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Autoload the Intel RST VMD driver for Windows 10/11 installation with Ventoy

The VMD Controller is enabled by default on many motherboards and laptops with Intel 11th Gen and newer mobile CPUs. And it is necessary to load the controller driver from a USB drive when installing Windows from the original installation media. But Ventoy with the Injection plugin can do this automatically without any user interaction.

Download SetupRST.exe from intel.com. Current version:
Run SetupRST.exe -extractdrivers RST extract the driver files to
RST\production\Windows10-x64\15063\Drivers\VMD folder.

Write VentoyAutoRun.bat file that contains:

if "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%"=="AMD64" drvload "X:\VMD\iaStorVD.inf"

Create an archive IRST-VMD-19.7z containing the VMD folder and the VentoyAutoRun.bat file, and then copy it to the Ventoy USB drive.

Next, we need to create or edit the ventoy.json config file in the ventoy folder in the root of the Ventoy USB drive.

    "injection": [
            "parent": "/win1011",
            "archive": "/IRST-VMD-19.7z"

We instruct Ventoy to apply the archive IRST-VMD-19.7z when booting Windows 10/11.ISO from a folder win1011 in the root of the Ventoy USB drive.

Download the pre-created driver archive and config files IRST-VMD-19-ventoy.