• Beyond the “contact tracing” app

      As a mathematician, it amazes me how much computing power fits on our mobile phones today. Like other «Gen Z» digital natives, I grew up watching people dream up and build technologies that have transformed our social lives, work lives and everything in between.

      Yet in a time when humanity desperately needs innovation more than ever, the application of mobile technologies in the fight against COVID-19 has been weak and fragmented. We have technology literally at our fingertips that could be utilized to help us through this pandemic, but governments around the world have barely managed to develop even a contact tracing app.

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    • How to cook reactive programming. Part 1: Unidirectional architectures introduction

        Recently I wrote an article What is Reactive Programming? iOS Edition where in a simple way I described how to build your own Reactive Framework, and helped you to understand that no-one should be scared by the reactive approach. The previous article could now be named How to cook reactive programming. Part 0., since this is a continuation. I would recommend reading the previous article if you are not familiar with the reactive programming concepts.

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      • UX Tips for Designing an Online Digital Product Store

          The future of business is digital. E-commerce business is gaining popularity with more and more people getting comfortable buying things online. While there are many factors that define the success of an E-commerce business, a major factor is E-Commerce UX, which refers to the overall experience of a user while shopping through an E-commerce platform. For the user experience to be enjoyable, it has to be personalized, relevant, and seamless. Hence there is a need to understand the target audience- their age, culture, level of tech literacy, channels they use, and their trust to online shopping. E-commerce UX should be data-driven, customer-driven, and user-centered. It should be built on research and validation. The main factors that influence the success of an E-commerce business are the quality of the product or service offered, how it is presented to the customer and how approachable is the design of the electronic platform through which sales are being done.
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        • The disinfection gateway with temperature meter and antiseptic

          • Translation
          Hello! First of all, thanks for the warm reviews and interesting comments on my first post about the alarm system for the "Zaporozhets". This is very motivating to continue to share with my work.
          This time I want to tell you about the design of the disinfection gateway, which I had to do in just two nights.

          I work as an industrial designer at Tabula Sense Company and design furniture with the integrated electronics most of the time. However, considering everything that is happening, our management thought about how to connect the available resources to the fight against the pandemic.
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        • An MVP concept and why you need it

          • Tutorial

          Many corporations today only a few years ago started their business with MVP. The only MVP allows you to take a look in a very short period how your business will move. By this way, you can notice at the first reaction of the target audience, see all the shortcomings, and exactly decide how to proceed further: develop the idea and invest in or completely modify it in an absolutely different product.

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        • A Second Check of Newton Game Dynamics with PVS-Studio

            Рисунок 1

            Some time ago, somewhere on the Internet, I stumbled upon a physics engine called Newton Game Dynamics. Knowing that engine projects are usually big and complex, I decided to check its code with PVS-Studio for any interesting defects. I was especially enthusiastic about this one because my co-worker Andrey Karpov already checked it in 2014 and a second check would be a good opportunity to demonstrate our analyzer's evolution over the past six years. As of this writing, the latest version of Newton Game Dynamics is dated February 27, 2020, which means it has been actively developing for the past six years too. So, hopefully, this article will be interesting not only to us but to the engine's developers as well – and for them it's a chance to fix some bugs and improve their code.
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          • Ads
            AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

          • Top IT Consulting Companies In India and USA For Tech Professionals

              The race to become the best IT consulting firm has been at its peak for the last few years. Each and every business requires a top technology consulting company for implementing its IT and development strategy. However, they find it tedious and perplexing to pick one according to their needs, budget, time, and so on; because it can determine the future of their business. And because of an outbreak like COVID-19 existing business continuity plans aren't capable of handling the unknown variables of business. 
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            • The Complete List of Video Marketing Tools

                As of 2020, video marketing is, perhaps, the most popular and reliable way to advance via content marketing. Yes, useful articles, link exchanges, and advertising posts are still useful. However, video content is a much better way to sell your product to users. You can verify this by looking at the statistics, which suggests that in 2021 users will spend an average of 100 minutes a day watching a video. And if this is not enough for you, then polls suggest that about 48% of consumers prefer to learn about new products through video content.

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              • Android 11: What to Expect From the Latest Android Update?

                  Source: Google Images

                  The latest Android 10 update has already created a stir in the Android circuit. However, tech enthusiasts around the world are waiting for the latest addition in Android's operating system.

                  Yes, you heard it right, I am talking about the Android 11 update, the latest upgrade in the Android’s operating system.

