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Crystal Blockchain Analytics: Investigating the Hacks and Theft Cases

Bitfury Group corporate blog Information Security *System Analysis and Design *Distributed systems *Cryptocurrencies
In this report, Bitfury shares analysis completed by its Crystal Blockchain Analytics engineering team on the movement of bitcoin from the Zaif exchange, Bithumb exchange and Electrum wallets.

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Board game for learning the basics of electrical circuits. Why not?

DIY Logic games Electronics for beginners

I made the “electric” designer of… cardboard. Alas, the project still remains at the prototype stage, not developing into an industrial “physical” look and is waiting for its time (and investor).

But I decided to go further — once we started making cardboard, we’ll bring the situation to its logical conclusion — we’ll make a complete cardboard board game, but with an electric setting and a learning effect. There were a lot of options — starting from a simple “walker” and ending with Ameritrash from a zombie with electron movement and vicious short circuits and swollen capacitors.

As a result, I decided to dwell on a logical abstract, since the schematics of electrical circuits are very suitable for it. Said and done — as a result of the first iteration, the game “Circuit” was born.

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The IBM 5150. Where the monopoly started

Old hardware

Нажмите здесь, чтобы прочитать русскоязычную версию

Every old hardware enthusiast has a fetish. In the eastern Europe it's often a clone of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, as they were extremely popular there, as well as in Britain and Spain though. Unfortunately, ZX Spectrum left very little legacy. IBM PC 5150 is a different beast. Many love this computer for its heritage. For it has eventually became an ultimate PC. The PC. But although the history of this computer is very well known, surprisingly enough not many people know what was under the bonnet of the very first IBM PC.
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Bitcoin for Starbucks Coffee Poses Significant Tax Filing Issues

A while ago, Starbucks announced that it was entering into a partnership with the United States cryptocurrency-based platform, Bakkt. Two days ago, new details about the partnership revealed that Starbucks, the United States coffee giant, may start accepting Bitcoin Bakkt payments because of the equity deal. The news was initially reported by The Block, a cryptocurrency news outlet.

Bitcoin Bakkt Payments On Starbucks


In August last year, Starbucks became one of the founding partners of Bakkt. Now, the coffee giant will install the Bitcoin Bakkt software that will allow customers make payments for their products in Bitcoin. The report from The Block stated that even if the payments will be made in cryptocurrencies, no Bitcoin will be left on the chain. They will be converted into fiat instantly.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD


The entire cryptocurrency industry has been waiting for the release of Bakkt which is currently in its final stages. The platform is expected to support the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies around the globe. The platform will most likely be launched this year. Among other things, it is going to provide issuance for physically-delivered Bitcoin futures contracts. Right now, the main thing that is holding the platform back is regulatory approval from the CFTC. As soon as the United States Commodities Futures Trading Commission gives its approval, the platform will go live. This is expected to happen later this year.
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Most common misconceptions in popular physics

Popular science Physics
Somewhere in an alternative Universe, based on MWI, I became a genius in physics. But in our Universe, I just read professional publications in physics, trying to keep myself up to date, meanwhile working as pizza delivery guy as DBA. Because of a slightly deeper knowledge of the subject it is almost impossible for me to watch the Discovery channel and other popular TV shows and the YouTube videos. I see nothing but oversimplifications, lies, and half-truths and can’t enjoy the shows.

I decided to compile a list of the most popular misconceptions. And the winner is...., or course, this one:

The Big Bang

Usually it is pictured like this:

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Levelord, an Ordinary Moscow Resident: Interview with the Creator of Duke Nukem

RUVDS.com corporate blog Game development *Game design *Interview
RUVDS together with Habr.com continues the series of interviews with interesting people in computer field. Previously we met Boris Yangel, who heads AI development of Yandex’s Alice voice assistant.

Today we bring you an interview with Richard (Levelord) Gray — level designer of such legendary games as Duke Nukem, American McGee Alice, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2, SiN, and Serious Sam. And he is the one who coined the famous phrase «You are not supposed to be here». Richard was born and spent most of his life in USA, but several years ago he moved to Moscow to his russian wife and daughter.

