designers

Website development
A great website serves as the main key to hit success. Enhancing the online presence of your brand is absolutely a must nowadays. Technological advancement has changed the global business landscape. Hence, it is important to have a webflow developer who will take charge of the codes to be used in website templates and designs. Webflow is a website tool. It is a flexible platform that is geared to create a homogenous biz site. The use of this tool will definitely pave the way for your brand to excel on the web.
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Is headless e-commerce right for your business?

Website developmentDevelopment of mobile applicationsDevelopment for e-commerceE-commerce managementSales management
Is headless e-commerce right for your business?

Headless e-commerce is a hot topic in the media and industry events. Business owners who learn more about headless eCommerce (usually called “headless commerce”) start feeling uncomfortable, not understanding whether it is sufficiently important to implement it or not. No one wants to stay behind with technology, but retailers do not have money left for unnecessary toys either. Let's have a look for possible benefits and pitfalls.
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Top 10 eCommerce Platforms to Boost Business Productivity in 2021

Website developmentDevelopment for e-commerceE-commerce managementMagentoSoftware

An eCommerce platform empowers startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to manage multiple online business processes such as website, marketing, sales, and operations.

The top eCommerce platforms handle online business tasks efficiently, and this finally helps enterprises in expanding their productivity.

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HTTP headers checker

HostingWebsite developmentServer optimizationServer Administration
For any site, it is important to properly configure the HTTP headers. A lot of articles have been written on the subject of headings. Here we have summarized the lessons learned, the RFC documentation. Some of the headings are mandatory, some are obsolete, some can be confusing and contradictory. We did a parsing to automatically check the HTTP headers of the web server.

Correct HTTP headers increase security and trust in the site, including from search engines, can affect the site’s position in Yandex and Google, save server resources, reduce server load, thereby increasing the server response speed, which again affects the ranking of the site in the search, save money on payment powerful hosting, which may not be required for the site when configured correctly.
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