                  The update has been expected to hit the floors in the official reveal of Android 11 in mid-2020, at Google IO 2020 which will run May 12-14, before being released for Pixel devices in the month of September, and then it will be rolled out for other Android devices from late 2020 through well into 2021.
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                • OpenToonz: inside and out

                    Picture 1

                    Almost four years have passed since the PVS-Studio team checked the OpenToonz source code. This project is a very powerful tool for creating two-dimensional animation. Since the last check, with its help, such animated works as Mary and the Witch Flower, Batman-Ninja, Promare and others were created. As large studios continue using Toonz, why not check the quality of the source code again?
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                  • Technology Stack To Follow in 2020 For Startups

                      JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are some of the main technologies that help you to build robust app solutions. So, if you are looking to build smart web applications for your business, then I advise you to jump to my idea of cross-platform and open-source development frameworks right away.

                      Here is the list of the tech stacks for app developers to use in 2020.
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                    • How To Open Control Panel On Windows

                      Quite often, I write the following phrase in my articles: ‘Open Control Panel and click Programs’ and then it appears that many users do not know how to open Control Panel in Windows. Moreover, the Programs option is not always available. Let’s close a gap and commit to memory the way you can do it.

                      In this article, I want to show you 5 ways of opening Control Panel on Windows 10 and 8.1. Some of them even work on Windows 7.

                      Please note that most articles provide you with a Control Panel guide with a ‘View By’ option set to icons. However, Windows offers you a Category view by default. For this reason, I recommend that you take into account and change the filter option to Category. It is located in the upper right corner of Control Panel window.

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                    • Ray Cast Visual Search (RCVS). Fast and simple algorithm for searching 3D objects with similar shapes

                        For me, these two models are quite similar, but in fact they don’t have obvious characteristics to measure this similarity. These models have different numbers of vertices, edges and polygons. They are of different sizes, rotated differently and both have the same transforms (Location = [0,0,0], Rotation in radians = [0,0,0], Scale = [1,1,1]). So how to determine their similarity?
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                      • 3D Keyboard Key on CSS


                        People use their gadgets every day. And the main attribute of any gadget is a keyboard. But have you ever thought about creating a keyboard that would display on your screen?

                        In this article, we will create a 3D Keyboard Key with awesome animation after clicking on it. And yes, we will not use any programming language. Our key will be on the power of CSS! Let’s get started!



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                      • React Native: Is it really the future of mobile app development?


                          Mobile apps have become one of the most important aspects of the human world. People spend most of their time on different mobile apps whether they are related to social media or something informational. So, this growing interest of people in mobile apps is anyhow deciding the future of mobile app development.

                          It is mandatory to mention here that the success of mobile app development is based on an accurate selection of the technology on which you build a particular mobile app. And this is one of the most challenging tasks to choose the right one technology for mobile app development.

                          Keeping these kinds of challenges and confusions into consideration regarding the selection of technology or technical language, I am in this piece of article sharing some information on the future of mobile app development with React Native.

                          Well, before taking a deep dive into the thorough information related to the future of mobile app development with React Native, we will have a look at the position of React native in mobile app development according to some stats.

                          According to StackOverflow, “React Native is popular now. It is a sophisticated tool with a vast community of developers helping each other to create better mobile apps. Here you can see the React Native search trend on Google.”


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                        • 5 Top Software Development Companies in the USA For Retail Startups

                            PIM software or product information management represents a solution for e-commerce businesses where they can consolidate all of their product information into a single place.

                            PIM software implementations generally provide support for challenges related to:

                            • Handling multi-language data
                            • Multiple geographic locations
                            • Modification of product information within a product catalog
                            • Managing product information to be scattered throughout business processes

                            While PIM software handles most of the e-commerce challenges, it also works as an efficient tool that powers – omnichannel experience, product expansion to new markets, increased conversion rates, superior customer experiences, decreasing the number of product returns, and faster time-to-market.

                            In general, product information management or PIM software is a set of business applications focused on managing product information for use across an e-commerce business from the supply chain to managing customers, product presentation, data handling, and catalog management.
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                          • The wave method of building color scheme


                              In life we often face the challenge of choosing the right colors. This happens when we need to choose clothes suitable for each other, shoes suitable for clothes, choose different wallpapers for the children's room, makeup, choose colors for our site and much more. The process of selecting several colors that combine with each other is called the construction of a color palette (gamut).

                              In colouristics there are several methods for constructing a color palette (color gamma) based on the arrangement of colors relative to each other in the color circle and, usually, having the same brightness. Harmonious perception of which is not sufficiently substantiated from the physical point of view.

                              The wave method of building color palette based on the relationship of color and acoustic waves, and also the concept of consonance (harmony) in music theory. Below is a more detailed description of the method.

                              This site allows you to choose the most harmonious combination of colors for your site, clothing, interior, etc.

                              The corresponding article was published on the site arxiv.orghttps://arxiv.org/abs/1709.04752. Results are available on our sitewavepalette.com.
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