These who speak to Richard are Nick Zemlyanskiy, editor of Habr.com, and Nikita Tsaplin, co-founder and managing partner of RUVDS company.

→ Text and video in Russian
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Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications

Microsoft corporate blog Microsoft Azure Machine learning *Artificial Intelligence

Create your first intelligent bot with Microsoft AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating the digital transformation for every industry, with examples spanning manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, and many others. At this rate, every industry will be able to use AI to amplify human ingenuity. In this e-book, Anand Raman and Wee Hyong Tok from Microsoft provide a comprehensive roadmap for developers to build their first AI-infused application.

Using a Conference Buddy as an example, you’ll learn the key ingredients needed to develop an intelligent chatbot that helps conference participants interact with speakers. This e-book provides a gentle introduction to the tools, infrastructure, and services on the Microsoft AI Platform, and teaches you how to create powerful, intelligent applications.

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We're in UltraHD Morty! How to watch any movie in 4K

Working with video *Machine learning *DIY
You’ve probably heard about Yandex’s DeepHD technology they once used to improve the quality of old Soviet cartoons. Unfortunately, it’s not public yet, and we, regular programmers, don’t have the dedication to write our own solution. But I personally really wanted to watch Rick and Morty on my 2880x1880 Retina display. And I was deeply disappointed, as even 1080p video (the highest available for this series) looks really blurry on a Retina display! Don’t get me wrong, 1080p is often good enough, but Retina is designed in such a way that an animation with its pronounced outlines in 1080p looks awfully blurry, like 480p on a FullHD monitor.

I decided I want to see Rick and Morty in 4K, even though I can’t write neural networks. And, amazingly, I found a solution. You don’t even need to write any code: all you need is around 100GB of free space and a bit of patience. The result is a sharp 4K image that looks better than any interpolation.

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You Do Not Need Blockchain: Eight Well-Known Use Cases And Why They Do Not Work

Ростелеком-Солар corporate blog Decentralized networks Information Security *Business Models IOT


People are resorting to blockchain for all kinds of reasons these days. Ever since I started doing smart contract security audits in mid-2017, I’ve seen it all. A special category of cases is ‘blockchain use’ that seems logical and beneficial, but actually contains a problem that then spreads from one startup to another. I am going to give some examples of such problems and ineffective solutions so that you (developer/customer/investor) know what to do when somebody offers you to use blockchain this way.


  • The described use cases and problems occur at the initial stage. I am not saying these problems are impossible to solve. However, it is important to understand which solutions system creators offer for particular problems.
  • Even though the term ‘blockchain use’ looks strange and I am not sure that blockchain can be used for anything other than money (Bitcoin), I am going to use it without quotes.

1. Supply chain management

Let’s say you ordered some goods, and a carrier guarantees to maintain certain transportation conditions, such as keeping your goods cold. A proposed solution is to install a sensor in a truck that will monitor fridge temperature and regularly transmit the data to the blockchain. This way, you can make sure that the promised conditions are met along the entire route.

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Implementation of the digital mobile-only bank in Kazakhstan

Finance in IT
In today’s world, Kazakhstan carries out significant improvement work for the economic situation of the country. As part of a commission from Head of State, National Bank of Kazakhstan has revoked licenses of three commercial bank pursued high-risk policy (NBK, 2017). Furthermore, over the past 10 years, 7 second-tier banks have gone into liquidation as well as the liabilities of the commercial banks as a whole have increased by 70 per cent or 5.5 trillion Tenge (Hereinafter — KZT). NBK plans to continue treatment the real economy sector, withdrawal of financial institution, restructuring its assets to well-balanced entities.

On the other side of the world, the digital and mobile banks namely, Starling bank, Monzo, N26 are becoming increasingly popular among society in the United Kingdom. As a vivid illustration, Starling Bank has increased considerably the number of customers for 8 times (up to 400 000 people) at the end of the 2018 year (Starling Bank, 2019). At the same time, one million clients have joined and used Monzo’s services (Monzo). Such tendency establishes substantial competition for all players including high-street banks in the payments market.

In consequences, the main object of the paper is identification the advantages of digital bank and illumination capabilities to deploy analogous mobile bank in Kazakhstani real financial sector.
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Cryptocurrency market valuation to hit $1 trillion this year -Cryptocurrency Predictions 2019

Cryptocurrency market valuation to hit $1 trillion this year. The market cap of cryptocurrency seems to just increase. Even though some of the individual ones are falling but cumulatively, the market cap seems to increase year-on-year.

According to the CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell, cryptocurrencies would see accelerated growth. They would be able to pull back from the bottom to new highs.

According to him, there are many businesses revolving around cryptocurrencies now. Also, there are many people in the know-how of cryptocurrency is no
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Factors of the Bitcoin’s value



In the modern world, new technologies become important factors of the development of financial sphere of world economy. Emergency of such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin is connected with both great opportunities and certain risks for the users of this cryptocurrency. The aim of the present work is to determine the main factors which affect the price of Bitcoin.
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Stonehenge. The secrets of megaliths

Popular science
A version how people transported megaliths in Stonehenge.


They started their work in summer.

They prepared road for transportation. They needed a clean and glade road without stones and other irregularities. (No.4 on picture)
Perhaps they cut the topsoil and covered the road with clay. (No.3 on the picture)
On each side they made curbs ( 5-10 cm). (No.2 on the picture)
They used clay because they wanted to hold water inside the road.
In autumn rains filled road with water. It looked like a big puddle. (No.5 on the picture)

In winter road froze. Then they got a smooth ice skating rink slightly wider than a megalith.

Megaliths (No.11) were transported in winter.

Mechanism and vehicles for transportation were prepared in summer.

Mechanism consisted of three parts.

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Making a DIY thermal camera based on a Raspberry Pi

Python *Development for Raspberry Pi *Gadgets Smart House DIY

Hi everyone!

Winter has arrived, and so I had to check the thermal insulation of my out of town residence dacha. And it just turned out a famous Chinese marketplace started to sell cheap thermal camera modules. So I decided to DIY it up and build a rather exotic and useful thing — a heat visor for the home. Why not? Especially since I had a Raspberry Pi lying around anyway… The result is down below.
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Meet A Content Strategist: An Interview with Dmitry Kabanov, Techstars Startup Digest curator and SXSW Advisor

vscextv corporate blog Content-marketing Media management *Biography of geeks Interview
Dmitry learned the language of business but I think about the world as an engineer. He works with tech brands to create content and promote corporate culture at scale. Apart from it, he is one of the veterans at Techstars Startup Digest, and he is acting as an advisor for the SXSW tech festival.

Here is his interview with the LAMA app platform.

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Is Haskell really the language of geniuses and academia?

Haskell *Functional Programming *Interview

I once had a discussion with a founder of an Israeli startup developing a GPU-based database with a focus on speed. The work stack included Haskell and C++, among others, and the founder was complaining about how hard it is to find competent programmers. Which was part of the reason he came to Moscow.

I carefully asked if they considered using something more popular and new. And even though the answer was rather polite and well-supported with arguments, it still sounded like “Come on, don’t even bring up these toys”.

Until then, all I heard about Haskell could be summarized as “be VERY careful in dealing with it”. To get to know Haskell programmers better, I came to a topical Telegram chat with some questions. I was quite afraid at first, and, as it turned out, I was right.

Haskell doesn’t lend itself to popular explanation, and people seemingly don’t even try. If the topic is ever brought up, it’s only talked about in full depth and as objectively as possible. Someone wrote to me: “One of the defining features of both Haskell itself and its community is that they didn’t try to achieve any kind of mainstream recognition. Instead, they focused on building a logical, principal way of solving real problems over trying to appease the widest audience possible”

Nevertheless, a couple of people did tell me about their experiences, which are shown below.
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Choosing true wireless earbuds: 6 months later…

Wireless technologies *Gadgets

Once I put on true wireless headphones and all the cables after that (even if it's a flexible headband on a “wireless” headset), became annoying. So I’ve tried a lot of AirPods-like earbuds in order to find the best ones. In 2018 aside from the AirPods themselves I tried: Jabra Elite 65+, Samsung IconX 2018 and Sony WF-1000X. The result was a neat table with all the objective data. Everything else — my personal opinion — let's discuss in the comments.
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